Wolf – 10 – Service Provider?

I love being single

Full-stop, next sentence.

There’s no need to add any reasons … as in .. I love being single because ..

Nope, I just love being single.

I guess if you’re asking me for reasons it’s mainly because of the freedom that comes with living alone and being able to do anything I want when I want.

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my sons every second weekend spending the day with them and spoiling them a little.

But mainly I love being able to sit at home, doing what I want, watching tv, browsing the Internet, watching porn on my big screen tv and chatting to as many women as I can manage on the various dating sites I frequent.


Freedom to fuck as many women as possible.

Freedom to live my fantasies with so many women who either want a bit of fun or women who want a full on relationship but will play along my little games because they see a future in it.

But there is no future in it.

Not with me, not right now and not for my foreseeable future.

I was married a long time and I’m just not ready to commit to one person. It doesn’t even matter how gorgeous, sexy, funny that they may be. It doesn’t matter how wealthy they are.

It’s not about them.

Why would I commit to one person when there’s so much fun to be had when you have lots of time on your hands and an upmarket apartment on the better side of town?

Committing would mean giving up all my fun, settling down and being a good boy. No more online chats or chasing any skirt that’s available.

I’m just not ready for that.

Shit, I didn’t even commit to Michelle when I was married so why would I want to do that now?

Now excuse me but the lovely Angela has just left. I’m a little bit tired and better have another sleep then get up, get ready, tidy up and change the bed for Fiona coming over this afternoon.


Neither of these ladies want commitment,  they both have real life’s,  families, careers and responsibilities.

The last thing they need is the additional pressure of maintaining a relationship and balancing their prospective partners expectations amongst all the other aspects of their life’s which demand their time and attention.

They just want a good time,  some romance, affection and pleasurable sex with someone who is genuinely single.

That’s me.

You don’t believe me?

I’m single, live alone,  when I’m with any particular woman she has my undivided attention.    I don’t sit on my phone or contact anyone else while they are here.

Women don’t come here for sex,  that might be a small part of it,  but attractive women can get sex anywhere anytime.

They come here for a break from their real life’s and to talk, laugh and have a little bit of romance before going back to the realities of their life.

I’m articulate, funny,  a good listener and having been through a particularly messy divorce I can offer good advice on the emotional and financial aspects of dealing with their previous relationship.

I’m happy to cook for her,  let her relax,  play her favourite music, listen to her issues and offer a shoulder to cry on or whatever she needs at that time.

It’s honestly not about sex. Well not on their part, maybe a bit more on mine.

Sex is a byproduct of giving affection, advice and attention.

It’s inevitable that when a woman comes around here and she gets treat well, allowed to offload her troubles and bares her soul,  then everything else will be bared as well.

If you then give pleasure, take care of her physical needs like I love to do,  then she’ll keep coming back for more.

Any woman who comes here,  might be overloaded with the troubles of her day when she arrives

But I guarantee you that she’ll leave with a smile on her face.

When I think about it in that context,  I’m  actually a service provider.

Did I tell you that I love being single?

I’m living the dream!


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