I’m standing 6 feet behind her
While she waits at the bar
I hadn’t seen her face
But I’d recognise that ass anywhere

She’s let her hair grow
Lost a little weight
Still wearing sandals
Emphasising her petiteness

There’s a guy beside her
With her
It would be wrong of me to call him an ugly fucker
But he was
He is
She could do so much better
But it’s not for me to say
Although I have

She turns, sees me and smiles
That same old smile that makes her eyes light up
And I know I still care
Even as she walks away

I can see her group from where I’m standing
I was looking that way anyway
If I pretend to look at the stage

Surreptitious glances across a crowded room
I explain who she is to my friend
Shes looking across too
Just not as subtly
So I ask her to stop

The glances aren’t returned
Or not that we noticed
Maybe she’s more subtle than us
Or maybe she’s not looking

The band play and I’m close to the front
All the old familiar songs
And the same faces in the crowd
Concert friends
I see regularly
As often as the band plays
Then they fade away with the music

But I need to leave a little early
My friend needs to catch her train
And I’ve seen this encore before
You can work it out from the hits
That they haven’t played
Ziggy, Rebel, Heroes

But just as we walk down the stairs
She asks .. did you see your ex?
She was standing watching as we left
And I wonder if she was
And whether I should stay?

That would be crazy tonight.

Stay – one of my favourite and most underrated Bowie songs

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