Obesity – The New #Disability?

The European Court Of Justice has just ruled that Obesity is a Disability .. in certain circumstances.

The court said that if obesity could hinder “full and effective participation” at work then it could count as a disability.

Hmmmm ….

If that’s the case then in my experience, they better start counting stupidity as a disability too!

Okay .. to be fair .. the Judges said that obesity in itself was not a disability – but if a person had a long term impairment because of their obesity, then they would be protected by disability legislation.

The problem for employers now may be that they will have to give fat people access to disability parking etc.

When what they really should be doing is putting their parking spaces a few blocks away .. a little tough love goes a long way.

The problem started when some 25 stone, 160Kg Danish child-minder was so fat that he couldn’t bend down to tie the kids laces.

When he was made redundant because he couldn’t perform his tasks, he claimed unfair dismissal saying he was sacked because of his obesity.

His employers stated that the reason he was made redundant was because of a downturn in work he was deemed surplus to requirements.

I honestly don’t care that the guys fat, that’s his choice .. personally I think it’s a consequence of long term lack of self-discipline.

But If he cant do his job then he should be shown the door just like anybody else .. , fat, slim, any colour, any creed.

People should be employed on their ability not their lack of ability. So what right does he have to expect special treatment?

Don’t you just love that kind of high level judgement being imposed upon us?

How much did that cost out of our Euro-budgets for some committee to debate?




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