Work, Rain, Home, Again?


Work, work, work …
Rain, rain, rain  ….
Home, home, home …
Again, again, again …
I’ve not been doing much writing recently … kinda missing it.

Working too hard, long hours, long commute, tired all the time and too many other things to do.

This job .. which I quite enjoy at a technical level.. is sucking the life out of me.

I’ve always been a bit healthily disdainful towards my work,    I work for a living, not the other way around.

But that no longer seems to be possible in the world we live in. Where we used to have a knowledge gap and those with that knowledge were in demand and could command the bigger bucks, has been replaced by a culture where businesses can pull in that knowledge from other parts of the world on demand without considering the longer term consequences.

If younger generations don’t get the opportunity or the infrastructure or health system can’t support the influx then it’s not their problem.

That’s a general trend, but it’s this place, the Dickensian working practices, 8 hour days not including the mandatory hour for lunch, the 2-3 hour commute.

The day just seems so long .. Every day seems so long .. Tired .. Driving in rain and dark skies and not seeing the sunshine.

I need a holiday.

I need a change.

Like an alcoholic or some other behaviour addict .. the first step to making that change is to realise that you have a change to make.

It’s important to remember that even when it doesn’t seem possible, we always have a choice.

Now if I can only be arsed updating that CV and getting it out there.

The lyrics above are from Town to Be Blamed by Deacon Blue from their Raintown album, a personal favourite album and legendary around these parts with its image of Glasgow on the cover just at a time when dark, grey, stormy Glasgow put on some new clothes to become the European City Of Culture.

Musical Differences? … Change and Resentment.

Q – So why did you and the band split up Robbie?

A – Well .. I don’t know … musical differences I guess.

He was hardly going to say that he’s a bit of an arrogant selfish prick, tired of playing second fiddle to the more talented Gary and wanting more attention.

You could swap those names for Liam / Noel or even John / Paul.

But is it arrogant or selfish to want to move on to different things, to leave the old behind and try a new challenge?

If you’ve ever felt bored or unappreciated in a job or a relationship and wanted to move on because what you have isn’t working and you feel that you’d be more appreciated elsewhere, does that make you a bad person?

Of course it doesn’t.

The problem occurs because when you leave people behind they can feel hurt or let down in whatever context you’ve split.

How many times have you seen friends or family in a relationship that’s broken or stale and it goes on like that for a while because they care about what they had and have a lot of time invested in each other. But eventually something has to give.

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Work Stories – Objectives?

Don’t you just hate the bullshit that you sometimes have to go through as an employee?

Six monthly appraisals and annual objectives,  what a pile of shit,  a tick-box exercise designed to show that the company are making an effort,  when in actual fact they don’t really care about you or your circumstances.

It’s bullshit … and I hate bullshit.

This is my first staff job in 20 years,   Prior to taking this job I’d been self employed,  IT Consultant with various banks.

Why did I go staff? Continue reading “Work Stories – Objectives?”

The Illusion Of Glamour?

“The night is dark and full of terrors” is the chant she used as she held service to Stannis and his men. 

The night was certainly full of terrors in the first episode of the new Game Of Thrones last night. 

The character Melisandre is revealed to be an ancient hag using her magic to appear like a beautiful woman. 

An interesting article below on last nights final scene.    The article asks is this not what all women do with their make-up and treatments to appear younger than they are?

Melisandre is obviously an extreme case,  but the sight of a naked old lady on tv was both shocking and sad. The look in her eye as she revealed herself standing naked before the camera, empty breasts and stomach drooping,  her once thick glossy hair now thin and white. 

The illusion of glamour. 

It reminded me of someone that I used to know!

I’m not being deliberately unkind,  fake tan, botox, droopy tits in a good bra,  the works.  

She was a good looking girl, at surface level and definitely a stunner when she was younger. 

I wondered if her desperation to look younger was directly proportionate to how attractive she was in her younger day?

That because she had once been beautiful, she wanted to claw it back as much as possible. 

It took a long time to see her naked and the first time I did, she cried, revealing herself hadn’t been easy for her. 

As a guy, we are expected to accept our women as they are, yet simultaneously appreciate them putting on their public face, hair, makeup. 

It only leads to these moments of self inflicted trauma such as these when you get to see below the mask. 

I have no idea why women feel like they have to make this huge effort to look younger or more glamorous. 

Not that I don’t appreciate it. 

What I do know, is that this illusion is skin deep and shallow.  

A new guy will often be disappointed when after initial dating, his girl reveals herself.   

Make up is one thing, but the wonderbra and spandex have a lot to answer for. 

It’s the hook of keeping the guy interested long enough to buy into a deal that he won’t run away from when he sees what’s really on the table. 

That by that time he likes her for her personality not just her looks. 

Might happen for a while, but the truth has a habit of catching up with us.  

Thing is,  most guys of a certain age are realistic in their expectations,  we appreciate the effort but don’t expect perfection. 

Here’s a thing guys learn as they get older ..  that they aren’t perfect either. 

It gives a perspective we didn’t have in our younger day, a willingness to accept less than perfect because we aren’t perfect ourselves. 

But there’s truth,  there’s limits,   You either find someone physically attractive or you don’t.    

You can’t force attraction. 

She gets up in the morning and goes to the bathroom,  as she walks round the bed,  you open sleepy eyes and watch her move,  her breasts jiggle, you subconsciously appreciate her hip to waist ratio even if she is carrying a few extra pounds. 

Who wants a skinny chick anyway?

While she’s in the bathroom you awake,  you’re cock rising to the occasion,  you casually stroke it, feeling the pulse of blood pumping in that thick blue vein. 

You’re waiting on her coming back to bed,  ready to make love or fuck her brains out quickly between now and the alarm going off. 

That either works or it doesn’t. 

If it works for you then great,  you’re lucky to be in a relationship where you’re appreciated by your man regardless of how you might feel about yourself. 

So enjoy it. 

The say that time is a great healer but time can be cruel too. 

If you happen to be a 40+ year old woman with the body of a girl half your age then you’re very lucky and a very rare exception to the rule. 

The article mentioned above.

Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day to you whether you’re in a relationship or not. 

If you’re in a relationship and you’re happy then you’re lucky.  Stay with it, cherish it,  do something random to make  them feel special and not just today. 

If you’re single and happy then more power to you.  Sometimes it takes strength to fly solo. 

If you’re single and looking then good luck,  but you need to buy a ticket to win the lottery.   So think positive and get back in the game. 

If you’re in a relationship and unhappy. .. time to change it.   Change can be painful all that emotional and financial heartache but there’s a brighter future on the distant horizon.  You need to stay focussed on that when the pain gets too much. 

Sometimes you really are better off alone. 

Dads,  Daughters, Changes And Supporting The #Celtic.

18 years ago today,  at the Glasgow Southern(  aka Suffering )   General Hospital  my younger daughter Claire came into the world.

Now I ask you seriously .. where the hell did that go?

A new baby,  divorce,  new houses, relationships,  ups, downs, transitions in most aspects of life.

18 years ago,  my ex-wife Alison and I lived in the leafy suburbs of Newton Mearns,  all was good, as it should be when you’re bringing a brand-spanking-new wee bundle into the world.

We had only just moved into a large 4 bedroom detached house,  i was recently self-employed and business was booming.    I had a couple of season books at Celtic Park and it had hurt like hell taking my son Steven along only to see his heart broken when Rangers were winning the league.   

At that time, this now defunct, liquidated Football club were on the verge of winning 10 Scottish Premier League Championships in a row beating Celtic’s record of 9.    

But Wim Jansen had just became Celtic’s manager and all that was to change,  this was the year that Celtic came back winning the league for the first time in 10 years on May 10 1998, what a day that was.

Since then Celtic have been the dominant force in Scottish Football winning the league on 11 years of Claires 18.

Last night,  we had a family dinner to celebrate Claires birthday.

Tonight, we are at Celtic Park supporting the team in The Champions League,  we can’t wait to hear those tones of Zadok The Priest belting out at Celtic Park and the crowd going wild.

Maybe Claire’s birthday has made me reflective,   but what it’s made me realise is that some things in life  change, but somethings will always stay the same.  

 I hate to say it because I have had so much fun winding my Rangers supporting pals up,  but even although their club died as a business,  even although the new team is a shadow of the old one,  my mates will always be fans of the team hat plays in blue at Ibrox .. call it what you will .. but they will always be Rangers fans 

Take my good pals Ian and Jim, when we played football in the park Jim was always John Greig or Davie Cooper .. I was always Billy McNeil or  Kenny Dagleish or Davie Hay.    I was never good enough to be Jimmy Johnstone,  but i wasn’t too bad at putting the ball in the net or the boot in when necessary.

Jim and Ians daughters are a mix of Celtic and Rangers fans .. thats fine .. all lovely kids.

But their grand-kids will be Celtic fans!   🙂

Bring on the Malmo.

How do you change the world?  …. #education #humour #perspective

Nelson Mandela once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon in the world”

Wise words from a man who changed the world by his thoughts and actions. 

Yesterday,  I was at my sons graduation, my wee boy has turned out to be a fine young man.    I’m very proud. 

Sitting there in the Barony Halls with my ex-wife and all the other proud parents what I noticed is that not only are younger people better looking than we were at that same age. 

Probably because as parents we’ve provided for them more than we had in our own upbringing when the world wasn’t as commercial. 

But what I noticed yesterday was that the diversity of people graduating was incredible. 

People of all races, colours, I dare say creeds and sexualities,  with their families and friends,  all fully loaded with their greatest weapon and ready to take their place in the world. 

The world isn’t perfect,  I doubt it ever will be,  personally I don’t want a world were everyone thinks the same or were we are told how to think and ostracised for non conformance. 

University provides a formal education but it does much more.  

It also provides the means for people of different backgrounds to come together,  develop as people,  appreciate other people’s perspective,  learn that you’re perceived enemy is just another person facing the same struggles in life as you are. 

Call me naive,  but I think while we keep educating people the futures bright. 

Right enough of that hopeful stuff. 

In reality,  my ex wife is an arse,   But that’s another story. 

Last night armed with their new educations,  my son and his fellow graduates after their various family meals all went out and got pissed together. 

That’s how you change the world,  sitting down,  talking shite, solving the worlds problems and having a laugh about it. 

It’s hard to have prejudices when you’re sitting getting pissed together?

Or banging each other?

One of the young guys graduating yesterday,  white guy with a name like Kahish MacLeod. 

A right good mix of Scottish and something else.  

He’s hardly likely to have any prejudices  with that background. 

So here is how you really change the world ..

And don’t take this the wrong way ..

But fuck everybody

Or as the big guy in the sky would say,  love everybody. 

It’s hard to feel hate when you’re giving love. 

Maybe what these Jihadi’s need is a bit of education, a piss up and a right good shag?  🙂