The Platform Lovers – Raspberry Toast!

Carol Ann had enjoyed a fantastic night with Graeme. He had been the complete gentleman, insisting that he paid for dinner, the cocktails before and the drinks in the club after.

It was fortunate that they lived close to each other and he dropped her off in the taxi on his way home.

They’d had a very hot snog in the back of the cab, kisses leading to tongues, his hand reaching across to pull her towards him, then staying there, moving up her side almost cupping her breast, but stopping short, staying away from the bikini zone.

She could tell that he was thinking about it, that all he needed was the slightest encouragement from her.

She was thinking about it too, well it had been a while.

She was enjoying his kisses and the attention that Graeme was giving her, but appreciated that he was waiting on her to give him the green light.

One small accidentally-on-purpose nudge of his arm a few inches higher would be all he needed to turn the snog into a night of passion.

But it was only there first proper date after meeting for coffee and chat and she wasn’t ready to give out too soon.

When he dropped her off he told the cab to wait and walked her to her door, made sure she was home safe, kissed her softly and told her that he had enjoyed the night and was looking forward to seeing her again. If she wanted to.

She liked his deferential approach, putting his cards on the table but leaving the decision making to her.

She smiled and kissed him goodbye, playing it cool but knowing that she wanted to see him again as soon as possible.

When she closed the door behind her, she had to take a moment to catch her breath. Kicking off her heels in the hall, catching her reflection in the mirror, her makeup smudged and hair tousled from their passionate embrace.

She was so excited, but giggly that she couldn’t wait to tell her friend Lorna all about her date, texting her while the kettle boiled, then running upstairs to drop her dress in the floor and pull on a cosy t-shirt.

If she had been drinking, Carol Ann liked tea, toast and raspberry jam last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

She swore that the sugar and fluid was surefire hangover prevention and that she’d never experienced even the mildest symptoms because of it.

Lorna, must’ve been awake, because she called almost immediately and they spent the next 30 minutes talking about Graeme, how handsome and normal she was and how much she was looking forward to seeing him again.

Then her eyes were closing, she was zoning out of the conversation, losing the thread, until Lorna said that it was almost 2am and they’d better get to sleep.

The doorbell rang at 8am.

The first ring was short, polite, non invasive, an “I’m here, let me in”.

Carol Ann lying sleeping on the sofa, didn’t here a thing.

The second ring a few moments later was a little more insistent

Carol Ann heard its prolonged ring somewhere in a hazy dream, lying by the pool in the sunshine, wondering … who the fuck is ringing that bell?

She opened her eyes just as the third ring started, this time persistent, impatient, then she remembered.

She had booked an appointment with the cable guy to fit a new point and box in her bedroom. When she’d booked they couldn’t give her a specific time just a morning or afternoon appointment.

But she didn’t think they’d be here this early!

She ran upstairs and pulled on her dressing gown over her t-shirt.

When she opened the door, she didn’t expect the guy to be so attractive.

He looked like the guy from the diet coke ads, about 30, tall, dark, broad chest and shoulders, lean muscular arms and ruggedly handsome features.

Wow .. she thought .. Wow.

They spoke in the hall for a few moments and she emplaned that she wanted the new point in the bedroom upstairs.

Then remembered that her dress, bra and panties were lying on the floor were she left them the night before.

She asked diet coke guy to give her a few minutes to tidy up.

He said, that it wasn’t a problem, that he’d get his kit from the van and would need his ladder to run the cable up the outside of the building.

But as he spoke to her, he looked at her strangely.

She wondered if he found her attractive?

A few minutes later, they were in her bedroom, she was showing him were aged like the point to be fitted.

She asked him if he’d like a cup of tea?

He looked at her again, smiling, a twinkle in those green eyes of his as they meet hers.

“Thanks but I don’t drink tea”

“Toast? I’m making it anyway?”

“No you’re okay, I’ve already had breakfast”

And again he smiles at her.

He really is a good looking guy

Carol Ann, goes down to the kitchen, puts on the kettle and drops two slices of Danish in the toaster.

While the kettle boils, she pops into the downstairs loo to wash her face and tidy herself up a little.

As she looks in the mirror she realises why diet coke guy is looking at her strangely.

She pulls the half eaten slice of toast with raspberry jam from her hair.

She must’ve fell asleep on it the night before!

True story!

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