Train Stories – Club Class?

We’re flying south at cruising height whatever that is ..

Apparently 38000 feet if you have read the reports on the recent air disaster in Germany.

Incredibly tragic for the people and families involved .. but why someone would deliberately crash a plane carrying 150 other souls is beyond my comprehension.

Suicide, is devastating enough for the families involved, the loss of their beloved son or daughter, complicated by the guilt and torture of asking yourself what you could have done better? That it was somehow the families fault for not giving them the love, affection or support they needed.

But when that suicide involves murdering innocent people it is unfathomable.

For unknown reasons, we’ve been upgraded to club class, sitting near the front of the plane in seats with more leg-room and I have to say it, better service and upgraded food and drink options, a menu of choices, beef stroganoff or chicken supreme, followed by a variety of cheeses .. and raspberry cheesecake.
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Work Hard, Play Hard ..

Yesterday was my First day off work since leaving Edinburgh on Friday. 

The weekend doesn’t count!

5 interviews for 3 jobs between Glasgow and Perth. 

Do I really want the drive to Perth?

I don’t think so but what’s that old line about beggars and choosers?

Just hoping one of the Glasgow contracts materialises. 

Meanwhile had a fab weekend and did the charity zip line at Celtic Park and a party on Saturday night. 

The right balance of family, friends and fun. 

With the week off,  we booked a last minute all inclusive deal for some sunshine in Tenerife flying out today. 

Hopefully contract sorted before I’m back. 

Not too bothered about it.    


Train Stories – Moving On?

Alistair his name was .. Is.


Well that’s what he calls himself.

He calls me “Man” with his smiley face and inquisitive eyes.

He tells me that he’s had burger and chips and joooce.

The happy meal helium balloon floating above his head was a bit of a giveaway to the source of his culinary delights.

Aaa-leee-staah and his mum joined me in the 4 seat booth at Haymarket heading home to Glasgow.

Mum, under 20,  pretty but skinny,  over dyed black hair,  isn’t as outgoing as her prodigy and spends most of the journey staring at her mobile phone.

Aaa-leee-staah looks about 2,   A cheeky faced wee chap,  cute as a button and looking at mum I imagine that he looks more like his dad.

I ha already started working on a different story,  iPad open on the small table.  But the wee fellow is hard to ignore particularly when he’s reaching over to grab my phone.

Fortunately I didn’t have to intervene as mum springs to life, instantly turning her face from Facebook and grabbing the wee guy as he leans half way over the table.

And you didn’t believe that women can multitask?

The wee man smiles his impish grin with a fair amount of devilment for one so young.

His eyes haven’t left mine,  he knows he’s winding her up,  his mischief causing her to pay him attention.

I wonder if his father has that same naughty streak?

You could argue that young Aaa-leee-staah is the living proof of that.

If you wanted to argue. That is.

Personally I’m just enjoying the entertainment the wee man is providing.

30 minutes of chat later,  I’m standing in the aisle putting on my jacket,   The wee man is faking a tantrum as he wants to come too.

Mum feeds him a bar of Aero and turns back to her mobile.

That impish grin is back again!

Aaa-leee-staah and I wave as I walk past the window heading for the ramp.

30 minutes of nonsense and I loved it.

Reminded me of when my own 3 kids were younger,

Is it wrong to wish that one of my elder two would hurry up and get a move on?

My last day working in Edinburgh – Yay!

The Platform Lovers – Hard Labour?

The Platform Lovers – Hard Labour?

The labour unit was not decorated in the pleasant pastel colours of the maternity ward two floors above.

The harsh green walls and stark fluorescent lighting  gave a sense of practicality,  of purposefulness,  that they had seen their share of action over the years.

John, knew exactly why the walls and the surgeons uniforms were the same dull green colour.   it showed the blood as a dull stain but muted the scarily glaring redness.

No point in scaring the clientele off when they were nervous enough anyway.

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Their Lying …

I’m currently in the market for a nice little runaround …

Something small, tidy and efficient .. and pretty obviously.

To teach my youngest girl to drive.

Economy is obviously an issue and we’ve been checking cars out in the showrooms and online.

Now sitting on the train reading an article in the metro telling us how the car manufacturers have been economical with the truth when providing mileage figures.

Who would have thunk it!!??    🙂

Heard this on the radio earlier .. Love it!

She says, It’s not you, it’s me
I need a little time, a little space
A place to find myself again, you know

Oh yeah, I know a goodbye when I hear it!!

The Platform Lovers – Miracles?

Aileen spent the next few hours in a combination of wanting to lie down,  or get up and walk,  whatever helped relieve the increasing waves of pain at that particular moment.

The mid-wife said that walking would help,  letting gravity play its part in helping the baby’s head work its way into place.

Her contractions were getting closer,  hourly, every 30 minutes, every 20,  but her dilation hadn’t changed at the same rate.

The nurses came through and pulled the curtains around the bed in the 4-bed dormitory every 30 minutes and checked on how Aileen was feeling.   Then they’d have a visible check,  2cm was now 5cm,  but they wanted her to be at 10cm dilation before they’d take her down to the private wards in the labour suite.

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