Wolf – Unintentional?

I didn’t mean to kill her.

Honestly I didn’t mean it at the time and I didn’t have any plans to do so before we met or at any point over our short time together.

I had only met Katy that night for heavens sake. I barely knew her, why would I want to kill her?

Yes I wanted to fuck her, she’s an attractive woman. But this was a first date. I didn’t even have sex on my mind never mind murder.

We had been speaking for ages before we met. Getting to know each other.

Chatting on the phone most nights until we fell asleep. Chatting most mornings while she lay in bed and I was on my commute.

I think that was over a period of about three weeks since our first online hello on match.com to our first date

No there wasn’t any sex talk. I’m not like that. I think if you’re looking for a relationship rather than a fuck then sex talk is inappropriate before you meet.

Not that I’m against it. I like sex talk and mutual masturbation while you can’t be together.

But most decent women would probably be offended and run a mile if you asked them if they liked it up the ass before you’d even bought them dinner.

Why did it take so long to meet?

Circumstances I guess, she was busy with family, Or so she said. A weekend away with her kids and another one with her pals.

We all have life’s. It’s not as if we can just immediately fit someone that we just met into our already busy life’s is it?

Yes okay, as you know I was already seeing someone else. So I didn’t exactly have free Saturday nights myself.

Yes, I wasn’t happy and was wanting a change.

Why wasn’t I honest with my current partner and finish it before starting to chat to someone else?

Sorry I couldn’t help myself laughing there. But that’s fucking hilarious.

You don’t live in the real world do you?

Do you know any guy who has left his current relationship and sat in the house on his own through choice?

Okay there may be the odd exceptions to prove the rule.

How do exceptions prove the rule?

I’ve never ever understood that statement. It sounds clever. It asks the listener to think and it’s almost accepted as a given fact.

However, it’s lazy, it’s most often used in a blasé manner by people who haven’t thought through their own argument and use this phrase as a catchall to counteract any exceptions that you point out to them.

“Oh but that’s the exceptions that prove the rule”. And they sit back with a smug expression, arms folded as if using that statement somehow proves their argument.

And you’re supposed to think “oh right enough, you win.”

Bollocks. Let me tell you my friend. Just so that you know how to deal with that bullshit next time some idiot tries to use it against you.

Exceptions do not prove the rule.

Exceptions prove the rule is wrong.

Now let them think about that and try to offer an alternative argument.

I bet they don’t. The fact that they resorted to that fallacy in the first place tells you that their are fundamentally lazy and too stupid to offer a valid logical alternative.

But I’m sure your training has taught you that?

The good old ABC of detective work?

Accept nothing, believe no one, check everything. Do they still teach that?

Yeah okay, let’s get back to Saturday night.

Most guys don’t choose to leave their current relationship, say good-bye to the woman in their life’s, have some time on their own and then start looking for someone else.

Most guys. Maybe some women too. But certainly a much smaller percentage don’t go it alone.

What happens with most guys who realise that their relationship is on the decline is they actively start looking for something else.

A soft landing. Someone to ease the pain of their relationship break down even if the new relationship is only temporary.

It’s much better to be fucking someone else than spending time sitting in on your own. Don’t you think?

Yes I was in a relationship, but it was new, I’d only known Rachel for about 8 months and it had already passed the lustful honeymoon period and had settled into a pattern of seeing her a couple of nights per week.

Always Saturday date night and one other to make dinner then snuggle on the couch watching a movie. Then a half hour of sex before she goes home to keep a charade of decency to her 22 year old son who doesn’t give a fuck.

He would probably prefer that she stayed at mine so he could have his girlfriend staying over.

Very hypocritical isn’t it. Adults on the dating scene, doing what adults do. But saying one thing and expecting another of their adult children.

Grow up! Let the kids grow. Yes there is a need to set standards but these need to be realistic

We had been seeing each other for 8 months. What did she think her son thought we did? Particularly as she’d been at mine almost every weekend for the past 7 months.

But as I said, it had been going downhill and I was looking to trade. Joined match and started chatting to a few other people.

That’s when I met Katy, a bit of chat online then exchanged numbers and we spent most nights and mornings on the phone to each other.

Yes even after Rachel had headed home. Katy was almost available. Except for the few weekends when she was away with her friends and family.

But was she? Or was she just telling me that while she had something else going on herself?

It would be interesting to know?

But one things for sure. She won’t be up to any other tricks for the foreseeable future.

Do you mind if we stop for a coffee?

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