Blind-Sided – 10 – Red?


She said, pulling your hand away, preventing it from entering her underwear in less time than it took me to write the last chapter!

She bites her lip .. “I’m having my period”. Just to emphasise the matter. 

You let her pull your hand away, holding her eyes for a moment trying to figure if she’s challenging you or waiting for you to challenge her decision. 

You don’t. 

Why would you?

The girls already said stop and now you have a clear red flag, to push ahead would be wrong never mind messy. 

You kiss her on the cheek then tuck her breast back into her bra, pull up the strap on her dress, then step back to lean on the opposite kitchen worktop. 

Admiring the view. 

She’s looking at you her face almost expressionless, she says nothing to give her thoughts away.

She’s hard to read, she almost looks disappointed. 

But is that for you or her?

You’ve been there before, the time of the month putting its red flag on proceedings. 

But there are alternatives. 

You just don’t know if she’d be up for them?

What alternatives are you thinking about?

A hand-job?



Hmmm .. that’s really up to you. 

The alternative that you chose first only really exists in your head, the rest is imaginary. 

That’s the thing about sex, one mans perversion is another’s reality. 

Something that one woman abhors is another woman’s preference. 

Is that apostrophe right? 🙂  

Time of the month .. It used to be a clear red flag, is it still the same?     

Have a look at, its the most popular pornsite in the world, It has everything you would most likely choose to view apart from the obvious illegal and immoral exceptions. 


Can you define that please?

Check out those most popular categories. Straight vanilla sex isn’t one of them. 
Does that indicate the death of plain good old love making?   

Or is there a gulf between what most of us do with a partner and what we watch on our own? 

Maybe a bit of both?   

We don’t expect pornstar performances every time, but the missionary position is dull. 

Or is it?

Personally I’ve found that it gets results as long as you’re doing it right!   

Coital alignment has the desired effect and much better than slavishly banging in and out with little results.  

Haven’t you learned anything? 

She takes two steps forward, her face close to yours, she puts her arms around your neck pulling your face to hers and kisses you hard on the mouth.  

A long lingering kisses,  your faces turning sideways, mouths open, hungry for each other. 

You’re pleased but slightly confused that after the red flag she’s still as full on. 

She pulls back,  your foreheads touching, her eyes holding yours. 

“Let’s go to bed”. She says. 

Bye, Bye Europe!

So “we” voted to stay in the UK and out of Europe

The predictable moans on tv, much finger pointing and blame being passed round. Scotland voted to Remain .. Blah blah. 

Well here it is … Scotland voted to remain in the UK and the UK voted out of Europe. 

Not happy with that?  

Get over yourself. 

That’s democracy for you. 

Personally I didn’t vote,  I like Europe,  I as a socialist like the protection offered to  ordinary working people.  

But don’t want my country flooded with migrants even more than it is.   That is EU and nonEU migrants. 

I don’t trust anything said by any political party.     

But the people have spoken.   That has to be accepted. 

Hopefully Cameron resigns but I fear the new boss would be the same or worse than the old boss. 

Train Stories – Einstein?


I see him every day .. well every working day for the past 6 months .. on the 8:39 from Cambuslang to Argyll Street.

People really are creatures of habit.

When I get on at the left hand side of the carriage,  he’s always standing guard on the closed right hand doors.

He’s oblivious to the world,  headphones on and staring at his smart phone.

But he’s guarding the doors on that side because he likes to be first off the train at Argyll Street then rushes to the stairs and the ticket barriers before any of the crowd gets there.

If anyone gets in his way he jostles past them,  then rushes out and off up Miller Street.

He never smiles.

Mid-40s,  quite a fit looking guy,  bald on top and shaved at the sides to finish the look.

Better than than being bald on top and a comb over .. right guys?

Ask any women if you are in doubt,  get it shaved,  don’t be a bald top, hairy sides.

I wonder if his baldness is why he never smiles?

Better grey hair than nay hair?

I usually sit on the first bank of seats,   on the aisle as the windows seats are taken.

I’m a creature of habit too.

But what I’ve noticed about this guy is that he wears the same suit every single day.

I mean every single day .. isn”t that just bizarre?

Not even a dress down Friday like today were most of the office punters are wearing jeans.

His suit is showing fair signs of creasage ..  he’s defintely been wearing it all week.

Do you think he is doing that thing Einstein that did?

According to the urban legend,  he bought all his suits to be the same and didn’t wear socks,   so that he didn’t waste valuable brain-power thinking about what to wear and his socks only got holes anyway?

Nah can’t be .. he’s wearing socks .. I wonder if these are the same ones too?

It’s Friday,  thank feck .. meeting the boys after work .. they want to watch the football.

I’m a Celtic fan,  I really couldn’t care less about the Euros.



Blind-Sided – 9 – Amber?

Ellen Barkin


What’s that about?

She picked you up in a club, let you drive her home,  you’ve gone through all the pretences and platitudes of politeness and probity, drinking tea and getting to know each other better.

When all the time you both known what you’re really here for.

She lets her suck her tits, in fact she enjoys you sucking her tits, but then just when you go for third base she says “Stop!”?

What is that all about?

No is no … Right?

Or is it?

Does NO sometimes mean ..

A – Not now?
B – Maybe later?
C – I’m not ready yet?
D – All of the above?

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Game Of Thrones – Brothers, Sisters, Lovers?

Don’t know about you,  but I’m loving this new series of Game Of Thrones. 

Last night Jon was reunited with his sister Sansa at The Wall,  then threatened by Ramsay Bolton to hand her back to his evil control. 

In the Iron Islands,  Theon who helped Sansa escape from Ramsay is reunited with his sister Yara. 

Yara,  not the shrinking violet reminds Theon that she has already been sent his private parts by Ramsay when he tortured and broke Theon. 

At Kings Lamding that incestous brother and sister Cercei and Jaime Lannister are courting the Tyrell’s assistance for their revenge against the High Sparrow. 

The Tyrells are initially hostile to this approach but share a common loathing for the Sparrow religious sect who are currently holding the queen Margaery Tyrell wife of King Tommen Lannister. 

Meanwhile in the captivity of the High Sparrow,  Margaery is reunited with her brother Loras in his cell,  offering him hope when all seems lost. 

In another part of the world,  Daenerys is captured by the Dothraki,  held within the Temple of Dosh Kaleen,  the home of the widows of the Khals( Dothraki Kings) until her fate is decided. 

She is reunited with lover Daario and longtime advisor Loras who clearly has a lot of affection for her. 

Does Loras want to be her lover or does he love her as a father truly loves his daughter and wants nothing but the best for her? 

Last nights ending was fantastic,  Daenerys looking vulnerable, helpless yet determined in the face of her enemy. 

It was only going to go one way. 

Loved it. 

On a personal note,  have you ever met anyone named Ramsay that you like?

I’ve met two people called Ramsay in real life,  not as bad as the fictional one above,  but both arrogant self serving little pricks that if I wasn’t so civilised I’d liked to have kicked square in the balls. 

I’m looking forward to the fictional Ramsay getting his comeuppance.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was Theon who gets his revenge? 

Take my advice and never trust anyone called Ramsay. 

Game Of Thrones Returns!


After much anticipation and speculation, Game Of Thrones returns to tv in the UK this evening. 

Actually it returned at 2am this morning, simultaneously broadcast with the first screening in the USA. 

But what kinda saddo stays up for that on a school night?

Not me!

But I did think about it for a nanosecond. 

I was up bright and breezy at 630 and watched before I went to work. 

Was it worth the wait?


Did it answer any big questions? Is Jon Snow alive or dead?

No, it answered nothing and kept us guessing, but isn’t that what part one was always going to do?

I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but be prepared for a few surprises. 

One of them reminded me of a scene from The Shining.  

You’ll know it when you see it. 

Train Stories – Double Ds?


Or maybe in this case … Buy the bra! 

When is it wrong to stare at a women’s breasts?

Or should I ask … When is it right?

She is sitting directly in front of me now on the 1707 from Argyll Street.   She’s early 50s, round face, functionally cut, home-dyed hair, size 20. 

She’d probably describe herself as curvy.


From the logo on her tight polo shirt, I can see that she’s works in retail at one of the bottom-end clothing stores. 

I’m trying not to look, but you know that way that you just can’t help but notice somethings, then once you do then you can’t stop staring, or at least stealing a furtive glance asking yourself are those for real? 

I’d guess that she has size Double D breasts, not that large for a woman of her size. 

But what caught my eye is that her bra must be a size C at most and half of her boobs are spilling over the top as the material struggles to hold her in.  

She must have bought this bra many years ago or has recently gained a lot of weight and not updated her underwear drawer. 

Now like every other red-blooded male on this train I like breasts, we are programmed to look and appreciate. 

But somethings are just wrong! 🙂