I See You Baby …

What is it with girls butts that I love so much?

Hey .. don’t worry .. its not just butts!

I parked the car about 500 yards from the train station this morning and as I started my walk down the road she appeared from a side street .. tall,  blonde,  not a slim girly girl ..  more of your full-bodied woman kinda girl.

She’s probably just a little bit chunky .. but what a lovely ass she had!

It was mesmerising,  rolling to one side and the other as she took each step.

I was 80 yards behind but it caught my attention and now I’m walking behind her with her ass directly in my eyeline,  a most enjoyable sight as I drew closer,   finally arriving at the station only 10 feet behiond her.

But what was it about her ass that made it so wonderful to watch?

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Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day to you whether you’re in a relationship or not. 

If you’re in a relationship and you’re happy then you’re lucky.  Stay with it, cherish it,  do something random to make  them feel special and not just today. 

If you’re single and happy then more power to you.  Sometimes it takes strength to fly solo. 

If you’re single and looking then good luck,  but you need to buy a ticket to win the lottery.   So think positive and get back in the game. 

If you’re in a relationship and unhappy. .. time to change it.   Change can be painful all that emotional and financial heartache but there’s a brighter future on the distant horizon.  You need to stay focussed on that when the pain gets too much. 

Sometimes you really are better off alone. 

Making Yourself Happier? #inspiration #science

I came across the article below where a neuroscience researcher,   has investigated the brain and its responses using the latest medical techniques during various states of emotion including happiness, sadness, anxiety, empathy, etc.

It’s a fascinating article and well worth a read.

I particularly like the third action of being decisive as sometimes when in a quandary about an issue and wondering whether you are making the right decision can be very stressful,  but just deciding and accepting a better solution and not necessarily the best solution can help you remove that anxiety.

I hope you find it as interesting and helpful I did.

Here’s a summary of what the researchers say will make you happy.  I’ve attached the more detailed article below.

  • Ask “What am I grateful for?” No answers? Doesn’t matter. Just searching helps.
  • Label those negative emotions. Give it a name and your brain isn’t so bothered by it.
  • Decide. Go for “good enough” instead of “best decision ever made on Earth.”
  • Hugs, hugs, hugs. Don’t text — touch.

So what’s the dead simple way to start that upward spiral of happiness?

Just send someone a thank you email.   If you feel awkward about it, you can send them this post to tell them why.

This really can start an upward spiral of happiness in your life. UCLA neuroscience researcher Alex Korb explains:

Everything is interconnected.
Gratitude improves sleep.
Sleep reduces pain.
Reduced pain improves your mood.
Improved mood reduces anxiety.
Reduced anxiety improves focus and planning.
Focus and planning help with decision making.
Decision making reduces anxiety and improves enjoyment.
Enjoyment gives you more to be grateful for, which keeps that loop of the upward spiral going.

Enjoyment also makes it more likely you’ll exercise and be social, which, in turn, will make you happier.

— The full article can be read at the following link


Happily Divorced?

Divorce is a nasty business, I can’t really say I’ve ever heard of one that has been truly amicable.

Sometimes people put a brave face on it, maybe they were out of love anyway, it’s easier to move on without children when there’s no lasting future contact.

But with kids, its often nasty with kids being used as emotional pawns for financial blackmail .. sorry bargaining!!

I’ve been there, for most people, divorce means moving house, spending time on your own, financial worries, family issues with access to children, then at some future point all that goes with looking for a new relationship.

It’s stressful, lying awake at night, going through all the scenarios in your head, what-ifs and wondering if you could have done anything better or differently.

Dealing with the events itself is hard enough, but the uncertainty of our future creates anxiety, impacting on our health, lack of sleep, losing or gaining weight.

The good news, is that in my experience, these life events are transient.  

They only last for the period it takes for the changes to occur, for the financial settlements to take place, but what takes longer to deal with is the emotional impact.

I don’t think that we ever really get over the emotional impact, that if we cared, we are scarred and it never goes away completely.

But what we can do is realise that in the event of a divorce or separation, if we put the emotional impact to the side, it’s really just a business transaction that can be dealt with without letting our hearts rule our heads and looking after ourselves and our children first and foremost.

My advice to you, if you happen to be in that situation, is if the relationship is over, sepearate the emotional and financial side and get the financial side out the way as quickly as possible. Be nice, be fair, but don’t let yourself be bullied by a partner .. now ex-partner … who is unreasonable and unwilling to compromise.

The one thing I’ve learned is that its impossible to be reasonable with someone that is unreasonable, who’s reasoning is skewed because they want to hurt you financially or use your children to effect you emotionally.

If dealing with someone like that, let it go, let the lawyers deal with it and try not to let it effect you personally.

If it comes to this stage, it’s now noly a business transaction, a process that needs to be completed, like buying a house, try to keep emotion out of it, try not to let their hostile attitude get to you.

Stay strong, don’t let it get to you.

If you let it get to you emotionally, that’s when the scarring occurs and impacts your future.

Eventually when you reach the other side, you’ll be glad its all over and happy standing on your own two feet.

The thing that matters is your future, your past has to be dealt with, boxed up and put away, the last thing you need is to be damaged by it.

Bit of a serious subject there .. Don’t know where that came from!

Hindight is a wonderful thing, If I knew back then in the dark days of 2002/3 what I know now then that period wouuld have been much less traumatic.

The good thing is, it’s transient, life moves on, you move with it or get left behind clinging to the debris of something long broken that no-one else cares about.

I’m now happily divorced .. Does that make sense?

Life is what you make it, it’s not perfect, but you make the best of it.

Work Stories – Progress?

Thought I’d share this today ..


It’s a beautifully graphic read and although the outcome was predictable, it still had me a little choked.

Fathers and sons, sons and fathers .. It’s a bond that will always remains special, that is unless the guy is a selfish d1ck who leaves his family, sons or daughters.

I love what that man gave to his son was an informal education, a lesson for life. He was stuck with a horrible job and wanted something better for his pride and joy.

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Experiences or Things?

Do you remember when you were younger and you wanted the latest toy,  or as a teenager or in your 20s you wanted the latest fashion?

Maybe you’re still like that,   Having the latest thing,  clothes, phone, car,  etc is a statement of who you are. 

Personally,  and it may be an indication of where I am in life,  but I prefer experiences to things.   Concerts, holidays,  football,  time spent with friends and family are much more valuable to me than the latest thing which will be outdated within the manufacturers sales cycle. 

Interesting article below and my favourite quote on the subject ..

Experiences or Things?


You are not your job … #perspective

Yesterday I was writing about my friends dilemma about quitting his job.

He’s not in a good place, but after writing his resignation letter in the morning and deciding not to send it, he was in a slightly better place in the afternoon.

Not in a good place, but better, it’s about perspective.

It’s also about empowerment.

Your job is not your life.

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The Difference Between Happiness And Joy?

A thought a occurred to me earlier today ..

Where do you get your happiness?

Okay,  it was 3am and I had just woke up on the sofa and was still wearing yesterday’s clothes.

At 3am,  the left side of the brain seems to be operating,  deep thoughts,  putting things in their pigeon-holes,  the creative process kicking in.

Did I go back to sleep?

Nope .. I played music,  via Spotify on my iPad and chilled out for a few hours.

But now sitting at work,  its came back into my head.

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Scottish Independence – The Micawber Principle?

One of Charles Dickens’ best-known creations, Wilkins Micawber appeared in the 1850 novel David Copperfield.

Mister Micawber entered popular culture as a character known for asserting his belief that “something will turn up”.

His name has become synonymous with someone who lives in hopeful expectation and what has become known as The Micawber Principle based on his observation in the novel that ..

“Annual income 20 pounds, annual expenditure 19 pounds 19 shillings and six pence, result happiness. Annual income 20 pounds, annual expenditure 20 pounds and six pence, result misery.”

It seems to me that regardless of your personal situation, even in offices full of professional people, the principle is true, if your spending exceeds your income, then even if you can steal from Peter to pay Paul for a while, eventually if you don’t change it then misery will result.

Have a look around you, walk down your city street and look at the cases where this is as true as it ever was, not just the people living on the street and God knows that there is more of them, but families on low income where expenditure on food and fuel is increasing and tipping the critical balance between happiness and misery.

I see it on their faces, families on the train or at the shops, borderline cases, dad and mum in worn-out shoes, dated clothing, just to make sure their kids have a school uniform.

When I was a kid, that was me, it was everyone I knew, we were poor only we didn’t know it then as we were all in the same boat.

I look at these families and I wonder, have we not progressed, have we not moved on?

I feel for them, I wish I could do more, but you can’t help everyone, not individually, you need a government that helps the poor, not the banks who have conned us for years, not the energy companies who are ripping us off with false markets.

Didn’t you know that the deregulation of the energy markets introduced by Margaret Thatcher’s Tory Government back in 1998 was all about making more profits for the energy companies and not for the consumer?

That today in the UK, the big 6, operate a cartel on the energy trading markets, buying their electricity from their own legally separate but fully owned generation and distribution companies at inflated prices so that they can tell you the consumer that they are only adding on a small profit to prices set by the market?

Well it’s a false market and they lied to you, they are currently lying to you.

How can they continue to raise fuel prices when all around us people are falling into the poverty gap between misery and happiness?

Haven’t you sussed out government yet?

They will always lie to you .. ALWAYS.

They lie about their expenses, their directorships, their earnings from alternative sources.

If anything makes me want to say YES to independence for Scotland, it is to get away from a lying Tory Government, who care more about business than people, Who although voted in by the people of the UK has no seats within Scotland, that is unrepresentative .. it goes against the adage from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address of “Government by the people, for the people”

I like that,

Would a Scottish government be any better? Not with Alex Salmond at the head as he is one sniveling faced little sh1t.

But, if the Scottish people say YES to independence, then there will be a post-independence Government and although there are no guarantees that this will be perfect, it will be more socially caring and accountable than those thieving MPs down south.

Right now, I’m still a NO because I don’t know what I’m getting .. but that is largely based on FEAR of the unknown.

However, I do know what I won’t be getting .. no more Tories .. so I’m swithering, this might be a chance that doesn’t happen again.

So rather than relying on the Micawber Principle that “Something will turn up”, I’d rather that I made a decision that brought government closer to the people, a decision that puts my destiny and that of my fellow countrymen and woman in our own hands.

So should you.