Work Stories – Wage Slaves?

This new job is like a prison.

It entraps you, cages you, expects certain aspects of discipline and timekeeping.

It enforces a dress code, smart trousers and a shirt for men or a dress or trousers and blouse for women.

No jeans allowed.

Or so they say.

I’m wearing jeans, smart dark blue ones with a Ted Baker shirt and tan boots.

It’s how I roll and fuck them if they want me to change.

The place is empty until just before 9am and has a Le Mans start at 5pm with people already having been to the loo, washed their cups, packed their laptop and cleared their desks waiting for the clock to tick-tick onto the hour.

I’ve never seen a place empty so quickly, Well not since my shipyard days when there wasn’t any overtime on the go.

Certainly not in an office setting.

It’s pointless waiting on the lifts at 5pm as the upper floors fill them. I’m on the 5th and the executives are on the 11th. Somewhere in between the lifts are packed. It’s the stairs for me.

Gets the steps up anyway!

That’s now my third week I’ve been on site as a consultant for this client. A major power company with their new headquarter building in Glasgow.

Three weeks and I still can’t fully access their network.

How piss poor is that?

No wonder this place is losing money.

Too many consultants, too many staff on high wages and final salary pensions playing out their time doing as little as possible.

The apathy breeds more apathy, A lackadaisical attitude to work, casual use of paid sick leave to cover non-sick days.

They might be here in their nice wee suits but they aren’t really being pushed or overloaded with work.

And .. Never start a sentence with and I hear my old primary school English teacher words echo through the mists of time.

And ( again ) .. there are a fair number of long term absences for the worst misuse of corporate resources apart from theft or fraud .. work related stress.

What the fuck is that all about, You’re not in a stressful situation, you’re filing shit in an office.

Oh you can’t handle your work because of the people or politics .. well resign .. simple.

Can you imagine having a smallish business and paying people abusing the sick system and milking it?

If you’re small you can’t afford to carry passengers .. is it okay if it’s a big company?

No it’s not it’s theft. Be honest and leave, go find something that doesn’t stress you.

But here we are on the train hone from work, jam packed at the rush hour with people doing shit they’d rather not do.

Personally I’d rather be on a beach or up a hill.

Wage Slaves?

Maybe. But only for a purpose. To put food on the table, pay the mortgage, keep up a lifestyle of having fun and occasional debauchery!

Maybe I should call in sick with work related stress tomorrow! 🙂

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