Waiting For The Man ..

Aaah the weekend comes again .. and what a weekend it is too.

Friends, family, Football, Music, culture .. you just can’t beat it.

Me, I’m off to see the man that is David Bowie ( or a very good tribute )

Then Sunday, the world famous Glasgow Celtic lift this years Scottish Premier League cup..

Meanwhile .. Some new team called The Rangers formed just three years ago are playing in some lower division in the play-offs to reach the top division.

I’d like to say that I hope they make it .. because apparently it will be good for Scottish Football.

But, I don’t really care!

They’ve been waiting around for a while now for their new chairman to pass the Fit and Proper test, funny how a man convicted of tax fraud can be allowed to be the chairman of a football club?

You’d think the SFA/Fans/Shareholders may have learned a lesson from the last few people they’ve had as chairman.

Truth is .. they deserve each other.

His quotes today, put a wee smile on my visog, apparently their business plan is so good that they are the envy of football clubs all over the world.

You’d think he was trying to sell shares or something ..

So Dave, what happened to that stock market listing you promised?

Anyway …

Glasgow is the best city in the world, check out this list of things to do in Glasgow at this bank holiday weekend.


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