Michael – Dancing With Angels!


hows it going??

If you saw my last couple of posts then you’ll know I was at Dirty Dancing with my daughters on Frday and had a great time.

Dance is such a powerful medium to express yourself .. I’m not claiming to be any great shakes .. but I do know how to enjoy myself and I love to lose myself in the music.

When I dance I can be on the floor for hours except for a quck drink now and then.

Theres nothing quite like the fun of interaction with a partner who is enjoying themselves as much as you.

Well there is but keep it clean!

My personal beliefs .. are that if you can’t dance .. if you don’t want to dance .. then you are losing out on so much of life.

Dancing is an echo of our former animalistic selfs, it’s a mating ritual and at its most basic level .. If you can’t dance .. you can’t express yourself in all other physical areas .. particularly where delicateness, subtlety, rhythm, timing and power are required.

You know what I mean!

Thats just my personal opinion of course .. you might know differently.

Would you believe .. and I kid you not .. that I also have a Guiness World Record medal for Salsa dancing back in 2002!

Check the link below .. I did that!!

Glasgow Salsa Guinness World Record

12 Lessons at Scotstoun Sports Centre with the most gorgeous Cuban female instructoir .. Boy did that gal know how to shake it?

Apparently she’s still out there doing her thing .. I only did the 12 lessons and left at that for various reasons.

Anyhoo .. the day of the GWR was fun, I wasn’t meant to be dancing as the girl I did the lessons with was on holiday that week.

But I took the kids along on the Saturday afternoon for fun.

Fortunately for me .. we bumped into 7 ladies from the class ..as you’ll notice 2 into 7 don’t go and someone needed a partner.

So after a bit of encouragement from them and some feigned reticence from me .. I accepted the offer and was up there front and centre for the record attempt.

A 30 minute lesson and a 10 minute dance .. where my kids pointed and laughed the full time .. and we had the world record.

What a great day and I still have the medal tucked away safely!!

Anyhoo, my dad wasn’t well this weekend, so I spent Saturday night at his.

We were watching movies on tv and came across one of my favourites from the 90s. Michael featuring John Travolta.

He’s a fallen angel, on his last visit to earth where he has a mission to match up the cynical William Hurt and the lost Andie MacDowell.

I love this following scene .. it makes me smile and makes me want to dance more.

So my new New Years resolution is to get off my ass and join a dance class.

Chain Chain Chain …


Michael – John Travolta

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