Young Americans – 30 Years Ago Today?

What were you doing 30 years ago today?

Do you remember? ( Your President Nixon, the bills you have to pay or even yesterday?)

Maybe you weren’t even born then!!


I tend to live in the moment, but I love how modern technology can remind me where I was and what I was doing.

30 years ago today, as a loved up teenager, I made the 40 mile bus journey from Glasgow to Edinburgh to see David Bowie play at Murrayfield Stadium.

If the truth be told, I wasn’t really a big Bowie fan then but my first girlfriend was and I was a big fan of her!!

I even married the gal.

As Bowie sang …

“With your long blonde hair and your eyes of blue
the only thing I ever got from you was Sorrow .. Sorrow”

But we were young, stoopid and very much in love .. so personally I have no regrets.

It’s great to be able to look back with fondness and I hope she thinks the same of me.

Look at that setlist below, even today that sounds superb. I’ve made a playlist for my iphone and will be playing it all day today to celebrate.

Great realistic review of that very same gig from 30 years ago here.

Today, early stop from work, going to BoNess Gala Day of all places for a family day oot.

But home early, catching up with my mates including my good friend Alex, hitting the town and hopefully dancing somewhere til the early hours. Somethings never change!!

Tomorrow .. guess who plays The Usher Hall. Edinburgh, the legendary Burt Bacharach.

Burt was one of my mum’s favourites and the music she played throughout my childhood, along with Roberta Flack and Shirley Bassey.

I’m taking my dad for a day out, dinner near the hall and a wee celebration of mum if you like.

I can remember as a kid, him singing to her, “Anyone who ever loved, could look at me and know that I love you.”

What a sweet-heart!! Runs in the family .. maybe!

To the annoyance of everyone around us, he will probably sing every word!

Love him to bits.


The Platform Lovers – 4 – Caught!

“You’ve been seeing her again, haven’t you? Haven’t You!!”

He sits there saying nothing, his hands trembling on his knees and his cheeks full of anger.

It’s a funny mix of emotion, the feelings of guilt and relief as his adrenaline blurs the line between the physical and the logical. It’s the flight or fight reaction, he wants to be honest with her, he wants to tell her everything, but he’s doesn’t want to hurt her.

He wants to run away from this conflict that he can’t win either way.

But she’s insistent “Just tell me, be honest with me, I deserve that after all this time”

He doesn’t look up “You’ve been reading my phone again, haven’t you?”

“Of course I’ve been reading your phone and just as bloody well, you lying cheating bastard” She spits the words at him making no attempt to hide her contempt.

He stands up and walks to the door, his head down, he’s afraid to look at her in case she sees right through him.

He’s measuring his words, what is the right thing to say, or actually what can he say to get out of this situation without saying too much.

“Okay, so I have saw her, I bumped into her on the train and we chatted”

“Yes, you chatted and you must have given her your new number too, because you changed it since the last time”

Aaah, he hadn’t thought of that.

He’s having two conversations, one with his wife and the other with himself, how much has she read and how much does she know?

How much can he get away with?

But she’s saw that look before “Don’t fucking lie to me John Taylor, I can see you thinking about it, I’ve read everything so just tell me”.

“Can I have my phone back please”

“No, you’re not getting it until I hear the truth”.

He sits down again, she moves closer, standing above him, dominating him, her anger keeping her strong.

She’d heard this before, she knew that he had a brief fling with her before, she still has the evidence from his old mobile hidden away at the back of a cupboard upstairs.

Back then when he was caught, he’d promised the earth, anything for her to stay, that it had meant nothing to him, just someone that he had met at a concert and they happened to be going on the same train home.

But she knew it was more than that, she knew that he had been seeing her over a period of months, telling her that he was with his mates, but going to gigs with his bit on the side.

She wondered why he had the affair, that was the most puzzling part, she was nothing to look at, fat and droopy and for Gods sake look at that stupid hair. You’d think at her age she’d have stopped dying her hair in those stupid colours?

She compared herself with this gawky looking rock-chic, in her own mind there was no competition in the attraction stakes, 9 out of 10 men would choose her, she reassures herself.

So why had he had the affair, why?

She wasn’t naïve enough to think that everything was rosy in their garden, they had their ups and downs like every other couple, that’s only to be expected right?

But not this, not lying in bed unable to sleep because you’re worried that he no longer loves you.

Certainly, not waiting for your moment to look at his phone while he’s in the shower. She hates herself for being so paranoid, even if she feels that the end justifies the means.

Finally, he looks at her “We met on the train, we had a chat and she told me that her mum wasn’t well, I gave her my number and asked her to let me know if things improved”

He pauses, hoping that it’s enough, he’s scared to breathe, this could go either way.

She had read that text, read it a million time, read the reply hat had said she would let him know how things went and had been relieved that there was no more contact between them.

“And that’s it?” That’s all you did? You didn’t see her again and you haven’t saw her since?”

“No, honestly Carol Ann, I haven’t heard from her at all, I promise” He looked relieved to get it all out there.

She sits down on the arm of the sofa, feeling a sudden weakness envelope her as her anger leaves.

He looks at her ashen face “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m scared, I’ve been worried about this for weeks”

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine, nothings changed, I just thought that it was the right thing to do, I’m sorry that I never told you”

She’s glad that she’s had this conversation even if it was difficult, she couldn’t torture herself any long and she had to know.

“Please, please, if you bump into her again, or have any further contact with her, will you tell me?”

He moves beside her, lifting her hand and pressing it in his, “Yes, I will, I promise”

He pulls her towards him and holds her briefly he enjoys the slenderness of her body as he wraps her arms around her.

They kiss for a moment, then she lowers her head burying her face on his shoulder and sniffing back a tear.

“Would you like a cup of tea?” He asks, hoping that she will release him from her grasp.

She sniffs back the tear and reaches for the tissues that she keeps on the side table beside the sofa “Yes, thank you, my mouth is so dry”

“Coming right up, be back in a few minutes”

He gets up and walks to the kitchen, he smiles the moment his face is away form her.

He is relieved that he got away with it today, but he knows that the clock is ticking and sooner or later he has a decision to make.

He gets to the kitchen, casually closing the door over behind him, closed over but not shut, that would be too obvious.

He reaches up on top of the unit, above the built in oven and microwave and checks his other phone, the one that his wife doesn’t know about.

There is a message waiting “Can you call me soon, x”

For Part 1 click the link below

My Favourite Joke!

Two guys are sitting in a bar having a chat, its one of their turns to go and get the beers in so the first guy goes up to the bar.

Unfortunately there is a bit of a queue.

However, the barmaid is gorgeous and she has one button too many undone at the front of her blouse and is showing some fantastic cleavage.

All of the guys are watching her, no-one is saying a word, but their heads are following her every move.

Eventually its the first guys turn to be served, he asks the barmaid ..

“Can I have two pints of lager and a packet iof tits please?”

There’s a hilarious guffaws around him, the guy is mortified and the bar-maid is also embarrassed, but like the professional she is, she gets the drinks in.

When the drinks arrive, the bar-maid tells him that will be 7 pounds.

The guy apologies profusely, gives her a tenner and tells her to keep the change.

When he returns to his table, his mate asks him what all the fuss was about?

So he tells him what happened.

His mate says “That’s what you call a Freudian Slip”

“Whats a Freudian Slip?” asks the first guy.

“It’s when you mean to say something polite but you say what;s really on your mind”

“Oh” say’s the first guy “I had one of them earlier today, I was sitting at breakfast with my wife and I meant to ask her to pass the toast, but I said You’ve ruined my life you fat bitch!! ”


Love this song .. Don’t you know you’ve got your daddy’s eyes?

Take The Money And Talk!


Monday again .. You might have noticed about my contract being terminated then re-offered and my being pissed off with the non-EU workers they have been shipping into this place by the barrowload.

It’s some govenment work-place when it doesn’t employ UK workers first and foremost.

As you know I’ve had a bit of a dilemma about accepting the contract extension .. cos they have pissed me off.

So as a principle, I knocked it back last week .. they asked why, so I told them.

A – I’m taking on increased responsibilities with my new project.
B – My role is now designer than developer .. it’s actually both but I’m selling myself!
C – My skill-set is in demand and the new non-EU workers can’actually t do it
D – I’ve been here a year and know their exisintg data-model and processes.

So .. they’ve came back and gave me a rise of 50 quid per day.

Right, so I’m a working guy and I need the bucks, but do you think accepting it will buy my silence?

Deal done .. I’m here for another 3 months with another 3 on the back burner.

But .. do you think I’m letting this non-EU worker thing drop?

Am I hell.

This employment practics is illegal and if we don’t stand up for ourselves then we will bb over-run..

So I’m still talking.

I’m not accepting UK workers being binned and their positions being sold off to non-EU workers who cannot actually do the same level of work and with whose baisc communication skills are less than satisfactory.

Current plan is to get to my next MP’s surgery meeting but if I don’t get a favourable response, then I intend to promote this with groups that I often find less than savoury ( UKIP, SDL, EDL ) whom I don’t necessary agree with but who will at least do something about it because they don’t cow-tow to the established party politics.

Last weeks dilemma here.

Whistle For A Date?

Friday, lets start with a smile, hope you like the following wee ditty I cribbed from the Fratellis Whistle For The Choir

Sing with me …


Whistle For A Date?

Well it’s a big big city and it’s always the same
Can never be too pretty, tell me your name
And your age, your weight
What you do for fun and if you’re keen to date?

I’m 40 something and got lots of free time
I’ve got a car and money but need a partner in crrime
And its true, ooh ooh, that I could be the guy
To put the ooh in you

So if you’re female, why not drop me an email
And tell me more, or less, about yourself
It could be time to leave the shelf

And you know me, no you don’t even know me
But if you like to laugh and play and dance all day
A guy like me’s just irresistible …

Cribbed from the Fratellis

Dilemma – Take The Offer or Walk?

If you read my post a few weeks ago where my contract was initially extended then cancelled then you will appreciate my frustration with my current employer .. not that I’m on their books as I’m actually self-employed but you get the drift.

My employer is a UK Govenment owned company, a bank, in the centre of Glasgow. They employ many contractors like me, but have recently decided to outsource the work which is a legitimate business decision.

My issue is that they are bringing in non-EU employees bypassing the EU employment regulations and the UK migration laws when perfectly capable UK /EU employees are available.

Well since the last post, the 2 non-EU out-sourced employees have started working in my team.

Nice enough guys, I don’t have any problems with them in particular.

Just the fact that they don’t live in the country, they don’t even live in the EU .. so how come myself and my fellow UK contractors are being binned?

It’s not as if UK/EU workers aren’t available.

My job is very technical and has a number of components to it.

1- Database Design – Designer 2000 – The entities and structures which hold the data.
2 – File Interfaces – Pro*C and SQL – The communication between external bodies including HMRC
3 – Internal Data Processing – PL/SQL – Integrating the newly received data with existing structures.
4 – User Interfaces – Forms Designer – For manipulation of the data by the call centres etc.

Well surprise surprise, it turns out the new guys can only do the PL/SQL which I’m sure they are very good at but they cannot do the other technical interfaces.

Would it be petty if I had a wee snigger right now?

Yes you know it would but fuck it .. laugh away .. I didn’t .. I’m above that!! 🙂

So now they’ve changed their minds and offered me a 3 month contract .. and I’m in a real tizzy.

As I’ve always said, I only work for a living and treat it with healthy distain.

I’d rather be on a beach.

But they have made this personal, they binned me without thinking it through and I am not a happy bhoy.

So I’m looking elsewhere, got a couple of applications for other work on the go.

If I get anything else they can ram their offer where the sun don’t shine.

But in the meantime, I have a dilemma, do I take the offer against my principles .. or walk?

Either way, I’m still blowing the whistle and have already started looking at my MP’s website for his surgery dates.

Remember this is a UK Government owned bank in Glasgow .. they are binning not just me, but a stack of other UK employees to bring in non-UK .. in fact non-EU employees by the back-door and no-one seems to want to do anything about it.

Well I do .. it goes against my principles to do nothing.

This is us today, it could be you tomorrow.

To paraphrase Edmund Burke – All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

So do something.

If you are in the UK .. complain .. contact me I will tell you who the organisation is .. then contact your MP.

Music Was My First Love – The Hitmaker!

It has to be said, I’m a huge music fan.

I listen to music more than I watch tv, even sitting at work with my headphones on.

I love going to see bands, I admire the talents of anyone who can cut it live and I love feeling the bass in my chest and the sound of the crowd rise around me.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to dance and lose myself in the music, its part of who I am.

I’ve been learning piano the past 10 years and play every single day, but I’m still learning.

Around 10 years ago, I was at a party, it was at the house of a friend of a friend who I had only met a few times. It was around Christmas time and when he sat down and played a few christmas Carols and had everyone singing along I thought .. thats cool!

So I bought my first keyboard and a couple of songbooks, Beatles and Sinatra, because I couldn’t read music but I know all the tunes so I thought I’d figure it out.

I did, l learned chords, progressions and inversions and could immerse myself for hours trying to get the timing and the accents right on some song or other.

But after two years, I hit a plateau, I wasn’t getting any further.

I needed some lessons.

So I went online and got in touch with a guy called Tony who teaches piano for adults, people of a certain age who don’t want to do grades and just play a few tunes.

I went over for a trial lesson and we get on like wildfire, it helped that I knew all the basics and he could teach me more advanced techniques.

As I mentioned earlier, I play every day, it moves me, being able to listen to some tune and then play my version thrills me.

If anything, it makes me appreciate music more because I realise the complexities of writing a good tune and making it sound simple and natural.

It appeals to my creative side, how wonderful a gift is it to be able to create music that moves people?

Today, I woke up feeling like shit, I had no energy and the bug that had been working me over the past few days had taken hold.

So I skipped work and lay on the couch drinking tea, watching tv and sleeping .. not all at the same time.

Anyhoo, I came across this documentary on the wonderful Nile Rodgers, the main man not only behind Chic and Sister Sledge but of so many hits including Bowie’s Let’s Dance and the current No.1 Get Lucky by Daft Punk.

Music of my life time, and as a boy who loves to dance, he has my admiration.

The most interesting fact of the documentary was at 2:40. Niles plays his guitar, affectionately known as The Hit-Maker, a 1959 Fender Stratocaster which has been responsible for over 2 billion worth of hit music.


Whether you love rock, pop, soul, funk or jazz that demands respect.

Another interesting fact from that documentary amongst many is that Niles learned to play his instrument of choice by learning Beatles tunes.

Check out the video below, trust me, you will love it!

If you fancy listening to what moves me, then check out my profile