Work Stories – Objectives?

Don’t you just hate the bullshit that you sometimes have to go through as an employee?

Six monthly appraisals and annual objectives,  what a pile of shit,  a tick-box exercise designed to show that the company are making an effort,  when in actual fact they don’t really care about you or your circumstances.

It’s bullshit … and I hate bullshit.

This is my first staff job in 20 years,   Prior to taking this job I’d been self employed,  IT Consultant with various banks.

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The Games a Bogey! #CelticFC


A few months ago,  before this years Scottish Premier Football League started,  I blogged that Celtic were a sure thing to win the league and were worth investing in as at a win-ratio of 33% after tax were much better than money in the bank at 2%.before tax.

At that time,  the odds were 1 to 3 on .. ie put on £1000 and it gets you £333.

Our apparent nearest rival newco Rangers,  were best priced at 7/2.

A relative ten-fold difference and an indication of who the bookies thought would win the league even before a ball was kicked. Continue reading “The Games a Bogey! #CelticFC”

Stepping Stones – Education, Investment, Careers, Family.


18 Months ago  I wrote the following about my son and his journey through education,  getting a 2:1 degree in Cell Biology from Glasgow University and his frustration at being unable to get a job and I could see that it was getting him down that all his efforts hadn’t produced a result but some of his friends who had chosen other paths were starting to make a decent living as police officers,  joiners, etc.

As his dad,  I was worried about him,  particularly as the 18-25 year age group is the highest suicide rate for males.   Possibly because at that point in their life they realise that it hasn’t quite turned out the way they expected or that it looks on tv.

So I funded him through his Masters degree at Strathclyde Business school and we were both delighted at the volume of jobs that were waiting for him as a result.

When he was given a few offers,   we talked them over and decided on a job in Edinburgh with less money than one in Glasgow but with better long term prospects.

Frankly the job at Barclays Bank in Glasgow might have paid a few grand more but it was a dead end,  mopping up and investigating claims but not using the business analysis skills that he learned in his masters.

So he started at a software company in Edinburgh on a lower salary of 20k and has been involved in the design,  analysis and testing of their products.  Becoming a project lead for some of their key products.

Ironically he has picked up some more technical skills like database design and SQL as part of his role.   I say ironic, as that kind of technology and IT bored him when he was younger and he wasn’t interested in learning them .. but now he sees their value,  not only in the work-place,  but also as a means to making a decent living.

After a year,  they had bumped him to 25k,   more than he would have had with Barclays.

Unfortunately 2 weeks ago,   RBS closed down their separation and sell-off of their brand Williams And Glyn as a separate business,  causing his company to lose a lot of work and he was given his redundancy notice.

As expected,  he was worried,   he stopped in at mine after work for a chat and a bit of advice and perspective.

I told him that he should view this as a stepping stone,  that he had been making progress,  that he was investing in himself,  learning to talk the talk and walk the walk and that he now had sellable skills and experience.

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Who’s That Team They Call The Rangers?


Who’s that team they call the Rangers?
Who’s that team they all adore?

One of the good old fashioned non-bigoted Rangers songs that used to be sung in support of their team.

I have absolutely no problem in that,   in fact I’m all for people supporting their team and all for a bit of rivalry and wind-up .. just leave the hatred / politics / whatever out of it.

To be fair to the 8000 or so Rangers fans who turned up at Celtic Park on Saturday,  I didn’t hear any of the usual bigoted singing from my seat in The Jock Stein Stand.

Possibly a few opening bars of The Billy Boys before it was over-taken by the Celtic response of mimicking the tune with Ha-ha’s.

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Celtic to Win the SPFL? – The Money’s Safe!

Bettnig Graph

Comparative returns on £1 bet on Celtic or newco-Rangers as league progressed

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the probability of Celtic win this years SPFL title and compared the numbers from the various book-makers against their nearest contenders newco Rangers.

At the point before the League commenced, Celtic were odds on favourites at 1/3 and The Rangers at 7/2.

A 10k bet on Celtic would pay approx 3.5k, where a 10k bet on The Rangers returns 35k .. ie a ten-fold ratio of returns and Celtic look a pretty safe bet.

What I like about bookies is the numbers don’t lie .. any arse can talk crap all day about the likelihood of who s going to win .. but bookies put their money on the line and reflect reality rather than pointless emotionally based rhetoric of idiots in the pub.

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Work Stories – Conforming?

An Interesting article in the news today about the young woman whoi was sent home from work because she wore her flat shoes rather than high heels?

As an ex-I -want-to-be-a-punk-but-my-mammy-widnae-let-me .. I’m all for non-conformance in most things,  particularly in clothing.

Who gives a fuck what you wear as long as you get the job done?

Obviously .. health and safety could be an issue if you’re working ina dangerous job,  but to sit around an office?

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Work Stories – Perspective?

It’s 530pm on Friday night, I’m sitting at my desk in the offices of the bank that I’m currently working as a consultant. 

I’ve been bought in because the project I’m working on is already a year late and 5 million over budget. 

Having worked on many projects at various banks, its just typical really.   

Management who think they know but don’t.  

They rely on undereducated wannabes who talk a good game but can’t really cut the mustard when it comes right down to making it work. 

I’ve been here two months, brought in at the last minute to sort it out. 

I’m putting together a Plan B as Plan A didn’t work and have been working my wee socks off, extra hours and even worked last Sunday. 

We are getting there, but there are still data migration and reporting issues. 

These need to be fixed asap so that the new system can go live as there are regulatory changes within the new system which haven’t been implemented in the old, because it was meant to be live by now. 

But at 530pm, I pull the headlines off,  look up and around and I’m the only one left, none of the staff, not one of the management who are telling us how critical this project is. 

So I fuck off home. 

The sun is shining in Glasgow and I’d  much rather be on a beach. 

Life’s been good so far …