Work Stories – Meek Inheritance?

And the big book said  … Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

Do you remember getting taught that at school as well as other Beatitudes from the Sermom On The Mount?

Here’s a wee reminder …  if you’re interested …

Basically Jesus is playing to the audience,  telling all of the unfortunates,  the poor, sick, bereft,  etc that their prayers will be answered.

He’s also encouraging positive behaviour in praising the peacemakers, the merciful, those of pure spirit,  those who are persecuted for believing in him telling them that they will be rewarded in heaven.

Yeah fucking yeah!

Thus isn’t a bible lesson ..  not that I have any feelings against the bible.   Generally speaking it has some rules on how to live your life regardless of what religion you may have been born into.

Yep an accident of birth tends to set the tone for most of your life,   Whether it’s the genes you inherited,  religion, location, environment, culture.

Thank the baby Jesus that I was born in this part of the world where I’ve been educated enough so that I can login here at 3am and write about whatever nonsense is on my mind without fear of persecution.

Maybe you’re reading this shit and agreeing,  maybe not,  but the fact that you can pick up your iPad and read this anytime you like,  that you have internet access, that you can read,  that you can afford an iPad or whatever device is an indication of how fortunate you are.

Aren’t we lucky?     

Maybe we should stop for a moment and consider ourselves blessed.

Or maybe not.

Maybe we just push on and don’t appreciate what we have,  taking it for granted,  forgetting the suffering of our ancestors who struggled to survive and procreate from the dark days of time enduring pestilence, plague, war, disease, famine …

All that good stuff the bible speaks of,   ignoring the fact that if your great-great-great-great…  great-great-great-great…  great-great-great-great… great-great-great-great… great gran and grampa hadn’t got down and durty and eventually “begated” your mum and dad who “begated” your good self,  then you wouldn’t be here reading this.

Think about that journey through time, filth, famine, disease, war etc.

If at any point, your gran and grampa hadn’t matured to a reproductive age and done the dirty,  then you don’t exist.   End of.

You know what amazes me?

That afrer all those generations of suffering to get here, some people choose not to have children.       What’s that all about?

Is diffent if you’d like children but are unable to have them,  but to choose not to?

How lucky are you to have that choice?

Alternatively,  how stoopid are you to go against the fundamentals of what we are as animals and the base desire to reproduce a new generation of ourselves?

Not for me to tell you how to live,  but it makes all that suffering of our forefathers kinda pointless when you choose,  for no other reason than “just because” not to have children.

Good for you,  well done.  All the more for mine.

What are you going to leave behind when you’re gone?

Let me tell you … not a damn thing .. zero, a memory celebrated by a few friends and swiftly forgotten as they have family more important to them than you’ll ever be.

Aren’t you lucky to have that choice.

Aren’t we lucky our ancestors suffered all that biblical shit to get to this point in time,  where we have a choice?

Anyway,  this was meant to be a work story …  kinda got sidetracked there!

Well it’s 3am and I’ve been sleeping since … early for me.

I started a new job this week,  self employed solutions architect with a large communications company in central Scotland ..

it’s only work,  turn up,  do the time, go home, book the hours, do the invoice, collect the wages, minimise the tax,  spend the cash and live happily ever after.

That’s the general plan.

Work is a means to an end,  it provides a lifestyle for me and mine.  End of.

Anyway,  arriving at a new place gives an opportunity to look round at different people in a different location,  different company doing more or less the same jobs.

Seems to me that people can tolerate some unfathomly boring shit, for the benefit of taking home a decent wage.

Large companies like this one dictate a culture,  acceptable behaviour and today implemented a furlough.

What’s a furlough  you ask?

A furlough is where a company tells its employees,  in this case the contractors to go home for a period and return when required.

In this case,  unexpectedly all contractors have been told they are not required for two weeks and that means two weeks without billing.

Most are tugging their forelocks and accepting the one-sided dictate without a word of protest.

How can they protest?   There are no unions here,  no employee relations because you’re a contractor,  rock the boat and your contract will be cancelled.

It’s a simple case of like it or lump it.

Seems to me that fhe meek really are inheriting the earth.

But that earth is controlled by big corporations who can issue ultimatums without consequence or repercussion.

I don’t think that’s acceptable.

But do I accept it or walk away?

Principles or pennies?


Irs not sitting easy, let me tell you.


4am, Oscar Peterson on Sky Arts, a great version of Georgia On My Mind,  wish I could play that well.

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