Work Stories – Jiggle?

She’s walking towards me now. 

5’4, shapely, fitted dress, long dark blonde hair and mid 40s.

I’m lost in thought gazing into space and sorting out some logical problem in my head, but something about her catches my attention, draws me back to earth.

She sees me change focus and for a moment our eyes meet. 

But it wasn’t her eyes that I was looking at, it was her breasts jiggling as she walked towards me. 

I’ve never been a breast man, or a butt man, or a leg man .. Everyone’s different and everyone has their individual merits in the attraction game. 

I like to think that I consider the overall package, how it fits together, but there are a few must haves ,, a few well if you’ve not got that well I’m not really interested. 

Take b00bs, since we are on the subject …

What’s the point in going out with a girl that doesn’t have any? 

You’ve been there . getting rib-cage in your face when what you want is your face filled with feminine softness. 

Or for that matter, what if what she has isn’t actually very nice .. inverted n1pples or breasts sagging like spaniels ears .. no thank you. 

The problem is that it’s one thing looking, but you never know that until you’re half way down that road, paradise by the dashboard light and at that point who is going to “stop right there” for a trivial variation from your ideal? 

I reckon a perky jiggle is a good decider without getting naked. 

Not small, but with enough volume to bounce a little as she walks, and not too big, not massive as there’s no way that the undulations of her walk are overcoming gravity. 

What guy doesn’t like breasts?   

We are made to, it’s in our genetic programming, these sources of nourishment and femininity are very comforting to have in your face. 

Anyway, she passed, I’ve never spoke to her, but there was a moment. 

For some reasons, she’s stopped short behind me and instead of going where she was going, she has about faced and heading for her desk. 

She walks past me, wiggling, that little piece of extra weight on her hips .. love handles, the bit that we like to grab hold off. 

But make no mistake, she has a waist even although she’s carrying a few extra pounds. 

It’s about balance, excessive fat is bad, but who wants a skinny mini? 

Personally I reckon that a few extra pounds in all the right places is what God made women to be. 


Just a thought about Jiggle or Wiggle .. never thought of it before .. but jiggle is for breasts and their up and down movement, wiggle is for butts and their sideways movement as she walks. 

Interesting read here some research linking breast size to lifespan.

There’s also a science in gaming developed to model the dynamics of the jiggling breast. 

Who would believe it!!  

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