And No Religion Too?



You say …. X

I say … Y

And so it goes on …

We have fundemental cultural differences which neither of us are going to drop.

So we continue on our stupid time and resource wasting loop indefintely.

Take this example

Will either side ever move on?

I’m all for personal freedom and freedom of expression.

But that freedom stops when you invade someone else.

Orange Walks,  Hibernean Walks, any other walk which is offensive should be banned,  not tolerated or even partially funded by the public purse.

No argument,  no debate.

Personally I think and hope that one day there will be no religion,   if you are relgious then you are clinging to out-dated idealogy from days when people lived in and were controlled and manipulated by fear.

Thankfully most of the educated world has moved on.

All religion is man-made,  it’s inherently flawed.

Take Catholic priests not being allowed to marry and have children,   its flawed because it goes against the most natural of human behaviour and bound to cause internal turmoil for an individual when they are expected to deny what they are.

No wonder the Catholic Church is struggling to find priests in the West and largely relies on missionarys from Africa and other third-world countries.

Eventually even that will fail as the word becomes smaller and more ediucated.

But in the meantime,  if you are religious then you cling on to that,  I genuinely hope it brings you peace,  hope and solace.

Just don’t push your views, parades and hatred on to everyone else.


Did you see the fantastic final episode of the current series of Game Of Thrones last night?

Cersie’s face when the Sept and the High Sparrow was blown to pieces?

Shame .. shame!  🙂



19 thoughts on “And No Religion Too?

      1. I don’t think that science has taught anything about being created by an intelligent being.

        I don’t remember Stephen Hawking or Einstein mentioning that!

        Would you agree that the Garden Of Eden from The Book Of Genesis is basically a fable to fulfil a knowledge gap when man did not understand science?

      2. Yes. You are familiar with the term ,”Think outside the box” ?
        God made the box, as with the laws of physics and such as govern our reality. And God is outside the that box. The laws of nature don’t govern Him because He made them.
        Nothing is too hard for God.

      3. Good morning to you, wherever you are? The USA?

        I’m very familiar with the term “thinking outside the box” as I often do .. my job is as a problem solver, I like to think laterally, see through corporate nonsense and tell it as it is.

        So .. to follow on from your replies.

        You say that God created physics and science because he os outside our reality.

        Yet you believe in The Garden Of Eden as fact and actually happened.

        Which is contrary to the findings of modern science, darwins theory of evolution and the big bang.

        What happened before the Big Bang is an unknown and I’d be more likely to be open of to suggestion if you were to tell me that God created the singularity that initiated the Big Bang.

        “Let there be light”

        But The Garden Of Eden a childrens fable and has no basis in reality.

      4. I’m familiar with lateral thinking. 4 lateral thinker you falling into the Trap of either or. You should know better. The answer is often and third unseen reality. In this case where you called Fables is the miraculous. God does Miracles that’s why he’s God.

      5. LOL .. Youur faith has made me genuinely smile and not in a mocking fashion.

        But to clarify, I’m not thinking either / or.

        I am thinking The Garden Of Eden is a fable for when the illiterate and unedecated people of the past were asking the question .. Where do we come from?

        How do you explain evolution?

        Maybe God does do miracles, maybe he created the singularity of the BigBang .. but not The Garden Of Eden.

      6. Evidence exists to support both intelligent design and evolution.
        Our best scientific facts support intelligent design over evolution.
        For example, all the facts about DNA we discover support intelligent design and reduce the possibility of evolutionary theory.

      7. Totally disagreee with that … DNA is complex, but it’s not a 1-one off intellegent design but some external body.

        Thats what evolution is, a gazillion minor changes until the strongest survive

        What evidence exists of The Garden Of Eden?

      8. What evidence is there to support intelligent design?

        What there is is scientific facts .. then people reinterpret them to suit their agenda and need to prove that God exists rather than look at it objectively

        Regarding your example of DNA .. yes its complex .. but there is no eveidence of intelligent design

        DNA provides the gentic blue-print for every creature.

        Science has shown that there were single cell annd simple organism much earlier than humans existed.

        How do you reconcile that?

        Anyway .. I hope you are enjoying our discussion as much as I am and looking forward to a good weekend.

      9. Complexity cannot rise from nothingness. Information with order does not come from chaos.
        A thousand monkeys banging on keyboards for a million years could not produce Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
        A tornado in a junkyard could not make a Boeing 747.
        We are far more complex than either of these.
        If you come to a sign in the road that has letters on it “STOP” , you will assume an intelligent being made the sign. Why not information with 3.2 billion bits of ordered genetic information code in every strand of human DNA?

      10. Because I believe that came from the trial and error perfectionism of evolution.

        There is t randomness like your tornado analogy.

        The randomness here is choose A or B.

        If mutation A functions better than B choose A and go from there.

        A mutates to C or D and repeat.

        The strongest survive.

        You didn’t answer my Garden of Eden vs Big Bang inconsistency question.

        Would you agree that it’s either or and you can’t have both?

      11. Same with the Big Bang. The fine tuning facts that even Hawking and Dawkins cannot refute make God the best explanation for the obvious intelligibility we are witnessing in both of these areas of science.

      12. I accept that pre-big-bang we don’t know what there was .. a previously collapsed universe to a singlularity that then re-expanded on an infinite number of cycles .. or nothingness.

        Did God create the Big Bang .. I don’t think so.

        But I’d be more willing to accept that discussion than The Garden Of Eden.

        You cannot have the Big Bang and The Garden of Eden .. they are mutually exclusive.

        There was much longer than 6 days between the creation of the universe and the creation of man.

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