Client – As a matter of interest,  what will you do with my body  afterwards?

Salesman – Do you really want to know?

Client – Yes and no.   I’m interested but don’t want to know the gory details.

Salesman – Well after your brain is removed,  you’re finished with it and there’s no need to keep it.  The important thing is that the surgeons focus on the installing your brain in your new body.

Client – Yes,  I appreciate that,  I just wondered what you did with my old body afterwards? Continue reading “Brain-Dead?”

#Amazon Echo Dot Review #AmazonEcho #EchoDot


Last week,  Amazon launched its new Echo and Echo Dot products in the UK.

The Echo is basically a voice activated control point for either streaming music or for controlling devices in a connected home.

The Echo ( £150) or Echo Dot ( $50) ,  basically do the same things.  They can get information from the internet such as weather or traffic reports, stream music from Amazon, Spotify or TuneIn and interact with the connected devices in your home.

The only difference between the devices is that the Echo has a better speaker    Which for me was unnecessary as my home is already wired for sound and the last thing I need is another stand-alone independent speaker.

As a trial,  I bought one Echo and have had some good fun setting it up with the other devices in my home. Continue reading “#Amazon Echo Dot Review #AmazonEcho #EchoDot”

Hello Pluto .. Meanwhile on Planet Earth …

Somewhere out there right now Voyager 2 is closing in on the planet Pluto and has started sending back images better than can be captured by the Hubble Telescope.

The last time the probe passed a planet and sent back some imagery was of Neptune in the late 1980s.

To put that distance in perspective,  currently,  Voyager 2 is 115 million km away from Pluto,  equivalent of the distance from the Sun to Venus,   but it will cover that distance between now and July.

So can you just imagine how far is Pluto from Neptune?

Isn’t it amazing that we can push something that far out to space and communicate with it so remotely?

However this communication is far from ideal as passing a radio signal from Earth at the speed of light takes over 4.5 hours to reach the probe.

Hello Pluto .. wait 5 hours .. yes?

To put that in perspective,light travels at 180,000 miles per second,   the distance from the Sun to Earth is 93 million miles, 146 milllion km.

The light from the sun takes just over 8 minutes to reach Earth,  providing us with life,  food, energy and a healthy tan!

I find that incredible ….

However, meanwhile on planet Earth …

There is a global economic recession.

In the UK,  one of the worlds richest countries is in the tail-end of an economic crisis,  people are suffering,  going hungry,  the demand for food-banks offering free food to the needy is increasing.

Tonight there is a collection at Celtic Park organised by the club to mark the birthday of its founder Brother Walfrid for the people in need.

Does it matter what the people who claim that they need to use these facilities circumstances are?   If some are abusing it?

Do you think that because you pay your taxes excludes you from contributing or donating what you can?

I don’t think so.

“Are there no work-houses?” as the Ghost of Christmas Present quoted back to Mister Scrooge.

The spirit finally reveals to Scrooge two emaciated children, subhuman in appearance and loathsome to behold, clinging to his robes, and names the boy as Ignorance and the girl as Want. The spirit warns Scrooge, “Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom unless the writing be erased.” The spirit once again quotes Scrooge, who asks if the grotesque children have “no refuge, no resource,” and the spirit retorts with more of Scrooge’s unkind words: “Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?”

The fact that we need these places at all is shameful.

So although,  I love science,   love how mankind has moved on beyond its beginnings to view other planets.

I’d like to think that if it was a mission to Pluto was proposed today rather than back in the 70s then it would be shelved in favour of feeding the hungry.


Train Stories – Beam Me Up Scotty!

One small thing ..

You forget it and it severely impacts your day.

You feel lost and you don’t know what to do with yourself.

You can’t contact your friends,  your family, check your messages.

You can’t check your social media to see what your extended family and friends are doing.

You can’t check twitter,  write a blog,  read the newspapers that you subscribe to.

Then you wonder,  what did we do before we had mobile phones?

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Baby We Were Born To Drive!

So … it looks like that old Tory Government of ours are on the way towards foisting driverless cars upon us.

Transport Minister Claire Perry said:

Driverless cars are the future. I want Britain to be at the forefront of this exciting new development, to embrace a technology that could transform our roads and open up a brand new route for global investment.

Is that right Claire .. exciting technology?

Exciting for who?

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#nowtv – Bargain Christmas Viewing.

You may be aware that I don’t really watch a lot of tv, life’s far too busy for that.

But late at night, I’ll have a browse, see what’s on, do a bit of catch-up, maybe watch a box-set such as Homeland or Breaking Bad.

I have Netflix which for £6m per month isn’t bad value, particularly if you use a VPN to access US content taking the amount of viewable movies from 4k to 20k. Instructions for this here below.

At the weekend, I came across the following deals for Now TV, which is part of the SKY network.

Personally, I refuse to give SKY the money for their full entertainment package. This is currently £42pm for movies and sports with another £10 to make that HD and a further £10 for each set-top box that you want enabled.

That all adds up and as I’m not particularly interested in sports apart from when Celtic are playing then it’s just not economic.

However .. the current deal with Now TV is that for £20, you get one tiny box plus 2 months access to the all live SKY movies plus lots and I mean lots of other current and classic films on demand. The choice is more current and better quality than Netflix it has to be said.

But even better than that, for this 20 quid, you get to register 4 devices and watch on 2 at any given time.

That means my son can use it on his PlayStation or I can watch on my apple tv in the living room or the girls in the tv room etc .. obviously 2 of us viewing movies simultaneously.

With Christmas coming and with more time to sit down and watch a movie, I think that’s a pretty fantastic deal.

To make it even better, there is an alternative option to buy a box with a 4 month movies pass for 35 quid which is fantastic.

However, why not buy 2 boxes, with 2 month passes for £40 and as the passes are not concurrent, register only one pass at a time, then you’ll have 2 sets of boxes plus your other devices, iPad etc. viewing full SKY movies for 4 months.



Loving this new song by The Script

How To Access US Content Outside the USA ….. @Netflixable

An update on accessing Netflix US content in the UK or anywhere else for that matter.

The availability of content on the US version of Netflix is far superior to that of the UK franchise. Not only do they have a large volume of content 10k movies to 3k in the UK but they also more recent content and content which was made in the UK but isn’t available here.

Previously, it was possible to access this content by making a simple DNS change on your device ( iPad, laptop, playstation ) to fool Netflix into thinking that you are in the US.

However this is o longer possible with the changes that Netflix rolled out a few months ago.

But there is an upside.

My own method is to set up a free VPN service on my iPad which allows me to pretend that I’m in the USA or a range of other countries if necessary.

After starting the VPN on the iPad, I start the Netflix app, which now thinks I’m in the US and make my movie choice.

The nice little bonus of this is that I then airplay the movie to my Appletv box ( 73 quid from Amazon )and watch the movie on the big screen.

My experience is that this works and has negligible buffering.

The following is a review of the Free VPN services available. Please note that some are free to try and some are supported by advertising, however there are some genuine out and out free VPNs if you read carefully.

CyberGhost for example will log you out after 3 hours of usage but that’s fine for watching a movie of an evening and you can log back in immediately.

The following is an excellent comparison of the content available on the various Netflix franchises and has regular updates as new content becomes available.