The Game Changer?

Beautiful blue blonde new
Face Eyes Hair You
Warm Soft Tender Skin
With your smile my life begins

Your shiny face looks up at me
No words express your silent plea
I promise to give you all you need
A warm bed, a midnight feed

My life before seemed overflowing
Now I spent it watch you growing
new born tears when in your bath
but how I love it when we laugh

Now you’re tall dark and handsome
For you I’d give a kings ransom
Having you wasn’t in my plan
Yet you have made me a better man

The game changer .. everything changes when you have kids,  the games stop, family becomes the focus.

Now my 3 are all grown up and new games begin.

Catching up with Game Of Thrones,  just finished Season 2 and loving it .. bloody box-sets take over when I should be getting on with things!!

The Lannister song,  The Rains of Castamere is particularly haunting.


A Tale Of Two Lovers? … #poetry #dating #perspective

We had the best of times
We had the worst of times
That’s the reason she’s an ex

We had lots of fun
Kissing in the sun
But some god damn awful sex

But as trivial as it starts
Soon she’s ripping love apart
The insult trickle becomes a flood
Soon she’s baying for my blood
Then I’m walking out her door
Push my foot down to the floor
Making vows not to return
Wondering will I ever learn?
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Ode Tae A Glesgae Burd! ………… #poetry #humour #Glasgow

I love you mair than Irn Bru
I love you mair than Scooby Doo
I love you mair than my tatty scone
I’l love you till my last breathes gone

I love your face,  your big bahookie
Your eyes, your nose, even when it’s plookie
When there’s a crisis
it’s never a drama
That to me, makes you a brammer
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The Hopeful Sinner? … #poetry #humour #perspective

If I told you all about my sins
and what a proper shit I’ve been
Would you forgive me?

If I told you about the fun I’ve had
and all those times I’ve been so bad
Would you forgive me?

If I told you of the crazy nights
On booze and drugs and higher heights
Of the lies I’ve told
And my heart so cold
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Perfectly Imperfect Progress? … #poetry #humour #health

Progress not perfection
That’s all I want to make
I don’t want to be a model
Get real for heavens sake. 

I’d like to get much fitter
Maybe lose a little weight
But it seems to take forever
Going at my current rate

I’ve tried some magic pills
And every miracle cure
Now I know that’s all rubbish
So let’s try a way thats sure

I’m going to cut the sugar
The french fries and the wine
And start going out walking
Just take one step at a time

By summer I’ll be slimmer 
And not worried about my gut
I’ll be feeling better about myself
Not stuck in such a rut

So join me on my journey
Lets see what we can do
We can make our progress together
And you’ll be perfectly imperfect too!


Right .. Confession time .. I am at my heaviest ever.

It’s more than I like or want to be and I’m feeling it.

All these journeys to Edinburgh for 3 hours a day and lots of good living are taking their toll and I’m feeling a bit sluggish.

Time to change that.

So putting some numbers on it, I want to lose 14 pounds by the start of August which is 8 weeks away. 

That’s just under 2 pounds a week and should be do-able with slow steady progress. 

Feel free to join me or kick my arse if I don’t. 🙂 

A Saviour Or Survivor? ….. #poetry #humour #relationships

He wrote …

Hi honey,
how’s it going?
I hope all is well with you

I’ve been out of touch
But did you miss me much
Is that 5 years since we’ve been thru?

So how has it been?
I hope you’re living the dream
and life’s been good to you

How’s the kids?
How’s your mum?
I’d love to hear what’s new?

All’s fine here
I never change
Still footloose and fancy free

I’m just back in town
And was feeling down
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