The Platform Lovers

I see them every day, this odd-couple, odd in a general sense but suited as a couple even although there appears to be a huge age gap.

It’s strange how you notice the same people every day. Standing on the platform waiting on the 8:45 into Glasgow city centre.

You begin to notice the clothes that people wear. Their working uniform giving clues to what they do to earn a crust in this thriving city of business and pleasure.

You dismiss the blacks and greys of most people only really noticing when they wear something different that makes them stand out in the crowd or from their usual working attire.

You notice the attractive young office worker, you can tell when she has a date later because she ups her game, she looks dressed to impress, wearing a skirt that shows off her long legs and a bright modern top with some flattering colour rather than her usually depressing black trousers and down-graded top.

You notice the people who dress down on a Friday, swapping their grey trousers or suits for jeans and a bomber jacket. These are the people who usually have their headphones in or never make eye contact because they are constantly staring at their mobile phone.

You notice the tall guy with the grey hair, he looks like a lawyer, certainly the educated, studious type. You wonder what he does.

He always stands there bolt upright with his briefcase dangling from his drooping arm. This guy has never done a day of manual work in his life.

He wears the same uniform every single day. Every single day he wears a different suit, shirt and tie, but the same uniform and the exact same demeanour.

He never smiles. He never looks happy or content with his lot..

Sometimes when I’ve picked the car up from the parking lot, I drive up the hill and there he is walking up the same road as me. His briefcase locked in position by his side.

Once, on a late summer evening I saw him without his uniform. I was walking to the station taking the train into town, the car left at home because I was out for the night.

He had his kids with him, two young kids, under 7, a tricycle and a pram. He was dragging them behind him.

Still he never smiled.

But the odd-couple always smile.

Usually it’s him that arrives first, he walks past me smoking, standing up at the far end of the platform, so that we can get on the end of the train with the exits closest to the steps at our common destination.

He’s a short bloke, short and stocky, 5’6, long grey hair bedraggled in its ponytail, his skin grey and pock-marked. He is probably about 50 but looks older. His clothes are dated like some ancient failed rocker.

He probably thinks he still is. He looks happy, it radiates from him.

She usually arrives a few minutes after him and they kiss fondly, there is an obvious closeness to them. They are much more than train-buddies. They are constantly within each other personal space. She leans against him and he grins then they whisper conspirationally and laugh.

Even on the train, they sit closely together, smiling, her leaning in, often sitting in silence and looking content in their joint world.

But today it’s her that arrives first.

She walks past me smoking her cigarette. She is also short but chubby, 5’4, her long hair dyed deepest metallic burgundy. She is probably early 40s but looks older, dated.

She walks past me without looking, expecting him to be already there, then turns and looks back down the platform her disappointment showing on her face.

I watch her as she stands there, looking between her watch and her mobile phone. She looks like she is considering giving him a call, but she doesn’t.

She just stands staring down the platform, watching the steps for a sign that her lover will appear. But there are only more officer workers and students.

A few minutes later the train arrives and the crowd move towards the doors and board the half empty train. The guy with the briefcase stands in his usual place beside the door, even although there are lots of empty seats. His case still locked against his side.

But she loyally remains on the platform, still focused intently on the stairs.

People are now beginning to notice her, staring at her from their seats, wondering what she is looking at and why she’s not getting on the train.

The train pulls away and still she stands trapped between action and inaction.

I have no idea why.

Online Dating – Future Love Paradise?

Well if only you could see them
All the smiles on their faces
There were Kings and Queens
Followed by Princes and Princesses

There were future power people
From the loved to the loveless
Shining their light cos they want it seen

There were cries of Why?
Followed by cries of Why not?
Can I reach out for you
If that feels good to me?

The deriders will not stop us
Cos the only love they’ll find is Paradise.

Future Love Paradise – Seal.

Well after much ado about quite a lot of things, that’s this dancing bhoy joined back in to the online dating malarkey.

Its gonna be fun, no really, help me out here, encourage me!

That song seems pretty apt for my dating experiences so far..

There are all sorts out there, it pays to be careful.

I’ve met some nice people online, some for me, some not for me, this blog tells a part of that story, not all of it, some of it would be far too much information, but with hindsight, no harm done and there have been a load of laughs along the way.

The worse thing about online dating is when you spend time getting to know someone, writing long thoughtful emails, investing time in each other, only to find that when you meet they don’t look anything like their pics which were taken on holiday 10 years ago when they had more of a tan and less of tummy.

Hey, I’m only being serious!

But it works both ways, it’s only fair that my pics are current too.

So I spend all of 10 seconds in front of my Mac last night taking a few pics of myself, posing, trying to get the head-shot right, conveying friendly without looking creepy or like a grumpy old bassa.

I failed miserably, so spent the next hour on photoshop! 🙂

Pics uploaded.

Wish me luck!!

ps – Isn’t Seal a beautiful man?

Glasgow – We’ve Come A Long Way!

It’s official .. in 2 separate reports Glasgow is both

1 – The most violent city in the UK

2 – The city were people feel their life is least worthwhile.

What a couple of depressing statistics, if you believe them.

I’m a Glasgow guy, born and bred, originally from one of the roughest parts of the city (Govan) and proud of it.

Is Glasgow violent or worthless?

Not a chance!

Glasgow is one of the most vibrant cultural cities that I’ve been to and is no more violent than London, Rome, Manchester or Barcelona.

Glasgow has far more cultural events and concerts than Rome , Barcelona. or Paris and arguably Edinburgh and Manchester, second only to London with its plethora of West End theatres.

Okay there is social deprivation in the surrounding areas. of the Greater Glasgow area. There is a significant percentage of the community trapped in the benefits system. However that is the same throughout the country and has only got worse in the current econmic climate where opportunities are short.

But that only affects a relatively small minority compared with the majority of hard-working independent people who get on with their lifes and enjoy everything that the city has to offer.

  1. A vast range of concert venues, not least the Clyde Walkway Area with the SEC, Clyde Auditorium and The Hydro within touching distance of each other.
  2. The widest range of modern and traditional museums and art galleries including the Gallery of Modern Art, Science Museum, Burrell Collection, People Palace and Kelvingrove Art Gallery. and all of these are available free to the public.
  3. Fantastic architecture throughout the city, not least by Alexander Greek Thomson and Charles Rennie Macintosh
  4. A wide selection of bars, nightclubs and restuarants of any cuisine you could desire.
  5. The gateway to Loch Lomond and the Scottish Highlands
  6. Three world class football stadiums. ( Yeah even if it pains me to say that! )

Sure, if you go to the wrong areas, you will find the violence that haunts this city and its “No Mean City” reputation, but only if you go looking for it.

Glasgow is no mean city, it’s not mean, it is far from mean.

Glasgow people are friendly, warm and welcoming to strangers. Much friendlier than Edinburgh even if that city is more affluent.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Edinburgh and everything it has to offer, but I love Glasgow, my heart lies here.

Glasgow is a warm,, welcoming city, it has moved on since those days of deprivation and poverty that engulfed the city and it doiesn’t deserve the stereo-typical reputation that some people seem only too happy to potray.

We have come a long way.

Monday – Championees!!

Hello .. Monday again!!

I love my weekends, live for them, thrive on them. They make me feel alive!

Just the right combination of friends, family and football .. What’s not to like!!

Friday, straight out from work, met my mate for a few beers and went to a comedy show .. Jimeon at the Garage .. Fantastic.

I’d only ever saw him on Live At The Apollo with Michael whats-his-face, but live the man is so funny, very clever and doesn’t even resort to smut .. well the odd line, but far from blue.

The man has a real talent for pointing out those little idiosyncracities that we all do, that we know we do when we think about it, but aren’t aware that everyone else does too. But it’s not just the content, it’s his facial expressions and comedy timing that make him hilarious.

I’ll definitely be booking tickets to see him later this year at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

So … I’d had loose plans for Saturday, but with falling out with the moll, those wend bye-de-bye .. bit of sshame but life must go on.

I had a lovely day with my dad, took him to my aunt and uncles for the afternoon, then dinner with him at the World Buffet in Darnley and my 3 kids on saturday night. The choices of Indian, Chinese, Mexican or Italian were Just the right combination of food-cultures to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

Dad was just happy spending time with my 3, me too!! It’s hard getting 20 year olds “kids” to come out with their dad and grampa on a Saturday night, obviously the meal was too good to resist. But not quite enough to stop them up before they disappeared clubbing in the city centre with their pals later.

Sunday .. now thats what I was waiting for … up early, in the house on my ownsome, tea, toast, piano. Then showered and picked my hung-over son up from his mums .. unusually he didn’t seem to like my choice of songs or that I had the volume turned up .. I wonder why!

We had a great day at the football, met a few friends, chatted through the first half which was pretty dull to be fair, too many missed chances, then we were thrilled all through the second half, Neil Lennon had obviously put a rocket up the players arses.

My favourite from the 4 goals was gorgeous Georgios Samaras, taking the ball from just inside the Inverness half, running wide to the edge of the penalty box, then shimmying one way and the other, tormenting the defenders, getting close to the by-line then thundering the ball off the crossbar into the net from what looked like an impossible angle.

Great result Celtic .. another league title in the bag .. only 8 more to go until a new record is set and I can’t see anything stopping that right now.


Friday – Atrocities And Zombies.

Friday again … 3 days since the last blog of anxiety and mistrust.. stand down .. all is more or less well in the world.

Well my own small world, obviously the atrocity in Boston supercedes the pettiness of my wee world.

A shocking occurence, designed to strike terror where people were least expecting it.

But I ask myself, and if you’re reading this, I’m asking you.

Is this act of terrorism any different to the other atrocities that happen every day in other parts of the world just because it happened on American soil?

Should it be?

Should we play favourites? Does God play favourites, whoever your God may be?

Is it okay when it happened over there, but it’s completely unacceptable over here?

Of course it’s not.

Wrong is wrong .. no justifcation ever makes it right on American, Isreali, British or Palestinian soil .. it’s wrong.

But the tv is full of it, you’d think it was the only terrorist explosion that occurred this week.

How about this bus bombing in Pakistan?

Pakistani bus bombing

It made the BBC news .. barely .. but nowhere near the amount of coverage that Boston has recieved.

Or how about this terrorist bombing in an Iraqi mosque?

Iraqi mosque bombing

How come that did not make the main news?

Is it only newsworthy if the terrorism took place in the western world?

Why would that be? Who’s agenda does that suit?

Do you think that sending in “peace-keepers” to Iraq, Afghanistan, or even Ireland stops terrorism or makes it worse?

We know what happened in Northern Ireland.

Fortunately, the people who created the Boston bomb or the London bombings were motivated amateurs and only had access to low-grade explosives. So although these bombings are atrocities, it could have been much much worse.

I fear that until we stop involving ourselves in the affairs of foreign lands and let them choose their own destiny then this is only going to get worse. Heaven help us if these terrorists get access to high explosives.


Disclaimer – I don’t do politics, I do humanity.

But that dooesn’t mean that I don’t have political views, I just think that the political parties on offer are much the same and more interested in power than actually helping the people they are supposed to represent.

As for religion … whatever God that these misguided fools think they are serving does not exist. No God would want man o treat his fellow man with such horrible disregard.

As for Northern Ireland, I’m British and proud of it. Scottish and proud of it, but Ireland belongs to the Irish.


BTW .. all well in my world .. peace at last, peace at last. Thank Lord almighty, peace at last.

The moll tried to be sweet, apologetic, sucking-up, I was polite but had to be honest with myself once the feelings gone .. it’s gone.


I really quite liked her.


The Ludovico Einaudi concert on Tuesday .. wow .. beautifully chilled out music with a surprisingly good light show reminiscent of something by Pink Floyd. The man is a musical genuis, yet open enough to allow the young musicians of his 10 piece orchestra to express their own creativity both in his show and on his new album.

The first half of the show was his new album In A Time Lapse .. Just buy it .. turns the lights down and the volume up.

Why this reviewer in the Scotsman had to over-complicate something so beatifully simple I don’t know!


Tonight – back to basics .. a night out with my best pal, a curry and a comedy club.

Tomrrow – no plans, lazy day. go see my dad.

Sunday – The famous Glasgow Celtic need one point to win the Scottish Premier League title for the second time in a row.

We are well ahead and should be easy,

Do you remember that other dead team that used to offer us some competition?

Well seems like they reinvented themselves and restarted in the 3rd division but now their lack of honesty and underhandess in who owns their assets to avoid paying their taxes is about to kill off their zombie tribute act .. shame!! 🙂

Their share price has been dropping like a stone and they can’t even confirm that they own their own stadium.


DEFCON 1 – The Days And The Waves!

What a traumatic night last night .. much conversation with the moll, much southing of her insecurities … Calls at 5pm 7pm and then 11pm.

Everything seemed to be okay … her issues seemed fixed .. then she turned up at my door at 2am.

She’d been googling me .. not a clever thing to do .. If you want mud you’ll find it .. not that theres much to find.

She found my registration for MeetUp which I’ve never actually used .. Not that I was hiding it.

The poor wee lamb got awful upset because she thought it meant I was meeting people or more specifically dating again.

There were accusations, tears, all for no reason .. none except her insecurities.

But to turn up at my door at 2am. .. No excuses .. what a complete nutter, if you ask me, or even if you don’t ask me.

Leaving her kids in her house, taking a 20 minute drive to mine and waking me up and possibly my daughter at 2am.


So .. where are we now .. in the polite zone.

She’s very apologetic, texting and sending nice emails, as if I can simply just forget someone turning up at my door at 2am full of unwarranted accusations and even calling my 15 year old daughter on the phone at 1am – thats just psycho mad woman behaviour.

So why don’t I just tell her to fuck off, I hear you say?

I’ve been asking myself exactly the same question ..

Because I actually like her. its not easy finding someone you actually like and we have great fun together..

So I’m letting it and her simmer .. I’ll sleep on it.

Tonight, the genuis that is Ludovico Einaudi visits the Usher Hall in Edinburgjh.

He was amazing when we saw him at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall a few years ago.

I’m taking my daughter for the evening, we both play piano, but can only look on in awe as this man makes the synapses fire with simultaneous melodies playing at different levels.

My favourites Le Onde ( The Waves) and I Giorno ( The Days )

Can’t wait!


DEFCON 2 – My Therapist Said …

My therapist said, not to see you no more..
She said you’re like a disease without any cure

James – Laid

Hey .. Monday again .. What a fantastic weekend .. up to a point?

But how come, no matter what you do, some people just seem to find fault?

Is it that they are looking for fault, that they just can’t help themselves?

Do they find fault on small stuff, because it suits their agenda?

Or s it just because they are nuts in the first place, which you had suspected already.

Let me elaborate ..

Me and the moll had a fantastic weekend, most of it.

( DEFCON 5 – All’s well in the world )

We went to the James gig in Stirling, A mere 200 people and a very intimate performance. They were fantastic musically and took a lot of time to chat with their audience of hard-core fans. I’ve saw them many times and this was pretty special.

As it was Stirling and she was driving, I stayed at hers on Friday night, nice wee night, lots of fun and romance.

Saturday, back to mine, dropped off her car at mine and jumped train to the West End of Glasgow where we had an early dinner booked.

Dinner was lovely, the cocktails were better. Just the right amount to get in the mood for danicng the night away.

The support band for James were Echo And The Bunymen .. possibly a bit of a climbdown for Ian McCulloch but there is no way that EatB would fill a venue the size of the SEC with 8000 fans. Not today, that ship has passed.

James were magic, even better than the Friday, which I’m struggling to digest, possibly because we were close to the front, possibly the atmosphere of 8000 vs 200 .. but they were great .. all the biggies including my favourites, Sometimes, Come Home, Getting Away With It, Sound, a great version of Sit Down where the lead singer Tim Booth was standing up on the crowd barrier within touching distance of me.

The main part of the show ended with Sometimes, as usual the mass singiing of the crowded kept the song going well after the band had stopped playing. They know this will happen .. So did we!! The gig then ended with an encore .. or was it 2 .. they finished on Laid .. cue the place going mental .. Fantastic.

All good so far .. back to the pub .. then a taxi home at late o’clock!

Sunday morning lazing around, tea and toast and pineapple juice from my new juicer .. so good for hangovers!

She’s in the shower at this point, while I’m cutting up pineapple. James playing on the hi-fi .. big smile on my face.

But when I get upstairs, theres an atmosphere .. hhhhmmmm .. whats changed?

( DEFCON 4 – Increased awareness something’s changes, are we under attack? )

Turns out she had been going through the cupboards in my bathroom cabinet, cupboards I don’t often use .. particularly the one that my ex-girlfriend used and okay there was a pink tooth-brush there and some female products.

But is that any need to throw a wobbler?

Is that reason enough to start throwing accusations about harbouring thoughts for my ex-gf who has been long gone?

Is it really?

Or is it the fact, that I tend to be busy and have a big house with lots of cupboards and some I haven’t got round to clearing out yet? The cleaner cleans .. but she doesn’t empty cupboards and if theres stuff in there I tend to not see it.

( DEFCON 3 – We are under attack, but lets negotiate our way out )

Okay fair enough, I’ve took her point, yes I should dump the stuff .. and I will but FFS .. why not make your point without being a complete nutter?

So .. we chatted .. I apologised and calmed her down … I appreciated her viewpoint .. cos I do.

Ironically she hasn’t considerd the fact that she still has pictures of her ex-husband kicking about .. and I bite my tongue. Not that it particularly bothers me .. but I didn’t think that the timing was right to mention it .. I hate games and playing tit-for-tat .. I tend to stick with the issue at hand.

After an hour .. she went on her way and I went to footballl with my boy .. my team won 4-3 after a very exciting game and are now in the final of the Scottish Cup .. Come on the hoops!

( DEFCON 4 – Immediate threat has been averted – but awareness heightened for future threats )

Good day had with my boy .. then picked up my daughter and home .. tired .. an early night was on the cards.

But there’s an email from her .. more bullshit about the stuff .. stuff that doesn’t really matter .. well not to me .. but seems to be a very important to her.

( DEFCON 3 – Severley pissed off that this has came back again. Negotiations have failed. Lets see how the situation develops )

A few texts take place including a text from her at 5am saying “You never answered my email”

As if I’m going to answer an email when I’m tired and pissed off .. I might over-react. so I avoid it.

But I answer her text .. I thought we had already discussed and that you’re issue had been dealt with.

Blah blah blah ..

( DEFCON 2 – I am getting severly pissed off – Should I attack first? Kill it off before I get burned? )

All this makes me question her motives .. is she falling out about issue A .. when actually she has some other issue that she really want to speak about and is avoiding?

Who knows .. not me .. I don’t do double speak .. so if you have any other underlying issues .. please spell it out in plain English.

If you want to go .. go .. I can deal with that .. life goes on and from experience .. once the cracks start to show then you’re better off out of it sooner than later.

There are no outright winner here .. good times have been had by all .. but there’s a limit.

( DEFCON 1 – I’m ready to pull the trigger but I’ll be happy to stand down if she see’s reason .. but that means apologising and I can’t see it )

Whats really pissing me off now is not her issue, but how she cannot deal with it and is labouring a point.

Maybe she should stay out of other peoples cupboards anyway.

Friday – Show Some Humanity!

Friday … and loving it!!

First of all .. as expected this weeks news was full of Thatcher’s death, the sympathies from the converted, her followers from the Conservative Party who obviously had vested interests at the time and reaped the benefits of her greed, meanwhile the poor got poorer.

I worked in the Shipyards back then, I saw the effect of her cuts, not as badly as the way she treated the miners. We only saw mass closures and lay-offs, not the baton and boot of her over-paid police thugs.

Yes changes needed to be made. Britain was the sick man of Europe at the time, but not with the voracity with which she destroyed communities then sold of the family silver.

She showed no mercy, no mercy to the children of the Miners, no mercy in the Irish situation, no mercy to the people on the Belgrano which she chose to attack despite the fact that they were already running away and out with the 200 mile exclusion zone at the time.

Don’t get me wrong.. I’m pro-Britain.. I love being British, .but there is right and there is wrong and I expect our leaders to know the difference and to be seen to act accordingly.

Today we have more controversy.. it looks like the number one song this week in the BBC and iTunes charts will by Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead from The Wizard Of Oz.

For God’s sake people, have a laugh, joke about it. a wry smile.

But do not celebrate the death of another human. This is simply wrong.

I’m no Thatcher fan, but those people who threw street parties disgust me.

Wrong is wrong and their lack of taste shows them to petty minded fools.

Show some humanity.


I just had to get that off my chest particularly as I feel a bit guilty about the title of my last blog, which was said in jest, but didn’t expect such a furore and that song to be at the front of it. I am slightly ashamed of that.


Friday.. A big weekend ahead .. yeah baby!!

Tonight one of my favourite bands are playing a small gig for 200 fans at the Tolbooth in Stirling .. and yours truly is going with the PiF. (Partner in Fun )

She’s never been to a James gig before, but has really got into them since I play them constantly.

Tomorrow, we’re at the James gig at the SEC, quite a bit different from tonight’s intimate gig.

Last time I saw them with my friend Lynn, I was very drunk and danced like John Travolta. See song lyrics below!

We had a great time I can’t wait to do it all again.

Lynn if you read this, have a great time tomorrow.

Sunday – the world famous Glasgow Celtic are playing Dundee United in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup at Hampden Park, Glasgow. I’m going with my son and my younger daughter who has suddenly became a Hoops fan .. no idea why .. maybe it’s the Catholic schooling!

Whatever you are doing .. Enjoy yourself.


Daniel drinks his weight
Drinks like Richard Burton
Dance like John Travolta
We’re getting away with it .. all messed up!

Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead!

Well … it’s finally arrived.

Margaret Thatcher has popped her clogs and left this mortal coil.

Generally speaking I don’t do politics, I can’t stand any of the UK political parties as they are almost as bad as each other, self-serving and only really interested in power, not the people that they are supposed to serve.

But today’s the day the wicked witch of the west went to meet her maker.

I take no joy from the demise of another human being but please spare me the platitudes .. the news tonight will be full of it.

Yeah yeah .. she was a strong courageous woman who made changes where there needed to be changes, who stamped her authority over the political landscapes like the jack-boot of her over-excuberant police forces stemped on the faces of anyone who opposed them.

She gleefully turned communities against each other, she watched children suffer, she refused to help when they needed it most.

When she sold of the public utilities, if you were lucky enough to buy a few shares and double your money overnight that she and her cronies made this amount thousands of times over?

Each time those ever-increasing utility bills pop oiver the door-step, you are still paying for their greed.

She fostered greed, promoted it, “the market was king and would find it’s only level” she told us .. well she told us lies.

Todays economic recession is a direct consequence of her deregulation of the financial services sector.

She allowed them to package up make-believe and abstract financial instruments of futures and options where they kept extracting the real profits and we bought into their house of cards with our pensions, endownents and insurance polices.

Well we’re all paying for it now.

Isn’t it strange how they didn’t bail out the shipyards, car-industry or steelworks the way that they’ve bailed out the banks?

Do you thnk thats by accident?

These people don’t care about people, they care about money, themselves and their kind.

So Mrs T, I won’t wish you ill, but if there’s a hell, I have no doubts that you’ll be deep in the heart of it.

Friday – Lady Grinning Soul?

Friday .. First blog in a week .. very unusual for me.

It’s been a very busy week, I had some fantastically amazing news .. far too early to share .. and quite incredible and totally unexpected.

Things are going fantastically well with my new Partner In Fun .. what else should I call her ..

Girlfriend? .We are too old for that!

Partner .. It’s too new for that!

I’m happy with Partner In Fun .. someone who thinks like me, loves doing what I do, gets me.

We were chattiing on the phone last night and realised that 30 years ago we were both in the same place at the same time?

Woud you believe that we were both at the David Bowie Serious Moonlight concert at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh in June 1983.

Is that Serendipidity? Accidental good fortune?

There we were 30 years ago .. we were both kids at the time .. so near yet so far.

Not that it made any difference we were kids at the time and both have had our own paths until this point.

Just look at that set-list it sounds fantastic even now.

Serious Moonlight

Tomorrow, we are going to see Celtic play Hibernian at Celtic Park .. She also happens to be a Celtic supporter .. Bonus.

Straight after the football we’re going to see my favourite Bowie tribute band in the west end of Glasgow,.

I’m showing my age here, but it is now 40 years since the release of Aladdin Sane and the band are playing the complete album from start to finish.

I was too young to notice at the time and only got into it later, but I love that album and can’t wait to hear them play Lady Grining Soul as its one of my favourite Bowie songs and there are many, it is jus so incredibly haunting.

Whatever you are doing .. Enjoy yourself.