The Platform Lovers – Hard Labour?

The Platform Lovers – Hard Labour?

The labour unit was not decorated in the pleasant pastel colours of the maternity ward two floors above.

The harsh green walls and stark fluorescent lighting  gave a sense of practicality,  of purposefulness,  that they had seen their share of action over the years.

John, knew exactly why the walls and the surgeons uniforms were the same dull green colour.   it showed the blood as a dull stain but muted the scarily glaring redness.

No point in scaring the clientele off when they were nervous enough anyway.

Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that. Continue reading “The Platform Lovers – Hard Labour?”

The Platform Lovers – Miracles?

Aileen spent the next few hours in a combination of wanting to lie down,  or get up and walk,  whatever helped relieve the increasing waves of pain at that particular moment.

The mid-wife said that walking would help,  letting gravity play its part in helping the baby’s head work its way into place.

Her contractions were getting closer,  hourly, every 30 minutes, every 20,  but her dilation hadn’t changed at the same rate.

The nurses came through and pulled the curtains around the bed in the 4-bed dormitory every 30 minutes and checked on how Aileen was feeling.   Then they’d have a visible check,  2cm was now 5cm,  but they wanted her to be at 10cm dilation before they’d take her down to the private wards in the labour suite.

Aileen would smile and say she was fine,   then squeeze John’s hand so hard that he thought she would break it,   but he could’t really complain given the circumstances .. could he? Continue reading “The Platform Lovers – Miracles?”