Beauty Speaking? #IndyRef

Last night on the train home from Edinburgh,  I sat in a 4 seat booth facing backwards and diagonally opposite probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

As I stood,  taking my jacket off,  I took a moment to drink her in.

Late 20s,  long blonde hair carefully cut,  Black fitted dress showing her shapely figure, just the top of her breasts showing over the high sweetheart cut,  very tasteful, feminine yet discreet.

As I sat diagonally opposite her .. well it would have been weird to sit beside her and invasive to sit directly in front of her.

Don’t you know the unspoken rules of train seating etiquette?

As I sat,  she looked up from her book and smiled,  her brown eyes momentarily shining and her full lips opening slightly just enough to show her perfect teeth.

I swear to you this is true,   Angelina Jolie does not have a patch on this beautiful young woman.

Now don’t think for a minute that I am interested in her,  not at all,  one thing about me is I’m realistic in my failings,  not least of all being that even if I wasn’t old enough to be her dad,  she would still be way too good looking for me.

But she put her book down and she asked .. Have you voted yet?

For the next 30  minutes we spoke of the relative merits of voting YES or NO.

She had voted NO because she works in an investment bank and was worried about the future if it withdraws to London,   I told her I was a YES for ideological reasons but I believed that it would be a NO and that nothing  would change overnight.

We spoke about life, family and our reasons for voting differently.

It was interesting to watch her enthusiasm,  she was passionate and excited and I wondered if on any other day on any other subject that this young woman would have initiated a conversation with me?

At Shotts she was gone,  leaving me with a smile and a wave as she passed the compartment heading towards the car-park.

One thing about this referendum it has people of all ages and backgrounds speaking.

I like that a lot.

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