Wolf – Last Christmas?


Of course I miss you, it would be stupid to think that I didn’t.

A couple of years together thrown away a puff of anger, hurt feelings and faux outrage.


Because we are both proud people and although we were both in the wrong, our pride doesn’t allow us to apologise and climb down from our moral high ground very easily.

I know that I upset you, you know that you upset me, but is worth throwing away a bright future for the sake of some relatively petty issues?

Probably not.

So why are we allowing this to continue to fester and the distance between us to grow?

I’ve already said sorry. I don’t think I can do anything more.

How many apologies does it take?

The thing is, you haven’t actually said sorry. You haven’t said the words and meant it.

You think that I’ve just move along and continue as if nothing happened, because I was partially in the wrong too .. and I accept that .. but you were wrong too and I deserve an apology rather than anger.

You see that’s been the problem recently, you’ve vented your frustrations in my direction for too often.

I know that you’ve had a few problems to deal with, your health, house, family, employment.

All very stressful.

If one of these issues is happening to most people they would be stressed, but all of them simultaneously would put most people under extreme pressure.

I understand that.

What I don’t understand is why you would take your frustrations out on me.

What I don’t understand is why you try and justify behaviour because of ..

Nothing justifies it, I don’t want to hear blah-blah-blah .. or you did that because I did this.

That’s bull-shit.

Pointing fingers and irrelevant excuses .. Blah blah .. it doesn’t count.

Just say sorry and mean it.

Then prove it.

You see the thing is, I miss you, but I know you miss me too.

Of course you do, your angry email isn’t fooling anyone and definitely not me.

The only reason that you send these emails is because my opinion matters to you.

Yeah, it does, as does yours to mine.

So stop fucking about and stop being angry and apologise.

Christmas is a-coming, last Christmas was pretty wonderful with both of us and our families together.

It won’t be the same this year without you.



Christmas is on its way,   Scotland set to freeze this weekend.

My now annual weekend at the Edinburgh Christmas Markets with my grown-up kids.

Last year was pretty fantastic and I’m looking forward to going again this year.

Truth is and I hate to say it but Edinburgh is just so much classier than Glasgow,

But I would argue that Glasgow is by far a friendlier city.


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