The Platform Lovers – Parts.

Aileen’s waters broke at 2am,  she nudged John in the back to tell him but he just grunted and rolled over.

“Useless prick”  she muttered under her breath as she climbed out of bed heading for the bathroom.

John wasn’t exactly the most excited father-to-be,   But he had done his duty and attended all of the Pre-Natal classes.

He’d held Aileen’s hand and told her to breath,  even although he complained that he just felt stupid kneeling on the floor with a bunch of other dads all looking at each other wondering if this was it?   Is al this all they had to do,  hold their partners hands and offer encouragement?

He’d been there to play his part on that drunken night nine months earlier,   they’d done a lot more than holding hands and breathing exercises then.

“You just better be there” ..  Aileen had told him as the day had drawn nearer,  no excuses or woosing out.   Just be there.

But she knew that she didn’t really need to worry.   He’d be there,  if not for her,  for the baby that he’d always wanted that his ex wife could never have.

Yes, they’d got together while he was married.   Aileen still felt a little ashamed about stealing another woman’s husband.

But it takes two to tango and although there had always been chemistry between them,  crossing the line was still wrong.

Back in those early days,  Aileen feared that John wasn’t completely certain about the relationship,  that he still felt some sort of responsibility for Carol Ann.   He had agreed to a generous settlement in her favour,  letting his wallet pay for his guilt.

But she knew that it doesn’t work like that.   No amount of money,  no amount of trying to make up for wrong committed never makes them right.  You can never redeem your sins by throwing money at them,   you have to be sincere and make an effort of reparation.

Aileen knew that John felt guilty,  that he often lay awake in the night,  she knew that he wondered if he had made a mistake or was doing the right thing.    Stay with your long-term wife in a dull but loving relationship or leave for your foxy girlfriend who may not be the love of your life but is now pregnant with your child.

The subject was never discussed,  Aileen didn’t want to go there in case it opened doors that she didn’t want to go through.   She decided to let it lie and what would be would be,  if he wanted to go back then he should go.

To be fair to John,  apart from his sleepless nights,  had not given her any reason to doubt his commitment to the relationship or the baby.

But it was too late for those what-ifs now,  the baby was coming today whether he was committed or not.

Aileen called the hospital while sitting on the loo,  they asked all the usual questions, how she felt,  the colour of her discharge,  how low the baby felt,  was she having contractions and the time between them.

The midwife told her it was early stages of labour,  not to panic and there was no need to rush,  just have a bath and head in when she was ready.

The biggest day of her life and Aileen felt surprisingly calm.   She knew that would change as the day progressed but for now she was going to have the bath and call John to make her tea and toast while she relaxed a little,

it’s time he started playing his part.


This follows on from here ..

For more on Aileen’s or John’s part in the story search Aileen in the search bar.

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