Friday – Amsterdam Birthday Date!‏

Hello to you!!

By the time you are reading this .. my flight will just be touching down in Amsterdam

I wrote this on Thursday lunchtime and it’s scheduled to publish on Friday at touchdown time,  isn’t that clever?

I’ve been really looking forward to this weekend,  there are 10 of us flying out and 2 others meetings us over there.

A group of family and friends away for a fun weekend,  museums,  galleries, shopping and lots of food, drink and chat.

Friday,  we’re just going around the bars and see where things take us.    No doubts that we’ll end up round at the red light area for a giggle.

Saturday,  going to the Van Gogh museum and Anne Frank’s house,  I’ve been there on a few occasions,  it is quite a moving experience and difficult imagine how  those poor people survived  hiding there for 4 years before they were betrayed and sent to the concentration camps.

How any human being can justify doing that to another?    It defeats me.

On Sunday we’re booked for Moeders ( Mothers ) restuarant and we all have pics of our mums ready to put up on the wall.

A celebration of mums,  isn’t that a great idea?

I’m really looking forward to this, it’s my birthday next week and although this isn’t part of that,  well not that I’m aware of,  I’m just looking forward to spending time with people who matter to me.

Op uw gezondheid


PS – My new romance is still going strong,  another date last night,   of course as this won’t be published until tomorrow,  the date hasn’t actually happened yet.    So I may already have been dumped!!    🙂

We don’t have any big plans,   just going for a bite to eat and a chat,  she has her kids and I have my daughter so we will both be clock watching.  But I hope we enjoy ourselves as much as last weekend.

Mondays – All Your Gold!

Hello you!

Monday .. Weekend over .. Back to the grind .. well pretending I’m working anyway.

That was a weekend .. in more ways than one and sometimes things don’t turn out exactly as expected.

The house move on Saturday did go as planned, my son pal and I cleared out dining tables, beds, emptied cupboards and, lofts and the garage, filled the van, dumped what needed dumping and put the rest in my garage.

If you need an almost new 8 place dining table or a beautiful small 4 seat glass kitchen table with purple chairs .. give me a shout!! I could Ebay them but I can’t be bothered with the hassle.

All good so far .. but closing the door .. the last time closing that particular door .. I have to admit I had a big tear in my eye.

A big hug from my boy and we were sorted .. door closed and move on.

Writing this is cathartic too .. closing doors and moving on .. but lets just say it was emotional!

Saturday night, took the guys out for a thank-you dinner and a few beers, went to see a one of my favourite local bands which cheered me up and home sober and happy at 12 .. slept like a baby!

Sunday .. cancelled the piano shopping .. bet you haven’ heard that phrase before!! 🙂

I went to watch the football with my son, pal and brothers .. sitting watching Celtic trounce Dundee 5-0, the game was secondary to having a good laugh with everyone.

Last night, picked the munchkin up form her Duke Of Edinburgh weekend at Armday House .. She had just complated a 10k hillwalk, fully loaded with her rucksack and was still rosey cheeked and looking pretty. But was desperate for a bath!!

All good so far? Kind of chilled, changing priorities, appreciating people and dealing with practicalities.

On Friday I met my good pal Stephem for a curry and a catchup. but he had to leave early as his wee one isn’t too well and he got a call to go home .. the wee one has been taken into Yorkhill with suspected Meningitis .. Some things put the rest of your world in perspective.

My feeling from the weekend is that people matter, friends and family, houses and stuff dont really count .. you can always get another house or more stuff.

Which takes me on to a nice clsoe with a song I heard in the car yestetday, All Your Gold by Bat For Lashes, I hadn’t heard this before but think it sounds fantastic and reminds me of Gotye’s – Someone That I Used To Know.

Having listened to both songs and watched both videos, I wonder if it the same female singer? I doubt it but they look and sound very similar.

All your gold doesn’t really matter, people matter.

Whatever you did, I hope that you had a great weekend.


Zombies, Irony and Social Norms!

Monday Again …Booooo!!

Sitting on the train to work this morning .. Jeeeesuuuus .. look at those Zombies!!

I had to smile when Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead started playing in my headphones.

Ironic no .. that would be the wrong use of the word .. its whatever the opposite of ironic is?! Fitting? Congruous?

Its such a strange social experience, sitting on the train, in such close proximity, facing each other, but no-one says a word.

Why is that?

Is it because we are scared to break the socail norm?

A couple of weeks ago .. I did what I do when I see someone struggling .. I give them a hand.

But what strange looks it caused.

On the way home I got on the train at Glasgow Central low level, The train was full, standing room only.

At Argyll street, a 50+ lady got on, she’d obviously been at the sales and was over burdened with shopping, both hands full and unable to hold on.

I get up and offer her my seat, which she gratefully accepteds with a look of relief .. pleasantries are exchanged.

So how come I’m standing there with my face flushed and feeling the looks from all around me?

To be fair, not all of them were intolerant or judgemental .. probably some looks of approval in there too.

But I wonder ..How low have we sunk as a society when giving up your seat has became unusual rather than the norm?

When the young sit there with their head-phones on and ignore someone like their mum or gran struggling?

CAll me old-fashioned .. but for me, its just good-manners and I prefer it that way.

Maybe .. if you make one small change today .. put yourself out on that limb then the trains won’t be full of the living dead.

Oh yeah .. my weekend .. fantastic .. sore legs … but a happy boy!

The mountain was covered in ice near the top so we only went as far as the small lochan at 2700 feet.

Not bad for the first serious walk of the year.

I even managed to fit in a few dances on saturday night .. its good for the soul.

What ever you did .. I hope you had fun.

Choose living or you’re already as dead as the Zombies on the train.


Christmas – I Love Edinburgh!

I Love Edinburgh!!

There .. I’ve said it .. Go on call in the Weegie Thought Police .. Get me arrested for being a radge gadgie fae the east with a penchant for salt and sauce!

They’ll drag me down to room 101, pin my eye-lids back and show me pictures of fat drunks in rangers tops and neds with buckfast .. its impressing nobody.

It just has to be said .. Edinburgh is so much classier than Glasgow.


Because it just is!!

Okay, fair enough, that was too easy .. So lets forget the castle, that big outstanding piece of rock and history .. put that to the side.

Shopping wise …Princes Street is similar and no better than Buchanan Street .. . same old faces .. M&S, Frasers, Jenners, Karen Millen, Ted Baker, Next .. yawn!

Pretty comparable, but not when you add in Harvey Nicks .. bloody hell, out of my league .. well for most occasions but I saw a cracking suit there and I want it! .. that tends to mean I’ll get it .. once I justify it to myself!!

It’s more than shopping,  its the presence and the atmosphere.   As you walk along Princes Street, the caste looms over you, those beautiful gardens and then there is the Chrismas Market, with its big wheel,  mulled wine and a real buzz about the place and the feeling of Christmas cheer.

My daughter and I were treated to dinner in The Dome yesterday, what a stunningly beautiful old bank, fully geared up for Christmas and its huge tree above the bar aiming to the zenith of the glass semi-sphere above.

What a gorgeous place, great food and superb atmosphere and very child friendly.

I am now officially in Christmas mode and if I get the chance, then I’ll be back east before the big day.

If like me, you are interested in late night entertainment ..  add in to that heady mix .. George Street with Le Monde, Tiger Lily, Jam House.

What in Glasgow compares???

Arta .. Corinthian ..  nice places .. but they just don’t have the same level of class.

Royal exchange Square .. 29 .. Its a want-to-be and full of Glasgow neds.

The West End?      Fuck off!!

Okay I love goting to a movie in The Grosvenor or a late night drink in Oran Mor, but the West End has neither the class or has had the amount of long-term investment  in comparison.

The same can be said for the rest of Glasgows apparent highlights and thats hard to say as I love my hometown.

But there is no competition.

The Dome

The Dome