Work Stories – Caught!

Feels like ages since I uttered any of my barely coherent gubberings!

Sorry blog,  I’ve not been deliberately ignoring you. 

I started a new job a few months ago,   designing systems for a global communications company.    They are massive with a 27million customers in the U.K. and covering most households and commercial premises with one product or other. 

Blah blah ..  I’m only there for the poppy!

Anyhoo,  they see contractors like myself as a necessary but unwanted expense and they like their pound of flesh.    I was made aware that the monitor the electronic access points and management get reports of when you enter or leave the building. 

An 8 hour day,  plus minimum 30 minutes lunch is long enough even before the addition of my commute of an hour each way.   

Thankfully the new M8 changes have made that 45 minutes which is acceptable although not as good as my last role at a bank in Glasgow leaving the house at 830 and home for 530.  Now it’s 730 and home after 6.  

A much longer day and something I’ve realised is that time is the only thing that is really valuable.  

Much more precious than money.  

Anyway,  I’ve not had much time for blogging.    

But I had written a ditty called Fun-Parks,  a celebration of shapely women. 

It wasn’t complete,  almost there when my manager asked me for a word,   Seems that I’d been caught writing my blog and was told to desist. 

I’ve cut all internet access,  I just don’t do it.   Maybe cutting off my nose to spite my visog and I’m the only loser there,  but fuck them,  if that’s the game their playing then I’m not playing. 

So now I’m there under duress,  taking the money,  but hating it.    

I was this close to just walking away,  but as I’ve only been there a short time then it wouldn’t be good reputationally,   I’ll see out the remainder of the contract but I am so out of this. 

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde,  Work is the scourge of the blogging classes!

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