An Unhealthy Rivalry? #Football #Celtic /#Rangers

Are you a fan of a particular team whether that is football, rugby or whatever at a national or international level?

As a fan, you probably have a rivalry with your nearest competitors at whatever level they play at?

Manchester City vs Manchester United
Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Liverpool vs Everton
Scotland vs England
Pakistan vs India
Celtic vs Rangers

That rivalry may be because the two teams are the biggest in their particular league and are direct competition for every trophy.

Or it may be amore local rivalry with two teams that rarely win anything yet love seeing the other team lose as it enhances their own bragging rights.

But I wonder does that ever become unhealthy verging on obsession?

As a Celtic fan, I want my club to do well, to improve their standing in European football .. even if we are nowhere near what we used to be, being in the Champions League last 16 or later is my measure of success.

The flip-side of that is I want by closest rivals to fail regardless of who that is .. I dare say that its the same for most fans who have a rivalry with another team.

As Celtic fans, we’ve enjoyed seeing our historically biggest rivals being liquidated, we’ve cast that up at our friends across the city and the supporters of their new team at every occasion, reminding them that their club died .. it’s fun .. endless fun reminding them that they went of business.

The best part is that they can’t answer it, it’s a fact.

When Rangers were liquidated at first, I’d have a laugh with my own Rangers supporting friends on a regular basis until the point that its not funny any more. They don’t want to talk about the agony that they’ve went through watching their team being milked by one charlatan after another.

As a friend, I let it lie, why kick a man when he’s down .. even although I quietly smirk every time a new catastrophe happens to their team, either on the pitch or from a business point of view.

Is that still healthy?

Scottish Football has a bias towards Rangers, I’ll not even blab on about it, but the latest where a convicted tax fraudster is deemed as a Fit and Proper person to be the chairman of a football club is outrageous .. their fans are so desperate for a Messiah to come to the club and plough in millions that they will accept anyone .. its desperate.

Meanwhile Dodgy Dave has promised the world or even a £20 million investment and delivered very little. So far after 2 months of taking control at the club he has only proffered 1.5million and as a loan.

Yet the fans clamour for this guy because they perceive him to be a “Real Rangers Man”.

What a joke, the guy hardly goes to a game and if he had turned up to play a part at Celtic then I’m sure his involvement would be questioned by the fans and shredded by the media.

Are we still healthy?

Today Rangers play Motherwell in the second leg of the play-off to get into the Scottish Premier League. They are already at a 3-1 disadvantage from the first leg.

I watched the game the other night in a pub which had a fair share of Rangers fans .. as a home match .. I wonder why they weren’t at the game? Particularly when tickets were only a fiver and there were lots of empty seats.

I’ve got to tell you .. I had a big smile on my face watching them losing 3-0, scoring a consolation goal late in the game, but to be fair, that goal could make the difference.

The media would have us believe that Scottish Football and Celtic in particular need a strong Rangers .. for increased sponsorship, tv revenues etc.

Bollocks, I don’t actually give a fuck about that. Celtic are doing fine, living within our means and improving.

What i do want is my main rivals to suffer and suffer long.

Now you might think thats unhealthy.

But thats’ what rivalry is, there is no let up.

We want us to win and them to lose .. thats what rivalry is.

If the situation was reversed, as when Celtic were close to going out of business in 1994. then the same rules would apply. They gloated then, now it’s our turn and payback is wonderful.

So come on the Motherwell.

If Rangers do win through, bring it on, we welcome the challenge!

Heres a prediction for you .. if Motherwell win today Rangers will go through another liquidation to get rid of some of the onerous contracts that the club is currently paying out.

Anyway, who does own the deeds?

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