It’s tighter but the moneys still safe! #CelticFC



Oh the weather outside is frightful …

Well it certainly is in the Central Scotland area,  where the “Beast From The East”  is laying siege to most of the country including my wee street,   which being half-way up the hill to East Kilbride is a certainty to be snowed in when the weather turns nasty.

The best thing about being snowed in is no travelling to work,   I’m self employed but I get to Work From Home .. a loose term for logging in and being available and doing enough to look as if you’re busy but in reality I’m sitting around playing piano,  watching  tv,  making curries and otherwise keeping my hands and mind occupied.

Idle hands .. Its the devils work!     🙂

Anyway,  since I’m not spending 3 hours a day on my commute to that Global Communications Company in Livingston that currently employs my services ,   I’ve been able to drop a few thoughts on the blog.

What about the Rangers eh?

Now second in the SPFL and a mere 6 points behind Celtic,  who have a game in hand and there are 10/9 games to play for Celtic/Rangers respectively.

It’s closer than I expected,   but not close enough.

Lets be fair,    they have been playing better football since the got shot of Pedro.   The caretaker manager Graham Murdy is a straight-talking honest professional and has made a few decent loan deals.

If Rangers win all of their games,  including the two games against Celtic,  they will have 58 + ( 3* 9 ) = 85 points.   If Celtic win all of their games except the 2 games against Rangers ,  they will have 64 + ( 3 * 8 ) = 88 points and a superior goal difference.

Any slip up on the Rangers part including not winning both games against Celtic and its game over.

The chances of Rangers winning both games against Celtic?  Both?

Home and away?

Forget about it!

So yes its tighter,   but look at those odds above,    Celtic are 100/1 against ( £100 on pays a meagre £1 return )   whereas Rangers are 50//1 and for the same £100 on pay a £5000 return.

That’s an odds difference of 5000 times more likely that Celtic will still win the SPFL title and the bookmakers aren’t often wrong.

The moneys still safe..


Prediction at start of season 2016/7 – Free Money

Prediction at start of season 2017/8 – More Free Money




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