Wolf – 9 – Patience


So you’ve read the last chapter and my advice about killing someone and how it’s most likely that you will be caught.

The cops aren’t dummies you know.

You’re average plod might be, but the investigating officers will be highly trained and experienced and they will have seen your like many times before.

They will gather evidence against you, interview you, let you go then rearrest you.  They will play you, lead you on and manipulate you in any way to get a confession.

It’s not personal,  it’s a process. They will follow their operational procedures when necessary but will use any means necessary to get the result they want.

They have specialists and a huge amount of resources to ensure that you are caught and imprisoned for the rest of your sad sorry life.

It’s hard to beat the system and let’s be honest,  you’re not that smart.

And you still want to do it?


You must’ve been seriously wronged or you have one twisted mindset mister / sister.

I’ve been there, a long time ago, someone wronged me badly in a personal attack. They also stole a significant amount of money from me and naturally I wanted instant and gratuitous vengeance. 

Where I come from, although we are all very cultured and civilised these days, scratch the surface and the animal is hidden there waiting to raise its ugly egotistic head and razor sharp claws.

If someone has wronged us, there simply has to be vengeance.

But there would be consequences that I knew that I couldn’t handle.

Spending the rest of my life,  or my prime adult years behind bars?

I’m not certain what the current fashion is in prison uniforms is.   But whatever it is it’s not my style.

Orange was never my colour.

Besudes I enjoy my freedom and lifestyle too much to spend it locked up with a bunch of violent no-hopers.

So why not leave it to Karma?

Just let the person who wronged you be and let Karma do it’s thing?

What goes round, comes round and all that old crap.

Do you know who tells you that?

The weak, the cowards. Those who are too scared to take action on their own or are fearful of the consequences of that action.

That’s not you though .. is it?

You’ve stuck with me this far because you know where this is going. You know that I’m going to show you the way.

Revenge will be yours my friend.

And you will get away with it.

Just don’t go doing anything rash.

I was going to say stupid .. as revenge is fundamentally stupid.

Hating someone enough that you feel the need to take vengeful action against them is a very time consuming, energy sapping, waste of your time that you could be using on other more positive aspects of life.

Think about killing your ex .. or go to the beach and find another girlfriend .. or a list of them?

Why waste your life hating people?

I don’t, I choose not to.

I chose to move on and find someone else, life goes on and their sins against me aren’t going to fuck up the rest of my life.

But .. here’s the clue … I didn’t forget about it.

They might think that they have got away clean, but they haven’t.

Time heals they say.

And that might work for minor discretions for example when your ex has cheated on you. It hurts but you find someone else and move on.

The flip side of time healing is that the person who wronged you will be aware that you might seek revenge. They will be guarded against it and will protect themselves.

But in time when nothing has happened and they see you getting on with your life they will let their guard down.

Give it time,  remember that only fools rush in.

Take action in haste and repent at the leisure of Her Majesty’s Pruson Service.

As I said, not my style.

If you really want revenge and don’t want to be caught, the two things that you really need are patience and strategy.

Patience and strategy are the key to most things in life.

Be patient, get on with your life, content yourself in the knowledge that revenge will be yours.

Even better, as you’ve allowed a significant period of time to pass and will have planned this thoroughly then it’s less likely that you will be caught.

Strategy is how we will go from sleepless nights of vengeful dreams to the satisfaction of making your vengeance a reality.

That’s coming next.

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