She is a model and .. #Kraftwerk 

She is a model and she’s looking good
I’d like to take her home that’s understood
Of course!   Goes without saying. 

The Model by Kraftwerk,  circa 1976?   

The first music of theirs that I can remember and groundbreaking in its electronic sounds that revolutionised music. 

What followed?  Bowie, Roxy, Gary Numan, Pet Shop Boys even David Guetta sites them as an influence. 

Last nights concert was fantastic,  not just for the music or the 3D imagery popping out the screen and coming right at ya.  

But it was both nostalgic and timeless, old songs updated,  the same melody but overlayed to create depth and a more complex beat. 

These few images don’t do it justice but that Mercedes seem to be within touching distance from my seat in the 7th row. 

Tonight Edinburgh you are in for a treat!


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