Kids these days …. #Glasgow


Its 7am and I’m having a lazy day.

I was still awake before my usual alarm at 6:30am even although I’m not “officially” working for the next two weeks.

Somehow I’ve managed to wangle it that the consultancy I was working for are still paying me until the end of the month even although I’m already working elsewhere and have been for the past 3 weeks until they implemented their “furlough” on contractors over the Easter period.

Bummer ..  shit happens .. but when It does sell toilet paper and Imodium.

So I’m making the best of it and looking for a last minute sunshine holiday for a week.

Better get those invoices done tho .. I’m garbage at that self employed admin stuff.

Anyhoo …

My youngest daughter is also on a break from her university studies over the next few .. yep she should be studying and has course works to do etc.

But last night her and her bestie were getting ready at mine and heading out on the town .. because  .. “Dad nowhere opens until 11”.

Jeez … oh to be young again ..

Nowadays,  if I’m out on the town on a Saturday I’m usually out for a few drinks in the afternoon,  a late lunch,  early dinner,  go and see a band,  a few more drinks and the last train home.

At that point waiting in Central Station the trains are emptying with kids heading into town and the late night clubs while the platforms are full of couples and codgers heading home.

Was that always the way or is this a new thing?

I think its new as back in my day of late night clubbing as a youngster going round Tiffanys, The Savoy, Shuffles, Ultratecch,  Panama Jacks,  Joannas,  Victorias etc …

In contrast,  my folks only rarely ever went into town and were more likely to spend their evenings in bowling clubs or some other social club like the ex-serviceman’s or the Rolls Royce club.

Back then .. we would be out from 8pm or 9pm at the latest and go round a few pubs before heading to the “dancing”.

I suppose clubs closed at 2am then,  unlike today where the clubs are open until 4am.

It stills seem weird that the kids are only going out at 11pm tho.

Maybe I’m just past it?

That will be the day!

Anyway .. last night Adele arrived at 6pm and the girls ordered Chinese and started getting ready.  As most dads should on occasions like this,  I shut myself away and left them to it.

At 10:30pm,  Claire comes downstairs and asks if I can run them into town ..  I’m thinking oh no please .. 20mins in and back .. I can’t really be arsed .. but I did because I’m daft and I was a bit bored with my own company.

I bet you can guess what happened next?   When they came down at 11 all ready to go?

Dad can you take pics of us?

They can’t just go out and enjoy themselves,  they’ve got to snapgram or instachat the pics of themselves having a good time still drinking their wine.. even  although they haven’t left the building yet.

Are they all like that?

Having spoke to family and friends I think that’s the case.

Anyway .. I drop them off in town .. There’s hardly any traffic and it seems pretty quiet for a Monday night but I can see there are lots of students heading into the club that they are waiting in the queue for.

I wait until they are in and I head for home,  cup of tea,  tv on and can’t remember falling asleep .. bad habits aren’t easily broken.

The perimeter alerts of the house start pinging my mobile at 3:30am ..  perimeter alerts I hear you say?     Have a look at Arlo my recent CCTV purchase .. it pings me at night if there’s any movement outside the house and stores the video feed on the cloud.   No internal hard drive that can be nicked and evidence stolen.   Very clever.

Meanwhile I can hear the girls coming through the door trying to be quiet but making much more noise in that process than they would if they came in normally.

Ssssshhhh ..   sssshhhhh …

I can tell they are excited as they are in full-on gibber mode as they go into the kitchen.

I’m awake thinking I’m glad they had a good time.   Adele in particular has recently had issues with her arsehole of a boyfriend and personally if he was Claires boyfriend I would have kicked the shit out of him already and gave him a warning about not being seen again.

Claire has a glance in the tv room door and sees I’m awake and is in chatty mode.   Adele pops her head in and they are both laughing telling me about ex school friends that they hadn’t seen in a few years etc.

They disappear upstairs and 5 minutes later I’m in the land of nod again.

Its now 7:30am and I’ve been drinking tea since 6 and getting myself round to doing these invoices.

But I hear footsteps upstairs,   Claires bathroom door opening and someone is being sick.

Hmmm ..   They didn’t seem to have had enough drink to be sick.

A thought crosses my mind  .. Please God don’t let either of them be pregnant.

Kids these days?    Are they any different to the way kids always were?

They go out and have fun, enjoy the chatter,  make mistakes and learn from them.

Nothing and I mean nothing is irredeemable,

Do parents ever stop worrying about their kids?  No matter how grown up they are?

I remember meeting my first girlfriend at the dancing many many years ago.

It was a gorgeous clear night at 2am and she decided to walk me home to Govan about 5 miles from the city centre.     We walked holding hands,  chatting, laughing and stopping for an occasional kiss or snog.

Happy days .. I wonder what she’s doing now?

The sun was already shining at 5am as we walked between the walls of the shipyards on our right  and the Elder Park on our left..  only to see my mum in her dressing gown standing at the window of the tenement waiting on my arrival home.

Nothing changes really.


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