Name And Shame – The Law Is An Ass!

How damaged have we allowed our legal system to become?

We’ve allowed lawyers and politicans to prevent us from using plain language and telling the truth.

We allow the guilty to hide behind a charade of legalities .. because .. ?

Because what?

If they are guilty they shouldn’t be allowed to hide.

Take yesterdays judgment where a 14 year old boy of Pakistani origin is sentenced to 11 years imprsonment for the racially motivated stabbing of  Black Christian school-teacher Vincent Uzomah.

Immediately after commiting the crime the 14 year old went on to his facebook page and boasted about it?

His graphic boast was apparently liked by 69 individualls .. who in my opinion should be charged with … intent, incitement, conspiracy, preventing the aims of justice?   

Does it matter what its called .. wrong is wrong .. end of story.

Yet,  for some legal reason we canot name and shame this animal?

Why does he deserve legal protection when he is clearly a danger to the public now and  likely to be when he is potentially released under licence after only serving 3 years.

How does that work anyway ?   

Get 11 serve 3?

The law is indeed an ass.

Personally,  I’m fed up pandering to the criminals,  regardless of what age they are. name and shame them.

Compare this crime .. Glasgow man David Johnston “allegedly” abducts a 6 year odl girl and is charged with abduction and intent to breach the Sexual Offences Act.

Clearly the media are comfortable with naming the individual in this case as he is over 16 annd not afforded the protection of being a child ..  the child in the case rightfully remains anonymous.

But why name the person  .. then use “allegedly” ..  it’s such a joke .. stop playing games and call it as it is.

Oh yeah .. and before any clever-clogs even  thinks for one moment,  that its not what he did,  its what can be proven.

More semantics .. in the first case we protect a person found guilty and in the second we are protecting a guy who not only abducted a child but was for whatever reason ( thankfully) stupid enough to be caught quickly.

Okay rant over .. but in the second case in the Barrowfield area of Glasgow,  a pretty rough part of town even although they’ve cleaned it up over the years .. I imagine when the wee girl went missing the reason that she was so quickly recovered was because everyone in the area had a good idea of who the perpetrator was.

When I was a kid in sunny Govan,  there was a guy locally known as stoat-the-baw , .. I’m not sure what that means exactly but he had a reputation although at the tiime unproven.

We werer warned to stay away from,  which we did as he wasa lot  bigger than us,  a bit of a bully and a bit on the stupid side,  probably socially incapable of dealing with other kids his own age.

The guy used to recieve regular kickings from the older guys in the area.

Now you might say that was bullying,   but theres no smoke without fire and eventially the guy was caught in the act with a wee girl and recieved a kicking before the cops turned up.

i expect that it would be the same at Barrowfield,   knowing and proving may be different things.

But theres never serious  doubt without good reason.

Work Stories – Grey? …. #racism

I heard a joke at work yesterday …

This wee Irish guy goes into The Empire State Building.

He’s only five foot tall and never been out of Ireland before and is amazed by everything he sees on this once in a lifetime trip to the Big Apple.

He gets into the lift to go to the top, its empty but just as the door closes,  this huge black guy gets in.

After a few minutes the big guy notices that the wee Irish guy is staring up at him in awe,  so he takes a few seconds to introduce himself.

“7 foot 2,  22 stones, 12 inch penis, Turner Brown”

The wee guy faints!

The big guy being a gentle giant helps him to his feet making sure he is okay and asking how he can help.

The wee man says “Can you just repeat what you said?”

“7 foot 2,  22 stones, 12 inch penis, Turner Brown”

“Oh thank fuck,  I thought you said turn around!!”

Did you laugh?

If you did why?

Who was the fall guy?

The Irish guy stero-typically portrayed as being small and naive?

Or the big black guy with his stereo-typical name and penis?


If you didn’t laugh,  maybe the joke wasn’t funny.

But I ask you was it racist?
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