Once is once too many …

Did you happenn to read this article?

It’s an indication of whats going wrong with the world particularly where violence towards women is concerned. 

First of all the offender, already convicted and served a sentence for offences against children then carries out a sequence of crimes against three separate women over a number of years .. And he only gets an 8 year conviiction which means he’ll serve 4 and be supervised after release for another 2 years.

Completely inadequate sentencing when this guy is clearly a danger to women.

But what caught me eye is that there are a couiple of surprising details in the case, firstly that one of the women says she was raped on different occasions and locations?

Why wasn’t he arrested after the first occasion and if released on bail a condition or restraining order placed preventing further contact?

Why was this guy allowed to carry on his catalogue of offences when clearly he was a danger to women?

What I’m struggling to understand is why would the women retain contact with the guy for it to happen a second time?

But what surprised me most that he was also convicted of abduction against separate women, locking them in his flat on repeated occasions over a period of years. 

Seriously .. How many times does that have to happen before the women say enough and the police are involved?

Scenario .. You’ve locked me in your house .. And I’m sitting here cold wondering where you are and when you’ll be back.

Aye right .. I’m right on the phone or breaking a window.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for locking up these offenderrs and for supporting the women involved.

Nothing justifies the treatment these women received and society should be protected from these scumbags. 

But the old adage .. Fool me once shame on you, feel me twice shame on me .. Comes to mind. 

Once is one time too many. 

Not only is the punishment wrong,  but the support networks are failing if women are tolerating animals like this in their life’s. 

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