Clarkston Ladies and Govan Girls? #Poetry


Clarkston Ladies
Coffee mornings
Air kisses
Fake tits and perma-tans

Barbados or Bahamas
Book clubs and bitching
Bellini’s and their latest man

A morning swim
Lunch at the gym
How they hate HIM

A younger woman
That was his game
Isn’t it always the same?

It’s hard not to be bitter
Trying hard to get fitter
When she’d love just to hit her

Tears with her best friend
The rest is a pretend
How will this end?

She kept the house
And the Jaguar
The kids are pawns
Of course they are
But half his money is hers.


Govan Girls
Three kids and no income
She’d love just to have some
Time on her own

Universal benefits
No loans or bank credits
Her mother’s a saint

No money from HIM
No need for the gym
Stress helps her stay thin

A few hours as a cleaner
Trying not to grow meaner
Deep lines on her face

Each night with the tv
Wondering how it could be
Knowing nothing will change

Online dating and fake tan
Try to find a new man
But they all seem the same

She gives up in despair
Is there anyone who will care?
She still has her pride

Clarkston Gurls and Govan Ladies
Similar issues
Different circumstances

Maybe you’re one or the other
You can paper over the cracks
Put on a brave face
Having an income makes a big difference
But inside you’re still you
You set your own standards and make your own choices.


On a separate note. … that right there explains why there is a gender pay gap.

See post from a few days ago for more details.

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