The Gender Pay Gap? …. Man Up!

Where do you stand on this gender pay gap?

Do you believe there is such a thing?

If you do then you’re probably female and an idiot and too stupid to think past the headlines.

Still reading?

Good for you, I’m glad you’re still with me and my flippancy hasn’t made you run away like a cry baby.

Even more so if you’re female, I’m glad you stayed. You’ve got balls! 🙂

Let me explain why there is no gender pay gap for the hard of understanding.

Firstly, to pay men and woman different rates for the same job is illegal in most of the civilised world and has been in the UK since 1970 and the US since 1963.

Secondly, although it’s true in the statistics published yesterday, see link below, which provides details of the differences in mean and median pay between male and female employees, The reason that there is a difference is because of the roles that each gender is predominantly employed in with males having more senior or higher paid technical roles.

So let me condense that for you. There is no gender pay gap, Any comparison is invalid because you are comparing apples with oranges.

The difference in mean or median earnings is because women are underrepresented in the higher paid roles, That can’t be solved by employing people based on gender because higher paid roles are based on ability and education, not gender.

Note that employing people based on gender is also illegal.

That difference in education and ability between individuals paid higher or lower rates regardless of gender comes down to personal choice, effort and ability.

Am I saying that women are less capable than men?

Are you fucking mad? Of course not.

As a father of a son and two daughters, I’d never under underestimate the capabilities of my daughters, quite the opposite, my goal is to help educate them academically and in the school of life so that they succeed in their chosen careers.

After that it comes down to their choice and if they choose a lower paying position, then it’s not because they are less capable, It’s because that’s the choices they made.

Condensing and generalising that …

Hard or in demand degree = Maths, IT, Accountancy, Medicine. Law, Engineering = Well paid career.

Easy or less in demand Degree = Media studies, social science, history = low paid job.

Apprenticeship = Decent income based on ability particularly if self employed.

No education = it’s not the end, but it’s not going to be easy.

As I explained to my kids, it’s their choice, but there are long term consequences.

Of course education isn’t everything, there are lots of people making decent bucks without a degree, skilled plasterers, plumbers, builders, salespeople. People earning because of their individual abilities. Not bleating about invalid comparisons because they didn’t make an effort.

Let’s imagine a man is in a low paid job, he looks at his company and sees that he’s in the lower quartile, Why is that? It will be most likely because he didn’t try too hard at school, not because he’s got a dick.

But one things for sure, he’ll get on with it and not act like a fucking victim.

Besides, here’s the truth, If you’re not happy with your job and want more pay, ask yourself, how do I do that? Then make the effort and change it. It’s really up to you.


UK Government data on all companies with over 250 employees

An excellent info graphic from Sky clarifies it’s not gender, but representation.

Jonathon Pie interviewing a feminist condenses the argument

4 thoughts on “The Gender Pay Gap? …. Man Up!

  1. It is a complex issue. It is about more then the numbers but the numbers are a good starting point to spark discussion. It is about, how we handle childcare, how we raise children and how we help steer them to or from different careers.

    1. Yes it’s a complex issue, But comparing apples and oranges is wrong and is a sound bite that people use to suit their agenda without examining the detail. Women are underrepresented in higher paid roles because of lack of ability or personal choice. A simple and generalised case to demonstrate. Most surgeons are male, Most cleaners are female. Cleaners won’t ever become surgeons due to lack of ability and education. No amount of investment will ever change that as sone people male and female just don’t have the capacity or will to achieve. That’s okay, there’s a place for everyone and the world needs cleaners. But it’s wrong to make false comparisons.

      1. Yep people def are not looking at the details. Need to look at the numbers then the details. I respect some of it is due to to the decisions women make. Yes now a days women can avoid having children if they want. But I know many choose children. Personally I do want children and want to take a years maternity leave to nurture them and work partime. So yes, I want a role that suits that.

        Think there will gradually be shift towards more women in higher roles with more flexible working. With women having children later they have time to get to a higher position before having children. Or as people may work longer there is a possibility to work way up once children grown up.

      2. I largely agree with that.

        The only disclaimer I’d make is that to get to the higher paid roles takes either time or technical ability.

        The number will improve but I think we need to accept that there always will be a gap as we are wired differently with different needs and circumstances.

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