Work Stories – Progress?

Thought I’d share this today ..

It’s a beautifully graphic read and although the outcome was predictable, it still had me a little choked.

Fathers and sons, sons and fathers .. It’s a bond that will always remains special, that is unless the guy is a selfish d1ck who leaves his family, sons or daughters.

I love what that man gave to his son was an informal education, a lesson for life. He was stuck with a horrible job and wanted something better for his pride and joy.

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Dads, Daughters and Palative Pride.  

Some day,  I’m going to be giving my daughters away .. Which is a weird phrase because I’ll always have them with me,  right at the core of my heart. 

My two wee girls are growing up,  Laura, 24, the nurse came home from work tonight, tired after a 12 hour shift looking after old people at the end of their life’s at the hospital where she works. 

We sat and had dinner and she told me what it’s really like watching people get closer to dying every day,  being close to them,  watching them fade away then crying for their loss or working 3 12 hours shifts, a couple of days off and the person is gone replaced by someone else and the pattern repeats. 

She told me of the pain that people suffer,  the ridiculous things that the doctors do like issuing antibiotics to prolong the persons life when in reality there is no hope and what the nurses do to provide that last few days of comfort. 

Having lost my own mum a few years ago,  unaware of what was happening when they moved her to a private room,  hoping she was on the mend when what was really happening was they were giving the family some privacy in those last few days as they turned the morphine up and mums breathing got shallower and faded away. 

I’ll tell you this,  I couldn’t do what Laura does and be close to that every day,  watching people fade away, families lose their loved ones. 

She does this for a fraction of what people like me get paid in banking or IT where what we do has no consequence whatsoever. 

But that’s a different story for another day. 

I’m just proud of my son and my daughters, growing up,  making their own way in the world and standing on their own two feet. 

Some day,  my girls might choose to get married and when they do I hope I can give as good a speech as this guy. 

Ps – it’s now 4am, I’m now wide awake,  she’s upstairs sleeping,  today is another day, another 12 hour shift.     I couldn’t be prouder.

The Greatest Love Of All? #success

How do you measure success?

Health and happiness are a given. But we are taking that as a basic. If you have these then you’re already half way there.

Is it money in the bank? A big house? A fancy car? Designer clothing? Foreign holidays twice per year?

Personally all that material stuff is pretty meaningless.

Don’t get me wrong, they are nice-to-have, but only as long as the things that really matter are taken care of.
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#Family – That’s What Life Is All About.

Last night was the 25th anniversary of my extended family’s annual Christmas party.

I honestly can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be with, my dad, kids, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and all their families.

It was just magic .. Humbling .. Uplifting.

You don’t get to pretend with family, they know all your faults, all your history, all your triumphs and tribulations.

It was a pretty special night, loads of old photos from the original night 25 years ago, loads of pics from earlier family outings when my Granda would hire a coach and take all us kids down to the beach for the day.

“25 Pie suppers, 4 fish suppers and a bag of chips” .. And the fryers jaw dropped.

Family legend .. You can’t beat it.

Last night, I bathed in that healthy glow that only being with such close family can provide.

Today, I feel refreshed, invigorated, ready to face the world because no matter what life throws at me I know I’ve got the best back up that money can’t buy.

So come on 2015, bring it on.

Oh yeah, a link to some of the best blogs of 2014 .. Some great reading in there.

Pride Has To Be Earned!

Last night .. Home from work at my usual 7pm, feeling a bit tired and weary.

But to my surprise, my younger daughter Claire had dinner waiting on the table ..

And a hot mug of tea.

Hhhmmmm …,

My brains thinking … What does she want?

To giver her some credit,  I’d forgotten that it was her parent teachers meeting and my meets started at 8.

But her report card was fantastic so I wasn’t too worried about that and I’m sure she had no reason to bother either.

So that wasn’t it.

Turns out it’s her school dance in two weeks time and she wants a new outfit, dress, shoes and her hair cut and coloured.

Going to be expensive!

The PT meeting went well as expected, glowing report, both academically and also that she was growing as a person with increased confidence and leadership qualities.

It’s a private all girls school and some of her classes only have 6 kids so it would be hard not to do well academically.

But what I am most pleased about is the growth in her confidence and her ability to go out and meet the big world soon.

That sixth year really makes a difference from her being a wee girl to a young woman.

I’m very proud of her and told her so.

The thing is,  the private school has been making the best of her abilities,  but you can’t buy pride, it has to be earned.

As we ate dinner,  we were chatting about music as we both play piano and she showed me the following link .. some band doing lots of popular songs in the same chord sequence.

Now I already knew that,  for example Back For Good by Take that uses the same 4 opening chords as Beneath Your Beautiful .. ie D, Em7, G, A

But this is fab.

Is there a time for keeping a Distance?

Is there a time for keeping a distance?
A time to turn your eyes away?

Is there a time for keeping your head down?
For getting on with your day?

Is there a time for combs and lipstick?
A time for cutting hair?

Is there a time for high street shopping?
To find the right dress to wear?

Here she comes
Heads turn around
Here she comes
To take her crown?

I’m so proud of my young daughter last night. 17 years of age and a beautiful young woman. She was selected as one of four models for her schools charity fashion show.

Claire insisted that I come along to lend my support.

Unfortunately, she forgot to tell me that it was a ladies night!!

So there was I, one of two men amongst 200 woman in their heels drinking bubbly. The other guy was with his wife.

To be honest I was more than a little embarrassed and felt like a fish out of water.

But I loved it!

Particularly when my darling daughter sashayed and strutted her stuff along the runway.

Fortunately the head mistress let it be known that I was there to see my girl so there was lots of friendly chat and complimentary comments.

Love this song, Miss Sarajevo by U2, particularly when Pavarotti’s vocal lifts it to a different level.

Is there a time for keeping a distance?