The Platform Lovers – Records

Charles booked the hotel with his credit card,  the one with the paperless billing.

Good old modern communications he thought,  no paper, no bills,  no traceability and what you do is between you and your banker and no-one else’s business.

Perfect for the married man who likes a bit on the side and likes to keep it discreet.

There was no point in upsetting the Michelle by flaunting his misdeeds under her nose,  then she’d spoil his fun and his escape route.

But if only Charles appreciated that everything left a trace.

Michelle was already suspicious of his late nights and weekends away with the boys.

But being suspicious and proving wrong-doing are different things entirely.

That’s were the investigation agency had been most helpful,   their investigator Alex had set up the surveillance of all network traffic in their home and a hidden camera in Charles’s  study to record what he did on his laptop and to enable them to see what he was up to online.

But there were simple things that everyone could do,   if you suspect that your partner is cheating.   For example, buying a key-logger to record all the keystrokes on their computer,  enabling logging on the wireless route to record all websites visited or in this case join a credit agency.

Michelle would never have thought of that,  but as Alex had demonstrated,  there was a listing of all of the accounts from their home including the accounts that Michelle wasn’t aware of

But that was only the tip of the iceberg where Charles was concerned.   the router logging showed the sites that he regularly visited, the porn sites,  the secret bank accounts.   The video surveillance captured his passwords and showed the true depth of the games that he was playing and the open and secret recording he had made of the women that he was seeing.

They also showed the business that Charles had set-up and was using his mate Alistair to provide contracts,  effectively stealing from Michelle’s purse.

Now Michelle knew all of the details,   it was time fore her to take defensive action before his plans came to fruition.

Charles arrived at the hotel, Monica had texted him earlier saying that she woud meet hm in the bar for a drink before their night of passion.

But there was no sign of her,  he considered checking in,  but decided to have a beer and wait.

Just as he ordered his beer,  her text pinged on his second mobile.   The one that Michelle was meant to know nothing about,  but she did now,  including a list of all calls made,  recipient, dates, times, durations, cost,

Call data records .. it’s all logged in this world of digital communications,  all you need to know is where to look .. or know a man who does.

“H honey,  I’ve checked in already,  just having a bath,  why don’t you have a beer and come up soon,  I’ll be waiting for you.  xxx”

Charles was pleased and slightly relieved that Monica hadn’t had a last minute change of heart.  He had been waiting for a girl like her in his life before he finally jumped ship and left Michelle.

He was also pleased that their relationship was moving forward from colleagues to lovers.

He sipped his beer and allowed himself a smile,  knowing that all he wanted now was confirmation form Alistair on their business plans and it was time or him to start his new life.

Everything was falling into place nicely and within a few days he’d be free.   No Michelle in his life, a new business ticking over and Monica keeping him warm at night.

But for now he was just looking forward to the night ahead.


And now the end is near ..

This follows on from the following ..

And last but not least ..




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