Perfectly Imperfect Progress? … #poetry #humour #health

Progress not perfection
That’s all I want to make
I don’t want to be a model
Get real for heavens sake. 

I’d like to get much fitter
Maybe lose a little weight
But it seems to take forever
Going at my current rate

I’ve tried some magic pills
And every miracle cure
Now I know that’s all rubbish
So let’s try a way thats sure

I’m going to cut the sugar
The french fries and the wine
And start going out walking
Just take one step at a time

By summer I’ll be slimmer 
And not worried about my gut
I’ll be feeling better about myself
Not stuck in such a rut

So join me on my journey
Lets see what we can do
We can make our progress together
And you’ll be perfectly imperfect too!


Right .. Confession time .. I am at my heaviest ever.

It’s more than I like or want to be and I’m feeling it.

All these journeys to Edinburgh for 3 hours a day and lots of good living are taking their toll and I’m feeling a bit sluggish.

Time to change that.

So putting some numbers on it, I want to lose 14 pounds by the start of August which is 8 weeks away. 

That’s just under 2 pounds a week and should be do-able with slow steady progress. 

Feel free to join me or kick my arse if I don’t. 🙂 

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