Friday – Nobody Puts Baby In A Corner!

Hello ….

well its friday again .. and don’t you just LOVE it!!

Tonight .. at long last .. Its time for Dirty Dancing!!!

I’m taking my daughters Laura and Claire to see the 7:30 Edinburgh show.

Outf of here at 4 .. Meeting the girls in town, train out east .. dinner booked at Near the theatre for 5:30 ….

Then across to the Playhouse, down to the bar .. order a drink for now and one for the break .. perfect!

This is the third time we will have saw the live show, London, Glasgow and now Edinburgh.

At the London Show at The Aldwych Theatre, it has a very similar layout to the final scene in the film. A central corridor up from the stage where they do the final lift.

We were sitting directly at the end of that gap, 30 rows back, where the corridor splits left and right to the central exit doors.

As the cast are getting ready for the final song, there were footsteps in the background coming over the speakers .. then Johnny came through the door, walked past us, down the the corridor to the stage,

Cue the pregnant pause .. Nobody puts Baby In A Corner .. the place went mental.

Tonight .. We have great aisle seats. near the front of the stage .. but not too close .. row 10 .. I can’t wait!!

Excited … you betcha!!

I’m a dancing bhoy remember?? Ever wondered why?

If you get the chance .. just go!

In fact .. make the time, find the time, grab a friend and book the seats.

Having “The Time Of Your Life” is guaranteed!

Tomorrow .. no plans .. go and see my dad .. he’s not been too well.

Sunday .. it would be great to go a walk up Conic Hill or somewhere to blow the cobwebs out and stretch the legs.

Whatever you are doing .. have fun .. but I’ld bet that you won’t be having as much fiun as me!!


Dirty Dancing on tour.

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