Intermittent Fasting – 6 Month Review

You fat B   .. you fat B… 

My scales did their best impression of the audience greeting Roy Chubby Brown as I stepped on them after being for a week’s holiday in the sun.

That was July last year and I was my heaviest weight ever .. ever ever!

If you look back on my blog then you’d see that  I’d already hit my heaviest in March 2018,  did some exercise and cut the carbs and lost a stone I wanted.

But this time,  I had exceeded that high weight by another half a stone,  partially due to pressure of work,  long commutes making long days and comfort eating.

I was having the carb coma after eating carbs at lunch and if I’m honest with myself I was worried about becoming diabetic or  having high blood pressure and the more severe health issues that come with that including heart disease and stroke,  particularly as my dad had a stroke around my age and although he’s 85 now he’s partially immobile and it has affected his quality of life.

At 16 stones that did it .. enough was enough.

Now as a Glasgow boy,  with a history of bad food and cold dark winters,  I don’t really like salads.  At least not the traditional ones of lank lettuce leaves, onion and tomato .. far too boring.  

As a kid,  my idea of salad was chips  ( French fries ) and tomato sauce with everything.

But listening to my scales repeating their mantra in my brain,  I knew something had to change.

Fortunately the internet is full of information on dieting and weight loss,   the trick is to separate the good from the bad.

My previous weight loss had been using the 5:2 diet advocated by Dr Michael Mosley .. It kind of works,  but with hindsight I’d call this lazy fasting.    It’s not committed enough for sustained and long term weight loss.


Because 5 days out of 7 you get to eat what you like and fill your fat coffers full of carbs,   then the 2 days you “fast”,  you’re not actually fasting and are allowed 500 calories which is enough to prevent your body from entering ketosis which is a proper fat burning state where you burn your fat reserves.

True intermittent fating comes in a number of forms

    16:8 – A 16 hour fast and an 8 hour eating window with two meals over the 8 hours not eating for the 8 hours.

    20:4 – the same and having your food within a 4 hour window

    OMAD – One Meal A Day – Eat once per day at whatever time suits you best.

    48hour – A more extreme form of OMAD where you eat once every 2 days.


My choice is mostly OMAD,  I eat once per day in the evening after work,  I try and eat healthy and don’t obsess about a little bit of carbs.   We all need a little of what we like ..  and I do love a curry .. but make it from scratch and only aa little brown rice.

I occasionally do 16:8 which is fairly easy if you skip breakfast,  have a late lunch at 2pm and your dinner around 8pm.

My late lunch would generally be a soup or an omelette which don’t really break the fast as they don’t contain carbs.

I’ve also did the occasional 48 hour fast and this is surprisingly easy to do,  as I had already become accustomed to OMAD and  the hunger pangs when that started had already passed.    Without realising it, I’d taught my body not to expect 3-meals a day.

I don’t really get the hunger pans,  cravings etc. that I did previously.    That’s because bad food including sugars, carbs,  mon sodium glutamate etc  causes a desire to eat more of the same and are the root causes of most bad diets and weight gain.

A wee bit of science as I’m sitting at my work so not going into any detail,  but while there is accessible sugar to burn in your bloodstream,  your body will burn this first,  then the fatty stores in your liver and finally your fat reserves.

Until these former 2 are depleted,  you will not burn fat or lose weight or enter into the state of ketosis.

When we eat sugar,   our pancreas kicks in and causes insulin so that it can be processed by our cells and produce energy.

However when we eat too much sugar and curbs,  which are really just complex sugars,  our cells become saturated and we become fat.

Most people carry a little bit of fat,   but too much carbs will make us obese and less able to perform physical activity as our cells are saturated and do not allow the insulin to process the sugars and we have little energy.

This is a vicious cycle as the less energy we have,  yet the more food we crave,  we can only get fatter.

I was that guy.     I wasn’t totally major fat,  but if truth be told I was getting beyond my comfort zone,  my 34inch waist trousers were getting tight and I’d starting buying 36inch waists .. but the crash course continued until I hit the 16 stone mark and something had to change.

The solution,  eat less,  eat more nutritious food,  cut the carbs and move more.

Here’s a wee tip .. you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.   You have to change your diet to lose weight.

6 months later and I’m down 2 stones,   not because I’m a fitness guru,  cos I’m not,  I just decided to make a change.

I get my steps in every day without fail,  sometimes at 11:30pm I’m walking round the house get that last 1000 or so done.   My Fitbit watch and scales track my steps,  weight and sleep pattern. 

Nowadays I have so much more energy,  I feel like I’m back to my old self,  I’m no longer bursting out my shirts and I’m back running again.

I left my laptop on the train last week and was half out the station when I remembered and sprinted back before the doors closed to pick the thing up.   It felt good running at full pelf again even if it was only for a minute.

I get graphs on my phone of my exercise and my weight loss as can be seen in the pic above for last year where I was losing at the start of the year,  then put it all back on,  then changed my methodology and have lost my 2 stones target weight

Other benefits include better sleep,  no post lunch brain fog or carb coma  and lets cut the crap .. I look better and dare I say younger as I’m less baw-faced as we say in Glasgow and my bone-structure and cheek-bones are more defined.

If that sounds good and easy,  it was,  the hardest part was refusing the doughnuts at work!

If you have the desire to change your life and health then here is  the one thing that you need most of all  .. the willpower to see it through.

If my rambling helps or inspires you then that’s fantastic.

If you would like to know more about Intermittent Fasting then check out the following source ion YouTube.


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