The Platform Lovers – Mind Games?

Geraldine is face down, bent over the bottom of the bed. From where she lies she can see her reflection in the mirror.

But only if she turns her head to the right.

She’s naked, her long dark hair placed straight and evenly between her shoulder blades.

Her hands are wide open in front of her, her wrists are cuffed in Velcro and tightly held by the straps which run under the bed.

Her feet are on the floor, her ankles cuffed and strapped, like her arms.

She couldn’t move if she tried.

She’s prostrate, submissive, helpless.

But she chose this, it’s what she wanted, what she had asked for.

She knew that he liked playing games, she enjoyed them, then enjoyed them more as they’d became darker over past few months.

This may have been his suggestion, but it was her who asked for it.

He made her ask for it.

When he asked her to, she had sent him a text confirming this was what she wanted, elaborating all of the detail.

The conversation had taken place a few weeks before, via text, she had masturbated on more than one occasion imagining this moment.

Now that it was happening, she wasn’t quite sure if she was ready.

He stands silently behind her, out of her vision.

She knows that he is doing this deliberately, playing mind-games with her.

Teasing her, playing with her.

The clock ticks, almost silently, but with each moment her anticipation grows.

Eventually he steps forward, she can see him in the mirror.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes” she confirms

“Then we’ll begin … ”


Watching Erin Brockovitch … Julia Roberts is one hot sexy intelligent feisty babe.

Love her retort to the corporate lawyer saying that I I think we got off on the wrong foot …

“that’s all you got, two wrong feet and fucking ugly shoes”.



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