Drop The Baggage Butterfly!

This new job is going well, Much better than I expected.

All is well, the people, the money, the challenge which is a step but from my previous roles but I’m embracing it and putting the effort in and overcoming.

All is week apart from the travel east every day to Edinburgh which is a pain in the derrière.

Time is money and it’s still worth it, not just for the cash but for the new skills which are more transferable going towards my next role.

That’s how it works.

You can’t go from junior doctor to principal consultant overnight. It’s taking the right steps to take you in the direction you want.

In my case it has been from apprentice engineer in shipbuilding, engineer, draughtsman, cad draughtsman, cad developer, database developer, DBA, database designer, solution designer, solution architect.

In most of those changes, I was at the same company.

For example an engineer in the yards to being a draughtsman was a different skill set is a significant jump.

Similarly at different company, I changed from cad developer to database developer.

Do you know what happens when that occurs?

You get pidgeon-holed.

Peoples perception and petty jealousy and bitterness shines through. Despite all the efforts that you’ve made night classes, self study etc they think that you’re not a real draughtsman or whatever.

They still perceive and judge you based on your previous role and skill set and I’ve found that people prejudge and can look down on you as a young upstart undeserving of the role they’ve had for years.

Maybe you don’t have their experience, but most experience is gained after a couple of projects and you have came with fresh eyes open to change.

They fear you as the new kid on the block who may be chasing the next promotion that they thought they’d get.

But it doesn’t work like that, time in the job isn’t the only criteria for promotion.

You’re oldest friend may not be your closest friend.

Do you know how to drop the baggage and stop being pidgeon-holed?

Stay in the job for 2-3 years then move to the same job at a different company.

Now you’re treated as if you’ve always had that role and the old skills are an advantage and not viewed as baggage.

You’re a butterfly and free to fly.

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