Money In The Bank?


I’m not a betting man,    well not in the context of taking it seriously,   I work hard for my cash and don’t go throwing it away on frivilous things  … well except concerts, football, alcohol and a significant collection of designer shirts!

Here’s the thing,   in the current economic climate, money in the bank earns nothing.

According to Martin Lewis’s money saving experts site,   the best currently available savings rate is 3% on a Santander account for savings up to £20,000.

But as always theres a catch .. the interest is only payable on amounts up to 20k,   after that you get nothng extra and possibly worse is that the interest is paid tax free and you have to pay the tax on it yourself.

Which as a higher rate tax payer cuts any interest in half knocking the rate to 1.5%.or £300pa on 20k locked away.

Whats the point in locking that amount of money down for £300pa?

Personally that does nothing for me and I’d rather spend the money on alcohol,  concerts, football and having a ball .. life is short and for living,  not worrying about money.

With that lack of return in mind for having your money sitting wasting in a savings account would you be prepared to risk a serious lump of money on a gamling bet if you reckoned it was a “sure thing”? Continue reading “Money In The Bank?”

The Brother Necessities?

Do you ever think that life has a strange way of throwing coincidences at you?

Yesterday my closest brother Duncan contacted me to arrange dinner and a few drinks.

I had just blogged about him and was thinking about my other brothers all day.

Last night my 3rd brother Mark contacted me to tell me 2nd brother John was on the radio,  an hour long local radio special with the music of his life.

I smiled at his first choice of The Bear Necessities from The Jungle Book,  a film that we loved as kids and he was saying that his 3 young kids love now.

It seemed too coincidental not to have significance,  so I contacted my youngest brother Stuart in Holland just to say hello and make sure all was well with him and the family.

All well in their worlds.

Now I wonder,   wy should I feel the need to know they are all okay?

Is it normal and natural for brothers?

Or there an enhanced need because I’m the eldest and always looked after them as kids when our parents were working shifts?

Back in our childhood,  we lived in poverty,  no bathroom,  an outside toilet shared with three other families.    Mum and Dad slept in a pull-down bed in the alcove of the kitchen and us 5 boys slept in the one bedroom,  2 sets of bunk-beds and a cot.

In the winter mornings,  there was ice on the inside of the windows and our breathes blew white as we spoke and struggled to get warm round the fire.

The thing is,  we didn’t know that we lived in poverty,  everyone in my street was the same.

No moaning about ir,  life is what it is.

But compare that upbringing with my three kids,  large detached houses, en-suite bathrooms,  central heating, private gardens,  university for all three and private school for the munchkin.

I’ve brought all three of mine up to be independent,  they will never need to rely on anyone else for moiney,  that gives them the freedom of choice to change their lifes if they find themselves unhappy in their future circumstances.

They are very close,  as thick as thieves actually and I know that occasionally they lie to me,   thats part of growing up and not telling the parents.

But I look at them,  the three of them sitting on the sofa comfortable in each others space,  laughing at whatever crap is on yourube or facebook and it makes me proud.

They might have a better start in life than I did and have huge material differences in their surroundings,  but the good thing is that the love between my lot is as strong as that between my brothers and I.

Love, affection and time spent together is what binds us regardless of environment.

Hopefully it is the same for you.


There’s Been A Murder .. The Myth Of The Serial Killer?


Who murdered Miss Scarlet?

If you were a police officer investigating the incident,  your first presumption might be that it was Colonel Green did it with the knife in the drawing room.

Statistically,  that is the most likely outcome according to the recently published statistics for Homicide ( murder or culpable homicide ) in Scotland for 2014/5.

The demographic published above on the Office For National Statistics is very powerful and gets the message across effectively.

Most victims are female,  the vast majority of accused are male,  most men are killed by other male acquaintances,  were most women are killed by their partner.

For male and female most are killed with a sharp instrument in a dwelling with a staggering 93% of the case of women.

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For The Record Readers!

When was the last time that you bought a newspaper?

I mean actually reached into your pocket and paid your own money for one?

You don’t do you?

If you do then you are in an ever decreasing minority.

Like most people,  you’ve probably been aware for years that the sales of daily and Sunday newspapers was on the decline.  But like me you’ve not known how far their sales have fallen.

Check the graph below,  newspapers are dead in the water with the rare exception of The Evening Standard which is a free London only newspaper full of city and business news.

For more information on the actual numbers,  have a read at the attached page produced by the UK Audit Bureau of Circulations,

The reasons for this?

Basically they are crap,  full of celebrity bullshit and people can get this news in other ways.

The allegiances to the old political newspapers are dead.   No-one reads The Sun or The Mirror now for political news.   Most people get their information from tv,  which is why the sound-bite has became so important over recent years,

Glasgow’s or Scotland’s traditional read,  The Daily Record has seen serious decline in sales tumbling form 323k to 203k in only the past 5 years.

It’s a matter of time until it is defunct.

More info and historic stats,


There Is Something Rotten At The Heart Of #CelticFc

I don’t write all that often about football or my team Celtic and I’m loathe to write this as its like washing dirty laundry in public and I’m slightly ashamed of it.

But I’m saying this because I care and because I’m not the only one who feels this way and ultimately fans vote with their feet and are staying away in their droves and something has to change.

Celtic have and always will be my football team,  I’ve supported them since I can remember and been a holder of two season books every year since my son was 5,  he’s now 26.

We had seats in the Lisbon Lions stand when it opened in 1996? and moved over to the Jock Stein stand when that opened in 1998 and have had the same seats since then.

I will always support Celtic,  no matter what.

But got to tell you,  I am bored and disappointed with the team,  the performances,  the management and ultimately the board who are currently in charge of all business affairs.

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Leibster Award Nomination. #Humour

Dear Zebrakat,

Thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebster blogger awards.

I really do appreciate the nomination and the kind words.

These awards only have a few rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you with a link back to his/her blog.

Answer the questions asked by the nominator.

Nominate bloggers with under 500 followers.

Create 10 questions for the nominees to answer.

Simple as that!
Here are the questions given to me:

If you could change career, what would it be?

I’d be a lawyer or politician,  not your money grabbing career type,  more interested in standing up for people against unfairness or the power of corporations for example zero hour contracts should be illegal,  avoiding corporate taxes should be curtailed and be a direct relationship to turnover.

I have an inbuilt healthy disdain for lawyers and politicians, lying money grabbing sharks,  but thats their job.

However, I’m older and wiser and have came to realise that if you want to change the world then you can’t be an onlooker,  you have to get in the game.

If the world was going to end in a month, where would you go?

I’d stay at home with family,  a couple of day trips up to Loch Lomond,  standing on the ridge of Conic Hill looking over the loch and admiring the beauty of the world.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

A wolf,  smart, cunning,  family orientated, but lethal when necessary.

I think we are all animals,  underneath the pressures and conformance of modern life we were all put here to eat sleep and make babies.

Anything other than that ( work, money fashion, cars etc )  is to enhance our status and ability to complete the primary objective of furthering our own gene pool.

If you could have dinner with a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Robin Williams,  a real shining star,  intelligent, funny with hidden depths of tragedy.  I’d like to talk to him, persuade him not to go.

A table of 4,  Robin Williams, Mick Jagger, Charlie Sheen and me would be a riot!
If you were given a free flight ticket to any destination, were would you go?

Japan,  such a different culture,  although probably more commercial these days and the old ways lost.  I don’t think there will be a Shaolin temple with Kwai Chang Caine waiting.

Alternatively an African Safari complete with MK74 assault rifle.

I’d be driving round the plains,  taking pics of the lions, giraffes, elephants etc and shooting any dentists or lawyers that happened to have a gun in their hands.

I’ve never liked dentists.  What kind of sadistic freak chooses a career pulling teeth and giving fillings for a living!! 🙂
If your house was on fire and you could save one item, what would it be?

Old family pics.   Invaluable memories.

Like me,  you’ve probably got a drawer full of them. I should scan these really and back them up somewhere.  Sharing them on Facebook would be a good idea.
What one appliance or piece of technology could you not live without?

My iPad or iPhone,  it’s like having the world in your hand being able to read the news,  see what’s happening in the world,  talk to friends and family and see the shit they put on Facebook. 🙂

It’s very reassuring when family are posting shit,   It gives a good indication that all is well in their world.

Pics of their dog, cat or fun nights out is much better than seeing those relationship posts .. how important is to feel valued etc.

Then you know they have trouble!
Are you a beer, wine or spirit drink person?

I’m not a huge drinker,  but mostly beer, Peroni or Stella,  occasionally cocktails preferably French Martinis and the odd bottle of Prosecco most weekend.

Did I mention that I’m not a big drinker?
Name your favourite sweet/candy and why?

Snickers, always loved them and love nuts. So easy choice.

Only downside is having contact with dentists!!  🙂
Which one would you be a candle or a light bulb and why?

Hhhhmmmm bit of a surreal question.

Err …I prefer the glow or scent of a candle but will choose light-bulb as I burn bright and can be turned on ( or off ) easily. 🙂

My nominations are :-

Zebrakat – As I enjoy her reading about her journey and admire her courage despite suffering from all the pain of having Cancer. Continue reading “Leibster Award Nomination. #Humour”

Whats your poison? #LegalHighs Or #Alcohol

Hey what can I get you?

A beer, wine, vodka some other psycho-active substance?

Go on help yourself .. you know you want to.

Seriously,  go on,  kill yourself,  it’s your life,  do what you like.

Right ..  enough kidology.

Did you happen to see the statistics published today for legal high deaths in Scotland.   I’ve included a few links below for your perusal.

Last year there were 114 deaths from so called “legal highs” compared with only 4 in 2009.

A 30 fold increase obviously indicating the popularity and availability of these substances.

Big news .. huh?

Terrible isn’t it?

Those poor kids out there taking fuck-knows-what and dying as a result of it.

You think?

Well let me put this in context with some other stats that don’t quite make the headlines.

In the same period for 2014,  there were 1,152 alcohol related deaths in Scotland,  with 36,206 hospital stays of which 92% were related to emergency admissions.

Of violent crime,  60% was were the perpetrator was under the influence of alcohol. Continue reading “Whats your poison? #LegalHighs Or #Alcohol”