Wolf – The Last Goodbye?

It wasn’t the first time she’d said goodbye.

Maybe it won’t be her last.


Over the past 15 years the relationship was ..On .. Off .. On .. Offffffffff .. On .. Off .. On and now finally Off .. or so it seems.

She wasn’t happy that I wasn’t paying her enough attention.

How dare I have the audacity to have a life that doesn’t revolve around her!

Like Galileo or even Copernicus, I was found guilty for highlighting what now seems obvious.

Seriously? If you have kids / work / family / friends .. Does your life completely revolve around your partner?

Jeez .. even if she was a live-in partner and we did lots more sharing, which is something I actually want, my life still wouldn’t revolve around her.

Funny that she seems so quick to criticise the things she does herself.

I know her life doesn’t revolve around me for the same reasons mentioned above.

But isn’t that just adult life when you’re in your at a certain age with kids or even grown up kids that still depend on you?

The last time I seen her, we spoke, she hates her job etc etc.

Then she gets frustrated verging on anger and I don’t mind listening or offering advice.

But enough. If you’re not happy then change it has always been my philosophy.

Aah .. Maybe she took my advise after all! 🙂

Her email followed a month later. Ranting about this that and the next thing. But basically telling me that the relationship was over.

Well I kinda guessed that by the fact you told me in our last face to face conversation and the subsequent lack of contact.

But was it a last goodbye or was it a cry for attention?

Should I care?

Would I be writing this if I didn’t?

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