I Hate Cyclists!


I hate cyclists.

No really,  I absolutely hate them.

Now you know that if you’ve read any of my gibbering’s that I don’t tend to hate people and it’s not a word that I used very often.

But cyclists?

They are a torn face bunch of moany bastards and always complaining about X, Y or Z.

Their latest offering is because of the number of cyclist killed on the roads because car drivers or passengers have opened their doors.

In the few cases that I’ve heard discussed,  notably on Radio 2,  it’s not the door opening that kills the driver,   it’s the collision with the door causing the cyclist to fall into the path of another vehicle which then causes the fatal injury.


Now that’s obviously it’s a tragic accident.

But it’s an accident. No-one goes around randomly opening their car door hoping to kill a cyclist.

Now we have the pressure group Cyclist UK lobbying Parliament to have more action taken to protect cyclists.

Let’s put this in perspective,   they are creating all this noise because 8 people have died since 2011?


Don’t they have anything else to do?

Don’t they think that Parliament has more to do with bigger issues like Brexit or people being killed on the road because of other issues?

How about this for a little perspective,  where a drink driver recently killed 8 people in a single incident.


Don’t they think that the reality is that cyclists should take more care when passing other vehicles and therefore the onus to be more careful should be with the cyclist?

But as usual it’s someone else fault.

I hate fucking cyclists.

But not because of the car-dooring issue.

I hate them because,  yesterday walking along a local street which on a typical week day is a traffic bottle-neck  because what used to be a two-lane highway has been reduced to a single lane as a cycle lane had been introduced.

Yet,  despite the cycle lane sitting empty on a Sunday afternoon when there is barely any traffic,   these 3 fuckers were still cycling on the pavement.

Not only that,  but I had to side-step to avoid them approaching at speed.

I wonder what would have happened if one had glanced off me and fell into the path of an oncoming vehicle?

I hate cyclists.



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