A bit fit? #fitbit

So ..  it was my birthday last week.  My kids bought me a Fitbit Blaze   Basically a smart watch which monitors various aspects of your health and wellbeing.

I’ve got to tell you I was somewhat cynical to the claims made in its reviews of accuracy and functionality.

But hey I was born cynical!
However ..  I’m happy to report that after a week of wearing my device, it’s my new favourite toy.

I’ve found that it accurately monitors the number of steps, floors climbed, daily exercise routine or a lack of.

A personal highlight is that it produces an accurate assessment of my sleep pattern.  See screenshot above.

My sleep pattern is pretty awful, prior to starting this new job I’d be up until 1am most nights or sleeping at 10 then awake at 4.     That may still be the case as I need to start waking up at 630 and out at 730am and have been tired most nights.

But this records the sleep I’m getting.   Friday night and I’m out at 1030 and get over 7 hours sleep.  I’m amazed at that.

The best thing I’ve found though is that the Fitbit isn’t just a monitoring tool but is also a motivational tool. 

Most days after my drive to work and sitting on my butt at work most of the day,  going for lunch etc I take about 4000 steps.   Far far short of my minimum target of 10000 steps.

10000 steps?   Where did that arbitrary target cone from?   Japan apparently on the original pedometers.  However most guidelines recognise 8000 to 10000 steps as moderately active.

See link below for more details.


So … and this is the best bit .. what this £140 device has done has motivated me to clear the crap lying on top of my treadmill and get those 10000 steps done every day.

I’ve even bought the Fitbit Aria smart scales and have lost 5lbs in a week.

How cool is that?

That is the full point of this wearable smart device.   It doesn’t matter if it’s 100% accurate although I have found that mines is bang on the money.

What does matter is it focuses your attention into to making small positive changes.   That’s what makes the difference.

As a bonus .. yes there more …

it also vibrates when my phone is on silent at work and lets me see who is calling or read their text message even when I’m a meeting and it wouldn’t be appropriate to pick up my mobile.

Additionally .. I often stream my iPhone to my hifi system,  this can be controlled via my Fitbit too.

Very helpful when sitting in the loo and some track you don’t want to hear comes on and your phone is in the bedroom.

Oh yeah did I mention it’s a pretty decent looking  watch too?   With a range of straps to suit your individual taste.

Want to know the only downside?

I’ve just wore mines for a week from fully charged.   Even although the blurb says it should only last on 5 days average.    Good news so far.

But this morning as it warned that the battery was critically low,  I had to take it off to charge it.   The blurb said this would take up to two hours.

Which I’m thinking that’s a gap.  I’ve had it a week and already I don’t want gaps.

However,  I plugged it into to the charger and plugged that into my laptop and 30 mines later this smart little device sent s notification to my mobile to tell me it was fully charged and ready to rock.

Let’s say I’m impressed.

My kids money well spent!  🙂

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