Friday – I’m Just A Sweet Transvestite!

Friday Again – Whoop-Whoo!!

It’s been a fantastic week so far.

Usually at this point, I look forward to the weekend, but a few quick updates first, family, friends, dating and dancing.

My daughter Claire is a wee star. and is back to her full health.

My daughter Laura changed her mind on the car, she wants an Astra rather than a Corsa and is a real pain in the ass, but she’s my pain in the ass.

My son Steven has applied to join the police and is going back to university for his masters if that doesn’t work out.

Last night was my uncle Eddie’s, 70th birthday party, a big family party, all my aunties and uncles at my dads club. My aunties up doing the slosh and my uncles telling stories then up singing.

I was sitting with my brothers and wifes and slagging each other off as usual.

It was a great night .. you just can’t buy that.

So …. back to the dating … whats the news?

Well first of all, earlier this week I wrote a new part to my dating story. I’ve been reviewing and editing adding in new chapters where I felt something was missing. This chapter was adding more depth to the story between exisintg chapters 14 and 15

13 – She’s wishing she hadn’t made one remark and is assessing what she wants from the relationship.
14 – He can’t sleep, agonising if she cares about him as much as he likes her.
15 – He calls her in the morning for serious chat, but she turns his mind around

The new chapter 14.1 was a fantasy of hers, she is fantasising about him. She’s already done her agonising about moving the relationship forward. So it was written as a contrast between him agonising and her fantasising. It’s based on my experience, that you can never really tell whats going on in someones head in a relationship, you may think they want out, when really they want in, you have to talk.

The chapter is without doubt the darkest thing I’ve ever written, it would take the book to a new level verging on controversial. I’ve really swithered about publising it on here or elsewhere. That in itself tells you something.

I sent the chapter out to a few people who know me to varying degrees, one of whom I’ve known on the most intimate level for years,

So although all of the feedback was very positive, a few wows etc. I don’t think I could publish as my close friend says that this is so not me. Even although its written from her point of view as her darkest fantasy and feeds in later at chapters 18 and 19 of the book.

Was there any need to mention that? Maybe not, but this is my diary, my scratchpad of ideas and thoughts on life. Writing is such a cathartic process. I’m going to rewrite the chapter, a different fantasy, not as dark. Maybe save the darker stuff for somewhere else.

So back to the dating, some good news, I’ve met someone really nice, nice isn’t the word .. that a pale insipid apology of a word.

Rephrase – I’ve met someone who is beautiful, bright, intelligent and a joy to be with.

Isn’t she lucky meeting me? 🙂

Okay, so its early days, a coffee date, a couple of drinks, some late night phone calls.

We’re getting on like a house on fire. Hhmmm …thats not sounding like a happy ending!

We are getting on really well, it’s early days.

So how come, we are both stilll making visits to POF?

Are we keeping our options open? Chatting to friends that we’ve never met? Fellow travellers who have too much time on their own?

But Is that not just wrong? That is if you want to move a relationship forward?

As I said, its early days, no lines have been crossed or promises made, so why not?

But as she has said if we’re off, then we’re both off .. thats only fair, so watch this space.

She will be watching this space too .. for some strange reason, she seems to enjoy my gibbering.

The weekend .. aaah the weekend.

Tonight, meeting my best pal and going to see Absolute Bowie, a Bowie Tribute band at The Renfrew Ferry, I’ve saw them before and they are fab, highly recommended. If you like Bowie, go see them.

Tomorrow night – my new found beautiful equal and I are going to The Rocky Horror Show at the Edinburgh Playhouse.

It is certain to be good fun, I am so looking forward to this.

Whatever you are doing .. enjoy yourself, but I bet you won’t be having as much fun as me!!

I’m just a sweet transvestite!!


Part 1 – If Peroni Did Mills and Boon! :-)

11 years from today.

So there we were. We finally managed to get our act together and arrange that drink at long last.

The champagne bar at Grand Central. The station being handy for both of us. A quick exit if necessary but that was more likely to be on your part to be fair.

I’d fancied you from the moment I first saw your profile on POF. Even although you’d left your pics deliberately vague. Your smile. The pretty eyes and your shapely figure were there for all to see.

We had been emailing each other for a couple of weeks. You came offline as you were tired of hassle from the creeps. I did too but only after our first kiss.

Our emails started slowly as we got to know each other but we had so much in common and I loved your sense of humour and joy of life.

Then the telephone chats to the small hours. Everything from music family and holidays. Personal histories and not an ounce of regret or bitterness between us

Cherish the past but move on we had both agreed.

Back to Central Station There I was standing waiting outside M&S. Nervous as a teenager on a first date. Which of course it was and my first for a long while.

Standing there in my new jeans and tan boots. Ted baker shirt and just a hint of gel in my hair. Trying to look casual like I did this so often and failing miserably.

Then you were there. I spotted you right away. Thankfully you looked like your pics. Better actually. God how nervous am I now?

But your smiling. You’ve recognised me too. Not too difficult as I’m the only one here at 8pm on a Thursday.

We meet. Say our hello’s and a clumsy peck on the cheek. I made myself blush then. Fortunately you didn’t seem to notice. Well you told me later that you had but you had the good grace not to mention it at the time.

We got to the c0cktail bar. What will you have? Your favourite Strawberry Daquari. Make that two and a Peroni in the side for me.

So we chatted and laughed for hours. It was even better than I expected. 3 c0cktails later I had enough courage to pull your stool closer and lean in for a trembling first kiss.

It’s short and oh so sweet. Maybe that was just the strawberry and pineapple but I don’t think so.

At some point you need the loo. A long walk down the bar and I couldn’t stop myself from turning to watch you walk away. Your shapely figure accentuated by the clingy material of your LBD.

Oh yes! Fingers crossed.

But you need to head for home Your mum is looking after the kids and she will be picking you up at the station.

I walk you to your platform. Grinning like a Cheshire cat. We stand for the last few minutes before you have to go.

What to do? Hold back or go for it? Stick or twist?

I’m a gentleman. Always have been. Besides I don’t want to push my luck.

So I stick.

But luckily you twist!

That last parting kiss was lingering but was over far too soon However the look in your eyes as you pulled away told me that you wanted more. I did too and couldn’t wait to see you again.

Of course. That was 11 years ago now. Since then we’ve done so much together. Our families have fused and our lives have merged

But I’ve not been totally accurate with you. When I said that was 11 years ago that we met I actually meant that in 2 weeks time it will be 11 years from that first kiss.

We were married exactly one year from the day that we met and I’m currently writing our 10th anniversary speech

So for now, for the next fortnight. Until that first kiss

I just haven’t met you yet.


If Peroni did Mills and Boon! 🙂

PS – Note this story is fiction, not an actual dating story, but wouldn’t it be lovely.

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