U2, New Order or Simple Minds? #Glasgow

This month I’ve been lucky to see three of the top post-punk 80s bands. U2, New Order and Simple Minds.

I love all three, they are all part of the music of my life-time and each concert was fantastic but different.

Each left me with that post-concert high, walking home amongst the crowd, people sporadically singing their favourite lines and strangers joinng in.

In Lebowskis, after the Simple Minds gig at The Hydro on Saturday, I was discussing each gig with my brother to determine who was best.

Musically, which is the main reason we were there, each band was excellent and no complaints about abilities.

As could have been predicted there were outstanding performances by The Edge and the less renowned but no less capable Charlie Burchill on guitar for SM.  I was watching Charlie play,  comparing him to the chords and melodies that my friends play.   Charlie seem to doesn’t play melodies or chords,  it’s more a wave of sound,  for example the opening hypnotic bars of New Gold Dream.

NO seem to have reverted to more of an electronic sound since bassist Peter Hook left the band.   No criticism at all,  but as they played the same set list on each night of the tour it seemed that more of the music was preprogrammed particularly the backing tracks.  Continue reading “U2, New Order or Simple Minds? #Glasgow”