Friday – I’m Just A Sweet Transvestite!

Friday Again – Whoop-Whoo!!

It’s been a fantastic week so far.

Usually at this point, I look forward to the weekend, but a few quick updates first, family, friends, dating and dancing.

My daughter Claire is a wee star. and is back to her full health.

My daughter Laura changed her mind on the car, she wants an Astra rather than a Corsa and is a real pain in the ass, but she’s my pain in the ass.

My son Steven has applied to join the police and is going back to university for his masters if that doesn’t work out.

Last night was my uncle Eddie’s, 70th birthday party, a big family party, all my aunties and uncles at my dads club. My aunties up doing the slosh and my uncles telling stories then up singing.

I was sitting with my brothers and wifes and slagging each other off as usual.

It was a great night .. you just can’t buy that.

So …. back to the dating … whats the news?

Well first of all, earlier this week I wrote a new part to my dating story. I’ve been reviewing and editing adding in new chapters where I felt something was missing. This chapter was adding more depth to the story between exisintg chapters 14 and 15

13 – She’s wishing she hadn’t made one remark and is assessing what she wants from the relationship.
14 – He can’t sleep, agonising if she cares about him as much as he likes her.
15 – He calls her in the morning for serious chat, but she turns his mind around

The new chapter 14.1 was a fantasy of hers, she is fantasising about him. She’s already done her agonising about moving the relationship forward. So it was written as a contrast between him agonising and her fantasising. It’s based on my experience, that you can never really tell whats going on in someones head in a relationship, you may think they want out, when really they want in, you have to talk.

The chapter is without doubt the darkest thing I’ve ever written, it would take the book to a new level verging on controversial. I’ve really swithered about publising it on here or elsewhere. That in itself tells you something.

I sent the chapter out to a few people who know me to varying degrees, one of whom I’ve known on the most intimate level for years,

So although all of the feedback was very positive, a few wows etc. I don’t think I could publish as my close friend says that this is so not me. Even although its written from her point of view as her darkest fantasy and feeds in later at chapters 18 and 19 of the book.

Was there any need to mention that? Maybe not, but this is my diary, my scratchpad of ideas and thoughts on life. Writing is such a cathartic process. I’m going to rewrite the chapter, a different fantasy, not as dark. Maybe save the darker stuff for somewhere else.

So back to the dating, some good news, I’ve met someone really nice, nice isn’t the word .. that a pale insipid apology of a word.

Rephrase – I’ve met someone who is beautiful, bright, intelligent and a joy to be with.

Isn’t she lucky meeting me? 🙂

Okay, so its early days, a coffee date, a couple of drinks, some late night phone calls.

We’re getting on like a house on fire. Hhmmm …thats not sounding like a happy ending!

We are getting on really well, it’s early days.

So how come, we are both stilll making visits to POF?

Are we keeping our options open? Chatting to friends that we’ve never met? Fellow travellers who have too much time on their own?

But Is that not just wrong? That is if you want to move a relationship forward?

As I said, its early days, no lines have been crossed or promises made, so why not?

But as she has said if we’re off, then we’re both off .. thats only fair, so watch this space.

She will be watching this space too .. for some strange reason, she seems to enjoy my gibbering.

The weekend .. aaah the weekend.

Tonight, meeting my best pal and going to see Absolute Bowie, a Bowie Tribute band at The Renfrew Ferry, I’ve saw them before and they are fab, highly recommended. If you like Bowie, go see them.

Tomorrow night – my new found beautiful equal and I are going to The Rocky Horror Show at the Edinburgh Playhouse.

It is certain to be good fun, I am so looking forward to this.

Whatever you are doing .. enjoy yourself, but I bet you won’t be having as much fun as me!!

I’m just a sweet transvestite!!


Friday – I Will Survive!

Hey .. Friday again!

It’s been a bit of a week, my daughter Claire ill, my other daughter Laura coming over to help out and then being upset because her car broke down. My ex-wife on the sauce and being her mad self, the sale of the matrimonial home finally going through today after a short delay.

All that and trying to work, do parents nights and do my company tax returns for the end of the year.

Ask a busy man!

So .. Claire is much better today, she is still off school, no results back re the Glandular Fever, but she has some colour in her face and she’s on her feet again and thats all that matters.

Her mum called me at 7am this morning, going on about a dental appointment, I spoke to Claire about it before I left work, she doesn’t have a dental apointment. Her mum is losing the plot .. I feel sad for her. I’d like to help or or get her help, she needs it.

But I’m at a loss on what to do and is it my job anyway?

Not really, but you can’t leave another soul in such pain, particularly not someone that you have 3 kids with.

Bit of a dilemma.

Claire, Laura and I are meant to be meeting with my aunt, cousin and kids s in Edinburgh tonight to see Priscilla Queen Of The Dessert.

Not sure if its a good diea but she wants to go. Just called home .. we are good to go.

It’s been great to have Laura over, of course she’s delighted that we are going car shopping for her at the weekend.

Personally I’ll just be glad to sit down with a beer at some point and kiss this week good-bye.

But then I always believe, that life does through you problems, its how you deal with them that’s important.

However your week has been I hope its been better than mine.

Tonight, Priscilla, the girls loved this on Comic Relief, so lets do it and have some fun.

It’s been a shit week but as Priscilla says .. I will Survive.

Wish I was wearing my sparkly dress!! 🙂


Monday – Time Warping at 3am

Monday again … Feck!

Actually Monday 3am,  wide awake and will need to be up for work at 7am .. Feck!

And the reason for this insomnia?

I’m actually completely knackered,   but the wee one is unwell,  burning up and has flu like symptoms.  So I’m in dad-mode giving her plenty of fluids and occasional paracetemol.

She’s been ill since I picked her up from her mums earlier this evening .. yesterday evening.

Apart from that,  I’ve had a lovely weekend,  the right balance of family and fun.

The family party on Friday was fantastic,  dad, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins .. I’m so blessed.

My day out in Edinburgh on Saturday was superb,  again I find myself enjoying myself more on the east coast than the west . and hating that admission.

We arrived at 2 and had a tour of the pubs,  from Waverley Station to The Usher Hall.

Cafe Royal – Great pub for the over 40s,  very like Glasgow’s Horseshoe Bar,  the food looked good too.

The Voodoo Rooms –  Cocktails to die for,  my choices Mother Earth and a Benzini .. and Corona on the side of course!!

By then time was burning ..

A quick drink in Le Monde – nice place,  slightly pretentious .. not as much atmosphere as the previous two bars.

The Standing Order – Walked in, walked out again,  Its neds-ville and a real dump of a place .. Witherspoon’s get it sorted.

By contrast,  The Alexander Graham Bell another Witherspoon’s pub at the far end of George Street,  great pub,  A bottle of Prosecco, 2 pints of Stella and a plate of Chilli Cheesy Nachos all for 25 quid .. hard to argue with that business model.

What a great way to go to the Australian Pink Floyd concert ,  just the right amount of happiness infused.

The show, like the Glasgow gig a fortnight ago was fantastic,  these guys fill The Usher Hall and The Clyde Auditorium,  an amazingly atmospheric experience,  they have obviously invested in the light and visual effects and as musicians they are outstanding.

Later, back up to George Street,  Fingers Piano Bar,  I was impressed with the vocals of the pianist and my only complaint is that the prices are a bit OTT,  maybe we were getting used to Witherspoon’s value!    But then it was free to get in and you get nothing for nothing these days.

We had been intending to run for the last train,  but were having too much fun to leave so early.  So it was a late night bite form sub-way and the last bus at 2am,  bit of a sing song  with some other guys who had been to the gig .. now that is a weird experience .. singing Pink Floyd songs on a bus with a group of strangers.

So folks, especially you Glasgow folk, if you can,  get to Edinburgh,  try a few of the places listed above .. you won’t regret it.

As coincidence has it,  I’m back out east over the next few weekends.   I am really looking forward to Priscilla Queen Of The Desert  next weekend and The Rocky Horror Show the week after .. outfit already bought and a classy little boutique hotel already booked .. there is no way I’m coming back on a bus dressed like Doctor Frank N Furter!

Now its 3:30am and I still can’t sleep!

Tomorrow,  today,   work at 9 .. oh no .. Lets do the Time Warp Again!!


Part 11.2 – Moondancing!

All the night’s magic seems to whisper and hush

And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush

Van Morrison – Moondance

The Blue Dog was open until 2,   but we didn’t stay that late.   I had other things on my mind.

So we waved good-bye to the piano man as we made our way to the door.  It must have been near the end of his shift as he was playing that old Soft Cell Classic Say Hello Wave Good-bye.   A bit cheesy and predictable,  but who cares,  certainly no-one in this upmarket bar filled with couples over 30 who could afford the inflated cocktail prices.

For a change, we decided to give the dancing a miss.   We’d been there on few occasions recently, pushing our way on to a floor that was far too small for the number of people trying to shake their ass. Which was just about all you could do once the place had filled up.

These days that was usually after 1am, when the pubs emptied and the guys moved from the surrounding bars to the clubs.  It would be another hour before they’d had a couple if quick shots and their fill of ogling the groups of girls in their little dresses and Lady Ga-Ga shoes who had been on the floor since 11pm having fun but waiting on the boys to arrive.

It was part of the mating game,   guys standing at the side, watching the girls,  going heavy on the shots and egging each other on to make a move.   It seemed a new thing that some guys would be dancing with each other hoping that somehow their moves might attract a mate.

Personally I don’t get that.   Call me Old Skool .. but I just don’t.

If I’m going to dance,  it will be with a girl .. or on my own .. dance with another guy?

Fuck off!

I love dancing,  I always have,  I love to lose myself in the music, get a bit stupid and have some interaction with a dance partner who feels the same and enjoys the madness.    It’s always worked for me, I’ve never been a great chat-up merchant,  I can’t stand those corny one liners and often find them insulting or derogatory.  But if someone dances with me,  makes the effort to copy my ,moves then the deal is sealed.  No talking required.  Done.

That’s part of the reason that I like her so much,  we connect at that level, she gets it.   Although to be fair, the fist time that we were dancing I probably showed a bit too much of my dazzling dance skills a little too soon,  or maybe that was the Peroni,  Prosecco and apple sours taking their toll?   But I know I pushed the line a little.

Either way, I’ve railed it in bit since then, most of the time .. there have been a few exceptions.   I might tell you them about sometime.

But I love watching her move.   Once we were in Edinburgh on separate night outs,  We’d been in contact via texts and I knew she was in the club waiting for me to arrive,  I couldn’t see her in the crowd,  so my mate John and I went upstairs and there she was on the far side of the floor.

John had spotted her too and started  to move away from the banister, heading for the stairs down to the club below,  but I held him back.  There was no hurry mate.

Sometimes I just like watching her move,  this tall shapely blonde,  standing shaking her ass,  clingy dress showing just a bit of cleavage and cut just above her knee.   There was no rush she would still be there in a few minutes,

But tonight, we had already had our fun, okay so the concert was a bit of a let-down,  but who cares and we’d had lots of fun since.  Sitting at the end of the bar, kissing, laughing and  asking the piano man to play another song.

Maybe it was because I had stuck to the coke and was completely sober,  but I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of pushing past the crowds to get on the floor or standing three deep at the bar hoping the student on minimum wage actually gave a fuck about who was next in line.

Okay,  so If I’m honest,  part of me was desperate to see the alternatives which she had on offer,  Another part of me was just desperate!   It had been a long week and I hadn’t saw her since Tuesday so I was feeling pretty horny and all the kissing,  touching and sex talk tonight had only made me hungrier to scratch that itch.

A different part of me was just wanting to be with her alone,  a cuddle, some time lying together in the darkness,  talking about life,  music and what our plans where for the coming months.  Possibly a weekend away if she could convince her mum to look after the boys for a few days rather than an overnight.

Naah ..fuck it. .. I totally lied there .. I just really wanted to get her naked and quickly.

A cuddle afterwards would be nice though.

A cuddle,  some chat,  laughs, hugs,  a glass of juice and enough time for me to get ready for round 2 before I had to take her home.

But tonight her time of the month had arrived,  a bit of a bummer really .. and no dirty little pun intended.

So we had a choice,  back to mine and I’d need to run her home in the morning or run her home tonight,  stop off somewhere along the road for a bit of fun and investigate those alternatives.

We walked back to the car,  parked a few blocks away on Bath Street.  Well I walked, she did too but I could tell the alcohol was talking an effect.

She blamed it on her heels .. Yeah yeah whatever!

I actually like it when she gets a little drunk and giggly.  She forgets all her worries and lets her girlie side come out,  its like going out with a loved up teenager and she wants to kiss and hug me all the time.   It can be a bit of a pain in the ass when you’re sober,  but not tonight,  tonight I can’t get enough of her sweet kisses.

We get to the car and I hold the door open for her, letting her get seated then jump in the drivers side.  She hasn’t pulled her belt on and reaches over to kiss me across the armrest.   A long slow kiss,  tongues searching and my right hand moving from her waist to her breast, cupping it in my palm and gently squeezing.

I can feel myself stiffen and starting to throb anticipating the delights yet to come.

“My place or yours?” I ask, smiling at the corny line,  knowing full well that we can’t go back to hers.    Not with her mum watching the kids,   I expect that the boys would be in bed, but it would be wrong to meet her mum at 1am after a night out and rushing away too quickly.

I had waved to her mum a few times as I’d dropped her off, usually at 3am when we were coming home from a nightclub or a show.   Maybe we’d meet soon.  Maybe.

“I’m sorry honey, but I really should start heading for home,   its 1am,  so if we go to yours,  then by the time I get home I won’t be able to get up to run Max to his football in the morning”

I had feared that might happen, too much having fun in the cocktail bar was burning the time we had available until the practicalities would kick in.     She lived a 30 minute drive from Glasgow in a similar direction to me, but much further out and it would take me 25 minutes to get back home.

“How about I take you home and we have a bit of a snog along the way,  then I drop you off and I’ll head back west”    I fought hard to hide my disappointment, but wasn’t sure if done a good job.  I’ve never been good at hiding my feelings particularly when I feel let down.

“That would be great honey,  I really appreciate that”  She kisses me hard,  her hand slipping down to my groin,  running her hand along my jeans and feeling the bulge of my cock pushing against my thigh and the Levis.

“No problem honey,  I know you’ve got lots of running around to do tomorrow”   I did appreciate that.  Was it selfish of me to want to fuck her brains out,   knowing full well that she was a responsible mum and would do everything she needed to do for her kids?    I get that,  I do,  but I have needs too and I had been looking forward to tonight.

She seemed to sense my disappointment,   sitting upright in her seat and pulling on her seatbelt. Her hand now resting in her lap,  I’d hope that she’d put it back on my thigh but it wasn’t to be.

I started the engine,  the lights came on automatically,  checked my blind-spot on her side and pull out into the empty street.  Maybe I over accelerated a little, showing a little frustration,  I could feel her stare burning into the side of my face.

I glanced over and smiled  “Sorry, I didn’t really mean that”,  it was an arsey thing to do.

The tune on the CD changed,   “Forbidden Colours” by David Sylvain and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Such a cool but haunting song,  it was a chill-out mix I’d made up for the car,  Something to keep me chilled,  stop the rash manoeuvres.  I love driving, particularly driving fast and its true what they say that music affects you.   Chilled out music, take your time.  You’ll get there.

We sat silently for a few minutes, the melody and the vocal so haunting.  Some invisible god-like DJ selecting lyrics to suit the mood.

“Here am I, a lifetime away from you,   the blood o Christ or a beat of my heart”

I never really understood the meaning of that song,  but it was one that we both agreed that we loved.   I’d bought the tickets to see David at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall a few weeks ago but he had cancelled due to illness, shame, I hope the man is well and it wasn’t cancelled due to the lack of bums on seats.

The song changed as we passed Glasgow Mercedes,  heading up to the M8,  “Il Giorno by Ludovico Einaudi”,  More haunting piano, by this Italian genius,  featured in so many advertisements on tv but so little known by the public at large.

I glanced over at the shiny new cars on the forecourt,  “I bought my car from there” .. such an inane comment really .. a nothing .. but it helped relief the tension.   She reached over and put her hand on my thigh,  safe territory,  but it was all I needed to know and I was smiling again.

“He is an amazing pianist”  she says,  knowing full well that he’s my favourite classical pianist.

“If I could only play half as good as him then I’d be twice as good as I am now!”   I grin.

She laughs,   kisses me on the side of the cheek then moves closer,  her head on my shoulder and her hand back I where I want it to be,  squeezing my cock through the denim.

By the time the song had finished, we were on the M8 and leaving the city.

By the time we were passing the Showcase cinema complex, with another 20 minutes of driving ahead of us,   her hand had been doing its work and my cock was bursting out of my jeans, demanding to be touched.  She was pulling at the zip trying to get it down but the seatbelt was getting in the way.

That and my shirt and jacket .. Fuck.

Why do practicalities often get in the way of romance?

I take the seatbelt off and push the seat back, as far as I can but still able to reach the pedal.  Pushing my jeans down to my knees,  giving her enough room to work her magic.

She has my shirt opened,  pulling my cock from my boxers,  gently now, gently!!!

No complaints from me .. I need to help her with that,  she’s a bit on the rough side and I’m feeling exceptionally sensitive at the moment.

That’s much better, I can feel the rush of blood as I’m freed,  hard and pointing skyward.

Did I ever tell you about my worst ever blowjob?

It was fan-fucking-tastic!!

She’s stoking me,  long slow strokes,  she knows how I like it.

I’m enjoying it, but it’s not enough.

She seems to sense it,  or maybe because my left hand reaching for her head and pulling it towards my lap was a bit of an obvious hint?

Subtlety sometimes isn’t a strong point!

She’s leaning across the armrest, her head taking me in her mouth.  Just a few inches then pulling her mouth away and running her tongue around the end.  It feels so good that it hurts. An aching combination of pleasure and pain creating a desperate need to relieve the tension.

But it’s not really comfortable, not for her leaning over in this awkward position or for me with her elbow sticking into my stomach.

Clever girl that she is, she feels it too, pulling herself up and then dropping to her knees in the passenger foot-well, turning round to face me, that’s much easier.   I tell her to undo her zip and let me see her breasts, just looking at them turns me on and I want to suck her nipples but can only reach over and squeeze them for now.

I’m trying to keep my eyes on the road, wondering if the any of the lorries can see us?  Even if they do look over as we pass them I’m sure they can’t see much in the darkness and even then it’s only for a few moments.

But now she’s taking me in her mouth again,  just the first few inches,  just enough to let her tongue work on the head.  She is squeezing me harder with each stroke of her hand. her tongue flicking on my head.   Her other hand is cupping my balls, gently squeezing them in time with her hand and her head.

I’ve got the car in cruise control.  A steady 60, even although it’s a 70 limit, there’s no point in bringing on a disaster.  But I can feel every pot-hole and bump in the road.   I’m hoping that we don’t go over a massive hole at the wrong moment.

Can you just imagine what we’d look like if we crashed now?

I’m so hard and throbbing and love the feeling as she teases me, pushing me further,  She’s looking up at me for reaction,  the white of her eyes bright in the darkness.  I’m in another place my breathing is changing,  getting deeper but my eyes are locked on the road,  I glance down to see her and I know I’m smiling but I’m sure my face is focussed elsewhere.

I’m sure she can tell the effect she’s having and recognises that faraway look. as she closes her eyes and pushes my cock further down her throat,  holding it,  sucking it,   then fucking me with her mouth.  Her head bouncing up and down as I hold her hair making sure she doesn’t break contact.  Don’t break contact now, I am so close.

Somehow, in my heightened senses, I’m vaguely aware that the fucking seat belt warning is starting to bleep louder and is getting annoying,  but I don’t really give a fuck right now.

I turn the music up,   “Pink Floyd‘s Great Gig In The Sky”.    The wonderfully sensual vocals of the gorgeous Clare Torry wailing in ecstasy or is that just me?

I’m getting closer,   pushing her head further down than it can practically manage as I come in her mouth.  My hips pushing off the seat trying to push in further than it’s possible and she pulls her head back a little as it just can’t go any further.

But fuck is she good,  after those initial few thrusts,  my senses are still on fire, but the girl just keeps on it,  sucking me,  actually sucking me,  licking round the head of my cock and sucking every drop as my cock relaxes and empties into her mouth.

Wow!  Just Wow!

She’s still sucking me as I start to go soft,   I can feel myself relax and my heart and breathing starting to slow.

I’m spent, breathless even although I was sitting still in a car travelling at one mile per minute.

I gently lift her head,  just an inch and she stops,  knowing that the job was done.

“That was fantastic” I say, “Absolutely fucking amazing”.

She smiles and licks her lips,  “I’m glad you enjoyed it, I told you that I had an alternative”

( For info – Dear reader,  I’m currently sitting at my work writing this with a massive hard-on )

“Baby,  that was the best blow-job that I’ve ever had,  no doubts about it”

She smiles and climbs up back into her seat and leans across on to my shoulder,  she’s kissing me and I turn my face to kiss her,  trying to keep my eyes on the road as there are a few bends ahead.

“Did I ever tell you about my worst ever blowjob?””

She shakes her head,  obviously not wanting wanting to go there.

“It was fan-fucking-tastic!!”  I laugh.

But she shaking her head “That is rubbish” she insists.

Hard to argue,  but I thought it was funny when I was about 25,  many moons ago.

It’s getting near her turn exit and we drive without speaking,  feeling relaxed,  listening to the music.   The uplifting extract from “The Marriage OF Figaro” as featured in the movie Shawshank Redemption where Andy defies the warden and plays the music through the prison tannoy system causing all of the prisoners to stop and listen in awe and earning himself a beating and a month in “the hole” in the process.   What a fantastic scene that is.

But now it’s almost 1:30am and we’re nearly at hers. It’s too early to say good-bye.   I don’t really want the night to end so soon. I want to chat to her, have a few more laughs and a lot more kisses.

There’s a country lane close to her house, a modernised farmhouse on the edge of a village.  There are no streetlights but there are a few houses,  200 hundred yards further up.  I kill the lights and drive up the lane and park in our usual spot using only the moonlight for guidance.

We’ve parked here a few times before,  that was a while ago, in the early days when we had just started seeing each other and we hadn’t crossed any lines.   We would stop off for a snog, usually a long hot snog and I’d often be warned for pushing my luck, but someone has to make the moves or nothing develops

I left the engine running to keep some heat in the car,  she often gets cold,   particularly wearing those strappy dresses of hers.    It was a cold clear night,  the moon shining across the field beside the car.   I have no idea what was growing there,  barley,  maize?   I’m a city boy and I haven’t got a clue,  but I enjoyed watching the ripples of the window blue through it like a wave.

Very chilled,  cuddling in the car,  watching the waves move in the moonlight.   Maybe my recent experience had helped relieve the tension too, I did feel so chilled.

It will soon be time for her to head indoors,  but she’s here now and we’re kissing and enjoying the rest of the time we have together.

I know its her time of the month,  I don’t actually want to fuck her,  not right now,  not in the car,  not with ToM just started.   No.

But I want her,  I want to pay her back a little for the joy that she’s just given me and she’s not the only one with alternatives.

I’m kissing her neck, sucking it, a slight nibble but no marks allowed.  My hand is working on the zip at the back of her dress,  then pulling it down,  further than she had earlier,  I want her breasts in my face.  I know how much she loves me sucking her nipples.  She has often told me that she feels that she could almost orgasm from that.

We’ve both been parked here before, we’ve done this, had a hot snog in the car,  but not crossed the line which through practicalities won’t be crossed tonight either.

She reaches for the switch and starts putting her seat back,   I push my switch too.  My turn to lean across the armrest,  pulling myself closer to her so that I can suck her breasts,   push them together and try and get both of her nipples in my mouth at the same time.

I love the effect that this has on her and I love pleasing her.  She’s moaning softly, pushing my head against her breasts.  I love feeling them in my mouth, hard and erect, it must be primeval or something there’s no logic to this feeling it just feels so good.

My right hand is between her legs,  running the flat of my palm up and down her thighs,  then moving to her panties,   I’ve no idea what she’s wearing .. it could be “big pants and a towel” .. in that case business is closed for the night.

But it’s not,  I can feel her through her thong,  She must be wearing a tampon,  good news as I want to make her cum and I don’t actually care if ToM is here.  Just as long as it’s not messy.

I’m cupping her in my palm,   my fingers on the outside of her thong,  I’m testing the water,  I want to know if she wants me to continue.    She clearly does as she presses my hand a little harder, a little closer to her.

I’m stroking her through the material,  making sure that I’m just at the top of her,  I don’t really want to go to far below.   She’s breathing harder now,   as I slip my hand inside her thong,  slowly edging down to her vulva and teasing her to open slightly so that I can stimulate her clit with my fingers.

I can feel myself starting to get hard again,  I take her hand place it against my cock,  she get the message instantly and starts to unzip my jeans.   Holding me in her hand and stroking me harder.  Harder than I would myself,  but I’m enjoying it.

We’re both getting close.  I’m telling her that I want to fuck her even although I actually don’t.

I’m sure she feels the same, but she can’t speak, her breathing is changing, short sharp gasps and her eyes are focussed somewhere in the distance.

Her left hand is pulling my hand harder as I stroke her clit.  Is stroke the right word?   I’m rubbing it with two fingers as fast as I can move, “Don’t stop” she says,  I’m going to cum”

“I’m getting there too” I can feel myself getting closer and I do want to fuck her now.  I want to feel myself inside her and fuck her brains out until we both collapse in ecstasy.

She’s moaning louder now,  reaching up to me,  pulling me closer,  her hands round my neck pulling me towards her,  I’m almost lying on top of her now, my hand is still stroking her as she starts to shudder,  pushing her thighs together and her tummy has those little sharp jerks that she can’t control.

I’m still touching her, but I slow down, letting her relax, letting her breathing ease back to normal.

But I’m still hard and horny,  kneeling above her,  pulling myself harder,  I can feel myself almost there.  She looks up at me and takes over as I come over her breasts.

Soon we are lying together,  cuddling,  my eyes have become accustomed to the darkness and in the moonlight, I can see that soft blush on her neck and chest,  her skin glowing slightly,   I have no doubts that this is what Van was writing about.

Can I just have one more Moondance with you?   My love!

Friday – Good News!!


Friday again … back to the fun .. whoop-whoo!!

Well we will get there in a few minutes .. but its good news all the way!

Good News 1

I’ve been selling my house in Newton Mearns .. its not where I live but bought my ex-wife out last year after the divorce deal completed, ripped it apart, did it up and put it on the market a few months ago.

As you’ll be aware, even selling well maintained houses in the best of areas is slow right now.

But I’ve had a few viewers since the turn of the year and have a couple of bids around about the asking price.

So today .. its going to a closing date .. at 11am .. the envelopes will be open and hopefully I’ll get the price I’m looking for.

Good News 2

My youngest brother Stuart runs an HMV store and has been pretty worried since they went into adminstration a few weeks ago.

But he’s just texted me to tell me that he has been offered the job of running a brand new flagship store for a major brand opening in Edinburgh in April.

How cool is that … I am so pleased for him.

Right back to the fun …

A few weeks ago when I saw Les Mis at The Grosvenor .. which was fantastic .. have a read at my link from seeing the stage show in London last September.

Before the movie startred, we saw the trailers for The Flight. … check out the links to the trailer and the crash scene below.

Wow … the crash scene is stunning .. I think this is one of the best parts of a movie I’ve ever saw.

Denzel at his very best .. I really want to see this movie soon.

Tonight .. skipping the curry with my mate .. going to The Ferry to see a U2-2 .. they are meant to be the best U2 tribute band and I’m really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow .. who knows .. but The Flight sounds like a winner to me.

Do you believe that good news comes in 3s?

What other good news will the day bring?

Have fun!!


Friday – The Box!


that was a week that was!!

Don’t ask!!

No really don’t!!

Anyways .. news .. I’ve put in 2 entries to Lorraine Kelly’s search for a new author .. not that I’m expecting anything but some positive feedback would be good.

Racy Reads!

The 2 entries are a modified version of my introduction and Chapter 1 and secondly a short story based on Chapter 18 now called The Box.

Last weekend .. I had a fab time .. played piano in Champagne Central for an hour .. pissed but totally enjoyed the experience.

Last night .. a curry in Shawlands with my mate ,, a bit hungover today.

Tonight,  taking Claire through to a family Burns night,  my kilt is all packed and ready .. I really love getting the kilt on .. expect a pic sometime soon!

Tomorrow,  going to see my team play Saint Mirren in the cup .. c’mon the hoops!!

Whatever you are doing .. have fun!


Michael – Dancing With Angels!


hows it going??

If you saw my last couple of posts then you’ll know I was at Dirty Dancing with my daughters on Frday and had a great time.

Dance is such a powerful medium to express yourself .. I’m not claiming to be any great shakes .. but I do know how to enjoy myself and I love to lose myself in the music.

When I dance I can be on the floor for hours except for a quck drink now and then.

Theres nothing quite like the fun of interaction with a partner who is enjoying themselves as much as you.

Well there is but keep it clean!

My personal beliefs .. are that if you can’t dance .. if you don’t want to dance .. then you are losing out on so much of life.

Dancing is an echo of our former animalistic selfs, it’s a mating ritual and at its most basic level .. If you can’t dance .. you can’t express yourself in all other physical areas .. particularly where delicateness, subtlety, rhythm, timing and power are required.

You know what I mean!

Thats just my personal opinion of course .. you might know differently.

Would you believe .. and I kid you not .. that I also have a Guiness World Record medal for Salsa dancing back in 2002!

Check the link below .. I did that!!

Glasgow Salsa Guinness World Record

12 Lessons at Scotstoun Sports Centre with the most gorgeous Cuban female instructoir .. Boy did that gal know how to shake it?

Apparently she’s still out there doing her thing .. I only did the 12 lessons and left at that for various reasons.

Anyhoo .. the day of the GWR was fun, I wasn’t meant to be dancing as the girl I did the lessons with was on holiday that week.

But I took the kids along on the Saturday afternoon for fun.

Fortunately for me .. we bumped into 7 ladies from the class you’ll notice 2 into 7 don’t go and someone needed a partner.

So after a bit of encouragement from them and some feigned reticence from me .. I accepted the offer and was up there front and centre for the record attempt.

A 30 minute lesson and a 10 minute dance .. where my kids pointed and laughed the full time .. and we had the world record.

What a great day and I still have the medal tucked away safely!!

Anyhoo, my dad wasn’t well this weekend, so I spent Saturday night at his.

We were watching movies on tv and came across one of my favourites from the 90s. Michael featuring John Travolta.

He’s a fallen angel, on his last visit to earth where he has a mission to match up the cynical William Hurt and the lost Andie MacDowell.

I love this following scene .. it makes me smile and makes me want to dance more.

So my new New Years resolution is to get off my ass and join a dance class.

Chain Chain Chain …


Michael – John Travolta