Like Pebbles On A Beach?


How can you tell your real friends?

I think that it is when you can talk about anything without them judging you and they will support you regardless.

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Making Changes Sooner Than Later? 

Do you know that how your life turns out is really all down to you?

Good choices and bad choices at various stages all contribute to who and what we are today. 

I’m a big fan of education and hard work. 

Neither of these did anyone any harm and personally made a difference for me from working as an engineer in shipbuilding to designing systems for a bank   

This brought financial rewards,  but as I’m sure you know life isn’t all about work and money. 

In fact never be a slave to either of these fake gods. 

Spending too much time at work is to the detriment of your real life and time with friends and family. 

Similarly focusing on money causes people to lose perspective of what’s really important in life. 

A couple of people I know are caught in this trap,  they know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.   

Their life’s are as shallow as this weeks fashion item or must-have gadget. 

Quite sad really. 

The only things we have that are really important is our love and our time and both should be spent wisely. 

My advice,  love people not things and spent time with people you love, who love you back and enhance your life.   

Don’t spent your valuable time with losers,  or people who drain the life out of you.  

What you learn with experience is even if it’s painful,  with hindsight the sooner you make the break the better and the less valuable time you waste on something that’s already fucked. 

That may be  a little idealistic,  as the problem is often that people in a damaging one-sided relationship are too close to see that it’s destructive and holding onto it is only hurting themselves further. 

It’s not necessarily even a love relationship, but any friendship which has became one-sided should be dropped. 

Why did I mention this?

I was with friends at the weekend,  a very one sided relationship,  were he has a great life and she sucks the life out of him and has become steadily worse over the years.  

After the weekends happening I’ve decided that I won’t be in her company again.    That means I won’t be inviting them for dinner at mine. Nothing. I don’t have wasters in my life,  not even by association. 

A bit harsh?

I dont think so.  Read on. 

Truth is I’ve never liked this person and always wondered what she brings to the relationship.  She doesn’t work,  smokes at least 30 a day, drinks heavily and is a walking medicine cabinet,  constantly depressed and moody,  making a scene of herself and adding nothing if any value to their relationship. 

Why would anyone want to hang around with someone like that?

Personally I think it’s a weakness not to have the balls to cut the garbage from your life. 

I’ve been there,  married to an alcoholic and stayed in the relationship longer than I should have for the sake of the children and hoping it would change. 

When somewhere deep down I knew that it wouldn’t.  That they would continue in their spiral of self destruction and drag me down with them until eventually I had to let go. 

That hurts,  divorce is a world of pain emotionally and financially. Even if you are the one who chooses it. 

But hindsight is a wonderful thing and the one thing I know for absolute certainty is the sooner you make the change the better. 

Get your life back,  get your time back and spend it with people who make you happy. 


Not long now til the new series of Game Of Thrones hits the screens. 

What was I saying about getting your life back?   Or death by BoxSet!  ūüôā

Easter Parade?

A line of traffic comes to a standstill
For the love came out in the morning air
I find the place I started from
The wind is calling
This time I’ll follow
Easter Parade?

I know you 
Birthday cards and silent music
Paperbacks and Sunday clothes. 

Easter Parade – The Blue Nile

I first heard that song in the mid 80s,  I bought the album off the back of their fantastic uplifting danceable single Tinseltown Is In The Rain and immediately felt cheated as I found the album pretentious. 

But Easter Parade is still a fantastically haunting song,  it’s off key piano melody and the desperation of the vocal grates in a sad poignant way. 

I heard it this morning for the first time in years,  Apple Music playing in random and it’s still as haunting now as 30 years ago. 

Somehow it struck a chord. 

Been a strange week,  a family funeral and my birthday,  a strange combination of being pleased to see everyone even although the circumstances weren’t the best. 

I’m sure you’ve been there. 

Blind-sided – Part 3

Ellen Barkin

Five minutes later she joins me back standing at the bar with Alex, we’ve exchanged names and possibly bodily fluids.

Passionate kisses with a stranger in the middle of a dance floor ..


Or are you jealous?

Maybe you’ve been there yourself?

Maybe you were much younger?

Is age a viable excuse?

At 40+ years of age I’d go with tasteless.

I can’t even blame the beer as I was sober at the time, but what else can you do when a good looking gal wants to suck your face off at some hour after midnight?

Say no?

Run away?

It’s not going to happen is it?

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Eight From The Eighties! – Day 1


Day 1 of my favourite or meaningful music from the 80s as nominated by my friend Alan.

80s music is largely forgettable pop rubbish, but there are some real gems in there,  but I’ll get to those later.

But first and somewhat controversially as I’m a huge fan of his earlier work. David Bowie’s Lets Dance was the end of an era where he went from rock to pop and chasing commercial success. 

Shortly after the album was released, I went to see him play Murrayfield in August 1983 and it was a fantastic concert. A good mix of the new and classic Bowie songs. 

More about it here.

I’m still a fan, always will be, the Bowie tribute I regularly go to see are fantastic. They were in great form last  night at The Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow. 

But Bowies next album Tonight released 1984 with the cringeable Loving The Alien was the end for me until the reality tour in 2003. 

Friendship, Circumstances, Expectations


I was in the pub on Friday night with my best pal Stephen,¬†¬† ostensibly we were watching the Celtic game and it was on the background,¬† but the real reasons was for a catch up as apart from popping in to his at Christmas with gifts for the kids we hadn’t really been keeping in touch over the past few months.

Any real reason for that?

Not at all,  there were no fallouts,   maybe we have just outgrown each other a little,  different circumstances,  we used to be out every weekend for a few beers until his kids came along a few years ago,  now we hardly get out with his kids being so young and mines all grown up.

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The Opposite Of Tourettes? … #Humour

You know what Tourettes Syndrome (TS)  is .. right?

Well maybe you don’t know the detail of this neuropsychiatric disorder.

But like me, ¬†you probably think of those poor individuals who can’t help utter random expletives at random moments. ¬†However in fact, ¬†these symptoms only affect a small number of cases and TS is more likely to be symptomised by tic’s or OCD or other random behaviour.

However the diagnosis of Tourettes is complex as these symptoms may be associated with other conditions and not TS related.

For the majority of us,  TS is when someone opens their gob in public and says something entirely inappropriate and carries on as if nothing happened.

I do it all the time.

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